Economic growth and science technology development results in more

Economic growth and science technology development results in more and larger scale structures such as tall buildings, underground buildings and landmark buildings and so on are built around the world (Bashbash et al. 2017).Most of the big buildings are built close to each other, resulting in obstruction of natural light in the building. This causes to rising the use of non- renewable energy sources, so therefore there is a requirement of smart construction technique like green building and indoor thermal system.

According to Indian green building council (IGBC), 50% day light is mandatory requirement. Light transmitting concrete is the solution to overcome this problem. Artificial and natural both the light passes through the transparent concrete due to the addition of optical fibre in concrete. The performance of light transmitting concrete (LTC) is similar to slits, permitting the transmission of light through a body of concrete.

Jason Lampton (2017) takes concept of light transmitting concrete to the next level by successfully developing Light Transmitting Mortar ( LTM).

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Like translucent concrete, where light is conducted through concrete blocks from one side to the other through fibre optics, this idea lays optical fibre within the mortar of brick. Using LTM light can be seen through a wall along the mortar joints. The basic idea behind LTM will be to place a LED wall wash light-bar, often found in bars or night clubs, in a small cavity behind the brick wall or bench.

Main purpose of using LTC and LTM is to use sunlight as a source of light in order to reduce lighting energy consumption.

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Many researchers are working on LTC and LTM. Although researches on the transparent concrete have obtained some achievements over the past decades, transparent concrete cannot be regarded as a mature building material (Shen Juan and Zhou Zhi 2019) . In India light transmitting concrete is still limited for research purpose. There was no mention in literature of idea about use of light transmitting mortar and light transmitting concrete in Indian infrastructures. It can be used for a diverse range of applications, including floors, pavements, load-bearing walls, furniture, facades, interior wall cladding, dividing walls, and partition walls, Light sidewalks at night, enhancing visibility in dark subway stations, illuminating indoor fire escapes in the event of a power failure, illuminating speed bumps on roadways at night.

Background of the intensified energy crisis, energy conservation has inspired the investigator to implement of light transmitting concrete and mortar in Indian Civil Engineering infrastructure.

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Economic growth and science technology development results in more
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