Elvis Presley - A Famous Person

Elvis Presley can be called the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll. Source A highlights Presley's success and impact on popular music in U. S. A. in 1950's. We can learn from Source A that Elvis Presley had a meteoric rise. As Elvis was born on 8th January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi he grew up surrounded by Gospel music of the Pentecostal Church. In 1948, Elvis moved to Memphis. In 1953, Sam Philips owner / producer of Sun Records was impressed with Elvis's voice and signed him up.

But in 1955, Elvis recording contract was sold to RCA Victor.

By 1956, Elvis was an international star. Elvis Presley made a grand impact on popular music as we can learn from Source A. We also find that Source A is also reliable, as it tells us about an article in U. S. magazine 'Billboard' on 3rd March 1956 as follows: "A Winner! Presley Hot as $1 Pistol". Because at that time Elvis Presley was hot property. A singer very much in demand.

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Source A also tells us that Elvis had already made an impact even before the Article was published. Elvis style of singing was a huge success with teenagers.

His style of dancing and singing appealed to teenagers, who were a new generation of U. S. A. , who listened to records and watched films. The teenagers of U. S. A. were a population of 13 million. They were liberal and modern and ready to spend $7 billion in 1956 on films, clothes and records. In U. S. A. of that time, teenagers opinions were shaped by films such as 'Rebel without a Cause', starring James Dean.

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The teenagers of U. S. A. were attracted to music and 2000 Radio stations played popular Elvis music, resulting in sale of 90 million records in 1957.

We can also learn from Source A that Elvis Presley created a new Genre in music called Rock 'n' Roll. When this Article was published in 1956, there was still a segregation of White and Black people. As we can see in the Source A where it mentions 'the amazing country warbler', the magazine could not say he sang rhythm & blue music as it was Black originated as at that time there was a segregation of the Whites and Blacks. We can also see that Elvis Presley became successful very quickly. As soon as his first record was released, a year later, he became one of the top 25 best sellers.

He quickly became popular as they played him straight away on the Radios. At that time there was over 2000 Radio stations, which encouraged people to buy his records. For example Presley has six hit singles in the company's hit list of top 25 best sellers. The coupling of 'Heartbreak Hotel' an 'I was the One', is the label's number two bestseller. Elvis Presley song 'That's Alright Mama', was a big hit in the South, where thee was a segregation going on. To which, Sam Philips, owner of Sun Records commented that he had found 'a white man who could sing like a Black man'.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022
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