Deductive and Inductive Approach

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Downside and advantage of a deductive technique to grammar mentor.

A deductive method starts with the presentation of a rule and is followed by examples in which the rule is applied. It is likewise called rule-driven knowing. There are several drawbacks and advantages of this technique. As for the downsides, beginning the lesson with a grammar discussion may be off-putting for some students, specifically more youthful ones since they might not have adequate metalanguage such as grammar terminology, or not be able to understand the ideas involved.

Next, grammar explanation encourages a teacher-fronted, transmission-style classroom. Third, description is seldom as unforgettable as other kinds of presentation, such as presentation. Forth, such a technique encourages the belief that learning a language is simply a case of understanding the guidelines. As for the advantages, it gets directly to the point, and can be time-saving.

Lots of guidelines can be more simply and rapidly explained than generated from examples. This will enable more time for practice and application.

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Likewise, it appreciates the intelligence and maturity of lots of students, and acknowledges the role of cognitive processes in language acquisition. Next, it confirms numerous students' expectations about class knowing, especially for those students who have an analytical learning design. Finally, it enables the instructor to handle language points as they come up, instead of having to expect them and prepare for them in advance.

Pros and cons of an inductive approach to grammar teaching

An inductive approach starts with some examples from which a rule is inferred.

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It is also called discovery learning. There are several advantages of this approach. First, rules learners discover for themselves are more likely to fit their existing mental structures than rules they have been presented with. Second, the mental effort involved ensures a greater degree of cognitive depth which again, ensures greater memorability. Third, students are more actively involved in the learning process rather than being simply passive recipients. Forth, it is an approach which favors pattern-recognition and problem-solving abilities. Fifth, if the problem-solving is done collaboratively and in the target language, learners get the opportunity for extra language practice. Finally, working things out for themselves prepares students for greater self-reliance and is conducive to learner autonomy.

However, there are several disadvantages as well. First, the time and energy spent in working out rules may mislead students into believing that rules are the objective of language learning rather than a means. Second, the time taken to work out a rule may be at the expense of time spent in putting the rule to some sort of productive practice. Third, students may hypothesize the wrong rule, or their version of the rule may be either too broad or too narrow in its application. Forth, it can place heavy demands on teacher in planning a lesson. Fifth, however carefully organized the data is, many language areas such as aspect and modality resist easy rule formation. Finally, inductive approach frustrates students who would prefer simply to be told the rule.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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