Critical success factors Essay

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Critical success factors

Broad market coverage due to its abilityto handle difficult cases at the intersectionOf laws and digital technology. * Human resources competencies-highly skilledstaffs had background in computing, investigative * Or law enforcement.| * Growth without direction-officeheads did not understand the purpose of new strategic plans, they were confused with their roles and responsibilities(overcommitted and uncertainty) * Loss of corporate direction los of corporate control. * Inappropriate organisational structure and control system.| * Rapid growth and expansion- They needed to work rapidly and accurately, any delay could lead to corrupted data. * Data challenge-Complexity of the internet clouds and data privacy laws. * Demand for both digital forensics and * e-discovery services reflected unanticipated occurrence of a data breach. * Increase in competitors due to identified value creation.|

Did the acquisition of Docuity provide Stroz Friedberg with a competitive advantage?

Acquisition of docuity provided added competitive advantage on effective search tools, improved reliability and service and there by better branding and recognition in the market. Docuity’s patent pending technology and rule based processing ensured better cost controls and quality throughout the process, accounted for approximately 27% of total billings.

What steps have been taken to overcome the firm’s growing pains?How do you assess the steps? The rapid growth of the firm was successful but challenging. Throughthe review of firms cultural systems,structure,and process had resulted in a significant set of changes. Organisational review raised several significant issues. They were collectively described as growing pains. Following are the challenges faced, steps taken to tackle it and advantages of each steps. They introduced new systems and structures that clarified roles and responsibilities, instilled greater accountability
and improved discipline and planning. CHALLENGE ON ORGANISATIONAL AND CULTURE: * Communication * confused with roles and resposiblities * Cordintaion and decision making mechanisms * Tension between legal and technical staffs.CHALLENGES ON STRUCTURE AND PROCESS * Operational and Business processAbsence of annual financial planning process * Poor organisational structure| STEPS * Firm invested in knowledge management point,JIRA and * Training and orientation to staff * Implemented annual financial processand involving them in planning process.Introduced internal financial statements. * Created organisational chart| Advantages/Assessments * These system provided transparency in R&D and software projects ,and also more systematization and predictability.staff felt part of firm’s growth and activities. * More clear picture on annual revenue targets and expected growth rate. * Made responsibility more clearer and instilled accountablity|

What should Stroz and Friedberg do about the disagreement over 2010 financial targets?

Stroz and Friedberg should have better communicated what make it possible to achieve aggressive targets. strong client relationship, branding and name recognition in new and existing markets, working smarter are the key factors for generating revenue.

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