Donatello`s David

The re-creation of David, a biblical hero, comes from three very notable works of art from history. The free standing sculptures are made by Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini. Donatello is an artist and sculptor known for his exploration of human emotion and expression. He also known to use difficult mediums to make masterpieces. In Donatello’s depiction of David appears as a bronze work of art from the Italian Renaissance period. This is a life sized sculpture of David in the nude.

Its dimensions are 5’2 ¼ in. (as tall as me!) and possibly created thruout 1446 - 1460. Michelangelo the second artist of a David sculpter, was a poet and an artist, he studied and apprenticed under many great artist. Michelangelo’s depiction of David is a work of art formed from marble made in the High Renaissance period made in 1623-1624 and took about seven months to complete.

The height of this sculpture is 170cm. This also is a nude statue. The last work of art we will explore, is that of David, in Bernini’s depiction.

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Bernini was a sculptor, painter and playwright. He was the Vatican architect in 1692. His work of David was formed from marble, made in approximately 1504 around or in the Baroque period and stands about 5.17 meter tall (17ft.) The body composition and expressions on the face are all different in each work of art of David. Donatello’s work seems to explore a younger more adolescent view of David. The body composition seems strong, but strong for a teenaged underdeveloped boy.

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The arms, legs and thighs have very little muscle tone and do not seem strong at all. David’s hair is long and thick but stringy. His facial features are very soft, no hard or intense emotion. The hat and boots are extremely detailed, but I must say they make did look very lady-like. The arm resting on the hip and dainty physique looks more woman-like than boy. I think the genitals look very underdeveloped. There is muscle tone in the abdominals but the chest area even look like there are breasts forming. The eyes are large...

Updated: Mar 15, 2022
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