Decision Essay Topics

Mission, explicit policy

Mission, explicit policy and explicit policy are element of ethical climate around which the client works.  Each has varying degrees of impact on the behaviors of the employee People base behavior on values and are less affected by a set of rules and regulations as elucidated in the implicit and explicit policies; they are influenced… View Article

PDA Simulation Decision

The score obtained for this test was 1,223,926,982.  The result was relatively encouraging given the fact that it was higher than the previous score.  There is an admission, however, that there is still room for improvement. Substantially the same strategies were used for this test.  These strategies are: 1) for handheld X5 the strategy used… View Article

The Most Important Decision of My Life

We are all making choices and taking decisions in our everyday life; however, good ones lead us on the right path while bad ones bring us into the middle of nowhere. Throughout my life, the hardest decision that I’ve ever made would definitely be choosing to get a career or to continue working to earn… View Article

Time to make a decision

Life has always been filled with numerous surprises. Sometimes, the little things that we take for granted are the things that matter the most. Like any other individual, I am one of those people who give importance to detail. Every time when I open my wallet, a little tiny picture never fails to attract my… View Article


Scenario 01: Your Company’s policy on reimbursement for meals while traveling on business is that you will be repaid for your out-of-pocket costs, not to exceed $80 per day. You don’t need receipts for these expenses – the company will take your word. When traveling, you tend to eat at fast food places and rarely… View Article

Dividend policy decision

Dividend policy decision is one of the important decisions of corporate finance. A dividend policy should be such that it maximizes the shareholders wealth and provides adequate financing to the firm. A firm with fluctuation dividend policy is considered risky by the investors. (Shim & Siegel, 1998) Usually a stable dividend payout policy is maintained… View Article

Issuing the Draft

In response to the first argument in favor of volunteer enlistment, I would counter that the overall effect would continue to support the status quo in that privileged and wealthy Americans would not have an urgent need to enlist. Due to this economic division between classes, the lower class sector would continue to be the… View Article

The Dred Scott Decision

The Dred Scott Decision (also known as 60 US 393) was a case fundamental in the United States’ history. The case was judged by no less than the highest court of America, the United States Supreme Court in 1857. The Dred Scott Decision implies that people of African descent could never be citizens of America… View Article

Information and Decision-Making

Individuals in the world make decisions every single day of their lives. Decision-making, however, is even more important in the lives of leaders because they are running an organization which relies on their judgment and discretion for such decisions. Decisions have to be made carefully and based on the most accurate and updated information available…. View Article

Burlington Norhtern- The Ares Decision

The purpose of management in sectors of an economy and control systems is to achieve goals and objectives of an organization with ease and at least cost. The ultimate purpose of any system is that it should be “in control” rather than “controlling people” (Simons 2000). Systems which are in ‘perfect control’ other than controlling… View Article

Business strategy: A guide to Effective Decision making

Strategies decisions depends highly on perceptions, people’s attitudes and assumptions, therefore they are rarely straightforward or simple. Strategic decisions determine the direction as well as success of an organization, which is why it is essential for decision-makers to understand the decision-making process in order to make the right decisions. Chapter 2, 3, and 4 focus… View Article

What are symptoms/ Red flags exist to suggest something has gone wrong?

Gilman offered Beauport marketing research coordinator position to reward Beauport’s contribution to recent increase in ice cream sales and market share because he thought that the position would broaden Beauport’s experience and boost her career at Hy Dairies. Beauport did not share the same idea: she thought that the position offered was a “backroom job”… View Article

How Did the Decision to Conduct an ROI Study Influence the Design of Coaching Program

How did the decision to conduct an ROI study influence the design of coaching program. Nations Hotel Corporation is one of the reputed USA based hotel company, with an international presence in 15 countries worldwide. Hospitality industries are quiet competitive in nature and today’s success rule of hospitality includes knowledge, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency… View Article

Organizational Structure and Culture

Knowledge – Mastery of facts, range of information in subject matter area. Skills – Proficiency, expertise, or competence in given area; e.g., science, art, crafts. Abilities – Demonstrated performance to use knowledge and skills when needed. KSA Definitions Interpersonal Skill Is aware of, responds to, and considers the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others. Deals… View Article

