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The family helps shape us into who we are as people. In the book “crime and punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, family plays an important rule in Raskolnikov life. They support us and guide us into doing the right things but in this book is different and explains us how does Raskolnikov family fit into the whole study and all the sacrifices his mother and his sister did for him.

Raskolnikov is the protagonist of the story, and this story is told from his point of view.

His intellectualism drives him to reject the rest of humanity as access only to continue the species. Raskolnikov relationship with the others characters reflects his personality. Even tho he has some mentally ill through the story he always cares about his sister Dunya, his mother Pulcheria Alexandrovna, a poor friend Razumikhin and his love Sonya. After Raskolnikov received a letter from his mother, stating that his sister will get married to wealthy men he started refusing to believe what his sister will do soon and confuse about why she will do it.

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That letter was a torture for him and he started reflecting on his own about his sister wedding and said that “ no, Donya was not that sort when I knew her and… she is still the same, of course! Yes, there is no denying, the svdrigailovs are a bitter pill! It's a bitter thing to spend one's life a governess in the provinces for two hundred roubles, but I know she would rather be a nigger on plantation or a let with a German master than degrade her soul, and her moral dignity, by binding herself forever to a man whom she does not respect and with whom she has nothing in common" (page 37), meaning that he didn’t want to doubt about his sister's reputation without thinking that all this sacrifice she would make, would be for the sake of him and his mother.

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Another important event that can be connected with Raskolnikov and his family was when he was trying to leave and he was talking with Razumikhin saying “ leave me but don’t leave them, do you understand me?”. Raskolnikov was scared and felt guilty about the murders he commits. In my point of view, he decided to leave his sister and his mother in charge of Razumikhin because he trust on him and he knows that he will protect them especially for the love he knows Razumikhin feel for Donya. For the first time, he looks to care for others and not just for himself. While Raskolnikov's decision to leave is of a different order than Sonya's prostitution and Dunya’s decision to become engaged to Luzhin, it reflects his understanding of the importance of family.

A mother love for their child is the strongest love that a person can feel. in other cases is different the mother can use their child for their own benefit without thinking about what can happen with them or sacrifice one child for the sake of the other, but at the button of their heart they still love their child as it shows in the book "crime and punishment". Raskolnikov mother Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikov is deeply devoted to her son and willing to sacrifice everything, even her own and her daughter's happiness so that he might be successful. Even after Raskolnikov has confessed, she is unwilling to admit to herself that her son is a murderer. A proof that sometimes mother sacrifices one child for the sake of the other is on the letter that she send to Raskolnikov explaining him everything that happened with his sister. She first started saying that “you know that I love you; you are all we have to look to, Dounia and I, you are our all, our one hope, our one stay” (page 24). Pulcheria expresses the love for his son, but then in a few words, she expressed to him that everything they do is for him, letting us understand that she agrees with what her daughter will do without knowing what that man is like. In this story, we can see how Raskolnikov mothers always look for his wellness. After the thought of surrender to the police, Raskolnikov when to his mother's house, he told her that if she still loves him despite everything they were saying about him and she responded "Donya, what is the matter? How can you ask me such a question? Why, who will tell me anything about you besides I shouldn’t believe anyone, I should refuse to listen” (page 404). The consequence of a blind mother for their child can be so grave that it can lead to death, she gets into shock and got ill when she knew about his son's crimes. Sometimes children are not the way another want them to be but at least they try their best to protect them and help them to grow giving them love, morals, education etc…

Apparently, Donya is the strongest one of the story. Although she has many things in common with her brother. she has several characteristics that differentiate her from him as her way of think with the cold mind and seeing things differently. Donya is Raskolnikov’s sister she is intelligent, proud, beautiful, and strong-willed. Raskolnikov is self-centered, cruel, and prone to intellectualizing, she is self-sacrificing, kind, and exhibits endless compassion. The relationship between Dunya and Raskolnikov is always based on mutual love and respect, but it swings from one extreme of emotion to the other as Raskolnikov slowly approaches the moment of confession. In many ways, Dunya is more mature than her brother: while he grows angry and dizzy confronting Luzhin, she remains confident and in control, even when she becomes just as angry. Dunya was suspecting Raskolnikov commit those crimes, she never wanted to admit the truth like her mother until it came the time she heard it from him when she went to his lodge. They were discussing and Donya was trying to understand why he did that? She wants the perfect woman because she also makes mistake but not that kind of mistake. But it was good for her when she refused in her mother's arms saying “ I haven't faith, but I have just been weeping in mothers arms; I have faith but have asked her to pray for me. I don't know how it is, Donya, I don't understand it". In a few words she wants to let him know that he could refute himself in his mother's love, but for him, he never thought about everything that he mattered for his mother and his sister.

After committing the murders, his loneliness grows because of his extreme weakness and the half-delirium toward his guilt defeats him. Repeatedly, Raskolnikov pushes apart the people who are attempting to help him, including Sonya, Dunya, Pulcheria Alexandrovna, Razumikhin, and even Porfiry Petrovich.

Each Everyone chooses their own destiny, many people choose the wrong path and those who suffer the most are the families. Family loves greatly influences the growth of a person. for a mother a child is not bad, and if they have to sacrifice the other for the welfare of their child they would do it without thinking the consequences. in this crime and punishment novel Raskolnikov he never realized the true love that his mother and sister had for him and although Dunya denied it once she did everything especially for the sake of him and his mother and then thought that if He was going to have everything under control but many times things do not go as you want.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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