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"Hey dad can I park inside the garage it's about to rain"

"Well let me think about that for a second. Ok thought about it. NO!" This is my delema at the moment. This issue is pitting me at odds with my dad over the use the parking spot in the garage. This cozy little part of the house is currently being occupied by a rusty bucket of bolts, also known as my dads car. Let me begin by explaining the situtation.

I own a 1991 Toyota MR2, well it is what used to be a MR2. For some reason I felt the need to spend tremendous time and effort into transforming the car into a "show car." Show cars are often placed in competitions or car shows where winners receive recognition from their peers and substantial cash prizes.

After modifying the car that was once a MR2, I am now fully aware that this is the hobby of those that like to spend tremendous amounts of money on complete crap, but regardless it's a hobby that I enjoy.

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The car I refer to as the money pit has lightened my wallet drasticly. I have spent atremendous amount of money on this car, I do not receive money from my parents nor would I take it. Since the age of 15 I have worked very hard to earn the things I wanted and to meet certain goals I set for myself. Unfortunatly between the paint, bodywork and engine, I have spent around $10,000 on the car, leading me to not only look "cool" by driving a nice car but also to eat a steady diet of 99 cent instant noodles because I do not have a lot of money left over.

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My complaint is that I wish to use the garage, my dad who even after witnessing the amount of time and money that I have invested into my car will not let me park it inside the garage. I tried to explain to him that my reasons were to protect the car from theft, the weather, and vandalism. Dad however, does not agree with my ideas on theives or acts of God. My dad simply states that it is his garage and parks his bucket inside the haven that is our garage. In parking his car in the garage he overlooks many of my arguments about why I should be able to protect my investment and overlooks the fact that my car will cost much more to be repaired if something happens to it.

Damage to the car means even more money out of my pocket to fix it, consequently other aspects of my life will probably be affected. On the other hand my dad has more dents and craters on his car than on the moon, he would not care if his car was damaged or much less notice or spend the money to fix any damage. All I ask is to simply have the previlage of protecing my car by keeping it in the garage. I would even settle by sharing the garage, or have some sort of schedule. Read why vandalism happen

"Let you park in the garage? Why? Its my garage? I am the one that pays the bills, Why should you be able to park inside the garage?"

This is his response whenever I bring the subject up. Although I understand that he does pay the bills and it is his house, the fact remains that his car is a bucket and it does not run the risk of being stolen. It also does not need to be protected from the weather, the weather has already gotten to it. The paint is fading and even falling off in certain places and I won't even begin to describe the bumpers. My car in comparison has paint left on it and for that matter it looks kind of nice, so I would not like to see the paint damaged. My car is also a possible target for theft. His is not. For example the rims I purchased for my car are worth a little over $2,500. Dad on the other hand has hub caps which can be purchased at K-mart for $19.95. That's a price difference of $2480.05. I don't think he needs to insure those hub caps.

Another objection my dad raises is that he is the first to come home and therefore

should have access to the garage since nobody is parked in it. I am willing to understand

this point but I also have told him that I can move his car out of the garage for him when

I get home. I also am the only person in my house to clean and organize the

the garage. If I did not keep the garage clean then we would not even be having this disagreement because a car would not be able to fit inside the garage.

The last thing I want to do is have a disagreement with my dad over where cars are parked but all I want to do is protect what I have worked so hard to attain. A lot of hard work, energy and money has gone into something that I really like and I would not like to see anything unfortunate happen to my investment. All I ask is for him to listen to my argument and possibly work out a resolution to this problem

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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