Categorical imperative

The Golden Rule- Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Yes, corny as hell, but it works. If you make a decision and think of yourself as suffering the potential outcome; it will often help to make a wiser and more considerate and ethical decision. EXAMPLE: if you are using a… View Article

Google Inc. in China

The case study is titled Google Inc., In china, written by Kirsten E. Martin for the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. Kirsten Martin is the Assistant Professor of Business and Economics at the Catholic University of America and Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics Fellow, “to encourage classroom discussion and not to illustrate effective… View Article

Self managed teams

Using self-managed teams within the Sandwich Blitz company would help the company grow. This will also allow Dalman to have more time to concentrate on the expansion as well. Self-managed teams empower employees most often in manufacturing, workers are trained to do all most of the jobs in the unit, they have no immediate supervisor,… View Article

Six step decision model

Every business needs to make decisions. Some decisions are minor, and others can be million dollar decisions. These decisions need to made with knowing all possible outcomes and knowing the risk and if its worth taking. Businesses today use different models and processes to decide what’s best for the company. The six step model process,… View Article

Mental mindset paper

Assume you work in Human Resources as a part of the management team for AAA Transportation in Waukegan, WI, which has recently been acquired. AAA Transportation is an interstate trucking company that specializes in transporting wholesale produce in refrigerated trailers throughout the Midwest. The new owners want to make some sweeping changes in the services… View Article

Person Centred Risk

Traditional methods of risk assessment are full of charts and scoring systems, but the person, their objectives, dreams and life seem to get lost somewhere in the pages of tick boxes and statistics. A person centred approach seeks to focus on people’s rights to have the lifestyle that they chose, including the right to make… View Article

Arguments for and against using Utilitarian principles

Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that proclaims that the morally right course of action in any given situation is the one that produces the greatest amount of pleasure over pain for everyone affected (Ferrell, Fraedrich &Ferrell 2008). This is evident in business decision making processes done by analysts, legislators and managers, for instance on deciding… View Article

Course note. Organizational behavior

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR To distinguish and compare the various concepts and models of organizational behavior in a manner that-will help day-to-day conceptual, human, and communication skills of the students. To develop skills in diagnosing situations by encouraging them to participate actively in cases, topics, illustrations, and incidents that serve to provide operational meaning to the abstract… View Article

Meet Sage Inventory Advisor in the Cloud

Implementing a fixed asset inventory solution and performing proper accounting of assets can save time and money, reduce theft, improve planning and budgeting, eliminate “ghost assets,” and help an organization recover after a natural disaster. However, the importance of tracking and managing fixed assets such as land, buildings, transportation, and manufacturing equipment is often overlooked…. View Article

12 angry men paper

The movie “12 Angry Men” is about a murder trial set in the mid 1900’s when the American legal system had very different rules from what it has now. The trial is about a 16 year old boy who supposedly murdered his father late one night in New York City. He was from a slum,… View Article

Case Synopsis: A Steely Resolve

Nucor is a steel manufacturing company that makes steel by recycling used metals and reforming them into new beams and sheets. Nucor has long had a reputation as a good place to work, although its human resource management policies have generated some controversy. Employees are paid by how much they produce, the more they produce… View Article

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the law relating to the control relating to government power. The primary purpose of administrative law is to keep the powers of government within their legal bounds, so as to protect citizens against abuse. Nature and Purpose of Administrative law Article 47 of the constitution (1) Every person has the right to… View Article

Case Study of Time-Critical Management

Based on the EMV done above, the optimum decision strategy based on the cost alone is to get the component from ARC solution and transport it via Land route. Consider the calculations attached in Memo 1 to draw the conclusion in the above analysis Sensitivity Analysis Resale of new thrust reverser . Considering the ‘Y’… View Article

Reflective Journal on Ethical Issues for Case Studies

As nurses, we encounter ethical situations everyday regarding patient care. How we handle these situations promote equality while seeking rationality. After reading the two case studies presented, I will discuss in my reflective journal how the ethical issues were presented, the steps taken in the decision-making process to ethically address the issues, the lenses used… View Article

Health Care Financial Terms Week One

Controlling is the practice that managers use to ensure that the company plans and goals are being attained. By comparing report to each other areas that are working and succeeding are defined and the areas where problems are occurring can be addressed and corrected (Baker & Baker, 2011). A manager has four different, lets say… View Article