Decision making Essay Topics

Organization And Management

INTRODUCTION Control is the process of assuring the efficient accomplishment of enterprise objectives. In the turbulent environment faced by management, power and control is necessary to anticipate problems, measure performance against standards, take corrective actions for deviations from plans and if necessary, modify plans. The term control may have some negative connotations for some. In… View Article

Making decisions

Written by Bernard Malamud, “The Natural” title does place a key meaning to the term, “the natural” as it is an inspiring baseball story that places a good read. The author discusses several character traits as well as interesting characters that are found in real life. Therefore, “The Natural” represents its meaning in such a… View Article

Decision Making and Reasoning

There are different types of decisions that we must make as well. From simple choices when planning for a vacation or making more life changing choices that require a detailed, logical analysis concerning what to do. Questions about strategy use have been treated in several different lines of decision-making. Largely, a distinction arises in terms… View Article

Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Film

Industrial-Organizational (I/O) psychology is the study of human behavior at work and it is concerned with the development of and application of scientific principles to the workplace (Spector, 2008). In this field of I/O psychology there are many topics that outlined how individuals will perform at work and how successful they will be. Some of… View Article

The influence of ethics on decision-making

Ethics influences everyone’s decision making processes. There are three views of ethics and decision making; utilitarian view, justice view and right view of ethics. Each perspective has its own advantages and limitations. Utilitarian view on one hand focuses on productivity and end result, rights view focuses on various individual rights and justice view focuses on… View Article

Making Effective Workplace Decisions

,.,decision making – nerovivo Steps outlined in this article will help you to determine if you’re making, or that you have made, the right decision about a pending issue. Do you ever wonder how to know that you’re making, or that you have made, the right decision? Decisions are an important of lives. Every day,… View Article

Thinking and Decision Making

The following are the three different styles of thinking that would be discussed in this paper a) Pragmatists, b) Synthesists and c) Realists. Pragmatists: People possessing this thinking style are practical thinkers. They do not believe in making long-term plans or setting long term goals. Rather they set small goals to be accomplished in a… View Article

‘Through-the-Floor Rescue Using a Hoseline’ by Chris Penburg

Introduction The circumstances that come with the fire make it hard to provide the required assistance to a fireman fallen in a deep hall caused of crashed floor. This article includes some suggestions to save firemen who fall in deep holes “with only a charged hoseline, a piece of webbing, a carabiner, and a few… View Article

Singson & Whittamore

People in conflict have a number of procedural options to choose from to resolve their differences. Disagreements and problems can arise in almost any relationship. The majority of disagreements are usually handled informally. Initially, people may avoid each other because they dislike the discomfort that accompanies conflict, they do not consider the issue to be… View Article

A New House Readiness

When making a decision to purchase a new house, one of the economic principles which one must consider will be that people face tradeoffs. If one decides to purchase a new house, he or she will need to give up things such as a holiday, new truck or what they eat which the same amount… View Article

How Attitude Roles in Decision Making

Before I can talk about the play role between attitude and buying decision process, let’s look at the definition of attitude first. Attitude is a relationship link between feeling and believes or a consumer’s thoughts and the response action. We can say that attitude is something that is in the people’s mind and the thought… View Article

Management, Personal Relationship and Decision Making

The concept of interpersonal relationships and management involves ideas, taught, and beliefs that are related with social association and affiliations which are employed as approached to marketing, operations, training, management and executive decision (Giddens, 2001). These taught and perceptions constitute different philosophies used by various organizations that create a harmonious place for members and personnel…. View Article

Advantages of Group Decision-Making

Firstly, group decision making from experts in different areas is beneficial to solve complicate problems. For instance, in a small company, boss often makes suggestions by himself; the result of his behavior relies on the ability of the boss. So there are cases when he can’t make things right, which may be serious fault to… View Article

Ethical Decision Making by Individuals

Existing theoretical models of individual ethical decision making in organizations place little or no emphasis on characteristics of the ethical issue itself. This article (a) proposes an issue-contingent model containing a new set of variables called moral intensity: (b) using concepts, theory, and evidence derived largely from social psychology, argues that moral intensity influences every… View Article

Poor decision making

Poor decision making problem is not confined at the individual level alone but is manifesting itself more and more in organizations. Employees have become more vociferous in their demands for a better deal. Various departments in an organization face a situation full of problems due to a number of reasons like goal diversity, scarcity of… View Article

