Democratic and Republican Party History

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The Democratic Party came from the Anti-federalist’s before Americas independence from Britain rule. The party was organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, along with other influential opponents of the Federalists in 1792. The Republicans party “is the younger of the two parties”, founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and modernizers. The party “rose to prominence with the election of Abraham Lincoln”, the first Republican president.

Over the past years the two major political parties have been given colors, to which we can associate them with in the election.

Republicans have been given the color red and Democrats the color blue. The Republican (red states) are strongest in the South and West, and weakest in the Northeast and the Pacific Coast.

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The strongest of the red states are Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, and in the western states of Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. The Democrats (blue states) once were strongest in the Southeast but now they are strongest in the Northeast, Great Lakes and along the Pacific Coast. Dominating in California and Hawaii.

The Democratic Party and Republican Party dominate America but differ greatly in their philosophies and ideas. Democrats have a philosophy that is Liberal. Founded on the idea of liberty and equality. Generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of religion, free trade, and a right to life, liberty, and property. Republicans believe in a social philosophy, which reflects American Conservatism in the U.S. Political Spectrum. Republicans support a pro-business platform, with the “further foundations in economic libertarianism and a brand of social conservatism increasingly based on the viewpoints of the Religious Right”.

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Both parties differ in their Economic ideas. Democrats “favor minimum wage and progressive taxation” Higher tax rates for higher income people. Republicans believe “taxes shouldn’t be increased for anyone and that wages should be set by the free market”. Military is a big topic, Democrats want to decrease spending and Republicans want to increase spending on military. Stand on gay marriage is another big topic, with Democrats supporting and Republicans opposing. It’s a never ending battle.

Stands on the Death Penalty differ also. Democrats, “while support for the death penalty is strong among Democrats, opponents of the death penalty are a substantial fraction of the Democratic base”. A large majority of Republicans support the Death Penalty. Abortion has been a big topic for decades and they still differ in their beliefs. Democrats believe it should be legal, supporting Roe v. Wade. Republican’s believe it should not be legal, opposing Roe v. Wade. This is where Pro-Life and Pro-Choice come from. Another belief the two parties disagree on is Social and Human Ideas. Democrats are “based on a community and social responsibility” and Republicans are based on individual rights and justice.” Social democratic views improves public service by creating a government system that is able to discover citizens that suffer from unequal circumstances that make it more difficult to fulfill their ambitions. Once this is discovered, the government provides the service to help these individuals”. Social conservatism is a political idea that focuses on traditional values. General principles: favor pro-life, opposes euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion. Now not all Republicans and Democrats believe what their party believes. There are plenty of people that go both ways and other that are directly in the middle. That is why we have so many undecided or independent voters in our elections.

Influences that third parties have on American politics are that “they bring more light to the issues”. Third party voters will mostly go with the party that is closet to independent values. Even though third parties don’t win elections, a lot of people vote for them. Taking votes away from the other parties, which has an Impact in the election. “John McCain would have won in 2008 if it wasn’t for third parties”. Many laws were first introduced and then raised by third parties. One example would be prohibition, the legal act of prohibiting the manufacturing of alcohol.

I identify with the Republican Party, I’m conservative. First off I do not believe in distribution of wealth. I don’t see how you can take money away from people that work hard and give it to the people that won’t work, sit around all day, or use drugs. Living off the Government shouldn’t be a choice for a career in our Nation. Even if the Government taxed the “rich” they wouldn’t even come close to touching our national debt. Small businesses and the wealthy actually help the economy a lot, by purchasing goods from local businesses or running a business and giving jobs to the American People. I believe the Democrats want to tax the “rich” more and give back to the “poor” so they look good and get the votes, just my two cents.

Increase spending on Military, why wouldn’t you? We have the strongest military in the world and the Democrats want to decrease spending? It shows weakness, we have to be strong. Now I don’t mean we need to be in every country in the world and be protecting all our allies. We need to keep our military strong because we never know when someone will try to attack us. This has been proven in 2001 with 9/11 and also the attack in Benghazi on 9/11/12. If we let the world know we are decreasing spending on our military they might not think twice about attacking.

My stand on abortion, first I will let you know I am very religious. So my opinions will come from religious beliefs and also how I feel about abortion. I support abortion in the case of rape or if it is harmful to the women. If a 12 year old is raped then she should be allowed to have an abortion because she is too young and birth could potentially result in death. In the case of just rape the women should go to the hospital and get a rap kit from a doctor. If you do choose to wait months before an abortion then I do not support it in that case.

I oppose gay marriage; I don’t think it should be legal for the same sex to marry. I don’t see any positives that could come from it. It wouldn’t help our economy; it wouldn’t help our states or government. I feel the Democrats are for it just to get votes; even President Obama came out in an interview and said he supports gay marriage. That’s one of the main reasons I feel it’s getting harder for Republicans to get a person in the white house cause the Democrats support almost everything the Republicans don’t’, abortion, gay marriage, Immigration, Etc.

Since the division of the Republican Party in the election of 1912, the Democratic Party has consistently positioned itself to the left of the Republican Party in economic as well as social matters. The two parties, in my mind, will never come to a compromise. They are too far apart in their belief, that’s why we continue to refer to them as “left” and “right”. The third parties will always be around, though they may never win. They will continue to propose new laws and take away votes from the two major parties. I identify with the Republican Party because I feel they are right, their beliefs align with mine.

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Democratic and Republican Party History
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