Does God Exists or Not

People wonder if God exists. The bible gives the answer. God exists. On the other hand, we can know that God exists and there are many ways to ensure that. We know, therefore, by the inner sense of each person, we also know from the evidence we have in the bible and nature, all human beings have an inner sense and we know that God is a creator and we realize when we reache a crucial moment in their life in which they feel they have been left with absolutely no options.

It can be because of an overwhelming health crisis, a family problem or a thorny emotional dilemma, but in one way or another, we all have crashed against a wall where hope, faith and everything that normally sustains us daily seems to evaporate, leaving our mind wandering about big questions to which we did not find an answer. And that is where we seek God and we surrender at his feet to solve our immediate problems, but in the end we realize that God is omnipotent and we begin to discern that we need his wisdom and understanding to understand why things happen to us and to that the distress of life overwhelms us we begin to have the conviction that God exists and that he is with us at every moment maybe we cannot see him but according to our faith we can have intimacy with him.

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But if we talk about God we are talking about faith because without faith it is impossible to please God; because it is necessary that the one who approaches God believes in him, there is no need to see God because we have the faith that he is there.

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However, every Christian must know what he believes and be able to give a reason for his faith, faith is not blind faith is light; and that allows us to see deeply and understand reality in a unique way. God gave us the mind to use it, and to seek the truth; not to close our eyes and believe that something exists as if it were a superstition or a mere hope, but to arrive with our intelligence, our intellectual capacity, to the conclusion that HE is true and is among us. If we base on knowing God and know his word and maybe we have seen miracles in our lives or in other people’s and if we do not have enough faith to realize that he is with each one of us and that he does not give us proofs that you could not stand. Intellectually we can deny the knowledge that God exists in us and in our surroundings, but he is always there because all that is in the bible. ‘The fool says in his heart: there is no God’ (Psalm 14: 1). If God did not exist, we can do whatever we want without having to worry about God judging us. I think that’s why many deny the existence of God.

They are so terribly terrified of the theory of evolution. and if God exists, then we are responsible for our actions before Him. We are, fortunately, at a time when declaring oneself an atheist is no longer a crime that could lead you to prison or worse. The conquest of freedom of thought, expression and worship allowed, not only the peaceful coexistence of different creeds but also the option for atheism is as respectable as any other. In the matter of the demonstration of the existence of God, a multitude of strictly logical arguments have been tried, that is, those who have tried to demonstrate that God exists without the need to go to reality to prove it, say, if God is the being more perfect than can be thought for a necessary being, to exist in all the strong point that God is a necessity. The religious dimension characterizes the human being from its origin. Purified of superstition, due ultimately to ignorance and sin, the expressions of human religiosity manifest the conviction that there is a creator God, on whom the world and our personal existence depend.

In conclusion, Christianity can face with optimism and hope as soon as it knows that every human being has been created in the image of the one and true God, and that each one knows how to reflect in the silence of his heart, can hear the testimony of his own conscience, which also leads to the one God.

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