Leadership Skills Ingredient in Decision-Making

In correlation to the given test as an ethical decision maker, my scores revealed that I am not a judgmental person. I do not usually give judgments neither decide which is wrong or right. Therefore, I cannot easily offend other’s personal beliefs and principles. I also believe that moral right must be respected often. It… View Article

Leadership Management

Introduction In this report, a research regarding leadership was conducted through observation and interviewing of an effective leader. The leader that was chosen for this research report is Tan Kee Boon Valdric. Valdric was a commissioned officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Singapore Armed Forces is a military organisation and its main purpose is… View Article

Pros and Cons of Partnership as a Form of Ownership

Q.1 Identify the pros and cons of the partnership as a form of ownership? A partnership is formed when two or more people engage in a business activity and share investment, profit and loss. Just like any other form of ownership, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Following we discuss some of the pros and… View Article

The Role of Mis and Dss in Manager’s Decision Making Process

Abstract In today’s business world, there are varieties of information systems such as TPS, DAS, KWS, MIS, DSS, ES, CSCWS, GDSS and ESS. Each plays a different role in organizational hierarchy and decision making process. At present article the authors selected two main information systems, namely, MIS and DSS. After discussing the decision making process… View Article

Psychology-Decision Making

Abstract             How does it happen that managers take decisions which lead them to failures? What decision-making mechanisms do they inactivate when they take such decisions? This paper is aimed at analyzing these psychological implications. Psychology Decision Making             Introduction                It is not rare that managers take decisions which lead them to failure. These… View Article

Rational Planning

Verifying, defining & detailing the problem (problem definition, goal definition, information gathering). This step includes recognizing the problem, defining an initial solution, and starting primary analysis. Examples of this are creative devising, creative ideas, inspirations, breakthroughs, and brainstorms. The very first step which is normally overlooked by the top level management is defining the exact… View Article

Communication in an Organisation

It is not possible to have human relations without communication. However, good and effective communication is required not only for good human relations but also for good and successful business. Communication is the activity of conveying meaningful information. Communication requires a sender, a message, and an intended recipient, although the receiver need not be present… View Article

A Purchasing Decision

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing high-end versus low-end PDA devices for the medical center physicians? The advantages and disadvantages of purchasing high-end versus low-end PDA devices for the medical center physicians are that from the PDA device on a high-end of quality and price is that a physician can do more… View Article

Technology-HSBC Case Study

How has the company chosen to improve its knowledge of customers and therefore its decision making? Analyze the management, organization, and technology dimensions of the solution. HSBC, as with other banks, took advantage of many poor consumers looking to own their own home. These consumers had low credit scores, are in default or have low… View Article

Corporate Parenting

Children’s homes operate under the directorate of “Corporate Parenting” meaning that when a child is placed in the children’s home on an interim or full care order or even if the child is voluntary placed by the trust ( once they become looked after), the staff within the home have responsibilities which include safeguarding the… View Article

Delamere Vineyard

“Delamere Vineyard is a small, integrated winemaking business in Tasmania, specializing in pinot noir (red) and chardonnay (white) wines. Richard Richardson, Delamere’s owner and winemaker, manages and operates the vineyard and winery largely alone. His products have won praise and awards in the past, but Richardson strives continuously to improve. Delamere competes in the high-priced… View Article

Approaches to Leadership

As evidenced by the varied opinions regarding the definition of leadership, it is difficult to agree on what leadership is and to develop a formula for a suitable leadership model. Companies recognize the importance of choosing an effective leadership model, but scientific research into the qualities and techniques of leadership, which only began in the… View Article

Management and Team

A team displaying effective team performance are identified as having several characteristics. These are: Clear Goals: These are essential and ensure that the team as a whole are working towards the same positive outcome – thus ensuring an effective and in tune team. Defined Roles and job descriptions: In order to encourage effective team performance… View Article

The Importance of Critical Image Detail

It is easy to imagine financial or navigational disasters that may occur as the result of arithmetic errors due to overflow and truncation problems. What consequences could result from errors in image storage systems due to loss of image details? The consequences suffered from detail loss in images, due to an error in the storage… View Article

Decision Making Models

Managers have the responsibility of making decisions within that guide and provide direction to their organizations. Although decisions may be made by individuals, groups, or teams, it is the manager who coordinates the process of decision making. Managers make use of various decision making models to effectively steer the organizations. It is worth to noting… View Article