Duterte's perspective in turning Davao city into a larger scale

Duterte's perspective in turning Davao city into a larger scale model of the Philippines is expected. His disciplinary action changed Davao city through coercive ruling and strong implementation of laws. He is a well-known man, the negative connotation he has was the accusation of forming a group named "The Davao death squad" The vigilante group was made to kill suspected drug dealers, muggers, rapists, and street children (Curato, 2017). It was a ruthless job to eliminate people without any due process and having the chance to defend themselves.

This correlates to extrajudicial killings while the war on drugs is happening, mass killings have been trending worldwide and criticism from different countries are against his bloody campaign. The campaign was violating human rights law and the due process.

The Philippine national police have not denied the fact that extrajudicial killings exist. They were assigned to do these drug operations to annihilate the circulation of drugs and suppressing crime rate. The president supports them financially, legally, and morally.

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These fueled them to engage and be confident in encountering the enemies. One of the concerns of the human rights group is the abuse of power and taking advantage of the situation. The example above was Kian Delos Santos who was killed without any due process. He was already under custody, but the policemen were not merciful enough to spare the teenager's life. This incident was an example of abuse and inhumane act of the police. Activists and political opponents said the blame for what they say is a culture of impunity among police who are protected by Duterte (Morales, N.

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J. & Petty, M., 2017, August 24).

The poorer class is highly inflicted by these operations. Their chances of defending themselves legally and having protection against abusive policemen have decreased. The authorities gained more control and power under these circumstances. As long as the president is protecting them, the police will have the courage to fight and escape the allegations against them. The police are unprepared and undisciplined in terms of proper training and resources. What motivates them is the incentives. There are different amounts of reward scale. Majority of them kill for money and plant evidence on the victim in order to make things legal. If this continues, then a probability of a nation where killing is an acceptable solution in an everyday problem (Curato, 2017)

Updated: May 19, 2021
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Duterte's perspective in turning Davao city into a larger scale essay
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