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Description of Dance Styles

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Dance art is not different from a variety of other arts, the dance has been designed to entertain, enjoy, practice and mastered it. It can be used in parks, offices, buildings, museums, urban streets and stadiums as a way for people to express their feelings of joy as a celebration.

Tango is one of the Passionate, sensual, influential and famous dances of the world, it is originating from the people on the streets of century 18th in Buenos Aires Argentina and Uruguay as one of the dance of the European immigrants, and lower classes of people.

The quick rise of its population enabled this special dance to expanded out to South America, North America, Europe and the rest of the world. Nowadays, tango dance is one of the best select dances around the world. The first historical record of the word ‘tango’ was found in the government proclamation in Argentina back on 1789, at this time the authorities place a ban on tango musical gatherings that were generated by many slaves, lower classes of people that were fueled by emotions as they were looking for a better life.

The popularity of the tango grew in the 1st decade of the 20th century, using traditional tango instruments such as guitar (bandoneon), accordion, piano, flute, and violins. The Tango dance expanded to other countries, by the wealthy Argentine who traveled to New York, Paris and creates a way to promote this dance directly to the young generation who were craving to experience innovation and change of the fashion styles.

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By 1913, Tango was one of the best and popular dances in Paris, New York, and other Europe and North America continents. Tango dancing is incredibly diverse, which is attributed to the ability of the music and dancing that adapting to the places, social and fashion, this is one of the main arteries of this style to expand very quickly.

My other style of dance that selected is Salsa dance, this unique style was created in Cuba was created by a mix of many different styles and musical techniques that were used in Cuba. After achieving popularity in Cuba, people from the United States especially musicians who like this Latin music dance style, bringing this talent with them to the United States. Even that modern salsa was born in Cuba, its origins from Rumbas of Africa, danzon from French, Son from Cuban people and Troubador music from Spain, salsa become first performance during the ending of 19th century. The American soldiers experienced this dance during the Cuban war of 1898. Many American jazz musicians were using Latin styles into their performances adding the sounds that making this dance very attractive to dance in parties. In 1910, the radios were playing salsa music and creating records that the public bought the beat Latin music that was imported to the United States. Havana Cuba had the night clubs open 24 hours attracting many tourists who enjoyed the experience of people never sleeping dance spirit.

Salsa dance had the peak of its popularity in the 1970s the Dominican and Puerto Rican people traveled to the United States that were influenced by musical starts Johnny Pacheco, Fania All-stars, Willie Colon and Reuben Blades. As time went on, the salsa dance evolved into more specific zones such as Los Angeles (LA Style), Casino Style, Cali Style, Ballroom Salsa, Miami Style, and Casino Style.

Artists need to understand that they have the power to select and control within the established cultural society. Their choices of the selected context will cause an effect of the spectators in multiple ways as well as a personal accomplishment. Watching dance performances from an expectation point of view while seating on a theatre seat is a very different experience from being performing as a dancer.

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