Convergence of the Twain Analysis

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The Convergence of the Twain Rewrite

Intimated in Hardy’s pindaric ode entitled “The Convergence of the Twain” is a mindset of melancholy. While this poem is sad, it appears that Hardy likewise uses his work to revisit a typical style in his works and a strong belief in his life: marital relationship. The poem seems to carry the metaphor of marital relationship and the metonymy of the Titanic. Then later on demonstrating the sundering of this concept.

It is clear that Hardy does not agree with marriage.

In another piece of his work, Jude the Obscure, he mentions “Marriage is marital relationship”, and getting out of it is both extremely tough and also immoral. In stanza seven Hardy describes the ship as “her” and that a “ominous mate” was being prepared for her. Highlighting both sides of a marriage. Sinister seems the perfect method to describe Hardy’s attitude to the work and the idea as a whole.

The stanzas appear to represent boats or ships at the start of the poem.

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As the reader continues to each stanza, he can see that each stanza becomes a little more deshevelled. Until the stanzas become completely disjointed. This represents the ship hitting the iceberg and cracking, and eventually splitting.

Throughout the work Hardy alludes to fate. Listing key words such as, ” thread”, “fashioning”, “Immanent Will”, and most importantly, “Till the Spinner.” “The Spinner” is referring to the third fate: Clotho. This fate spins the thread of life. “Till the Spinner of the Years

Said “Now!” And each one hers,
And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres”

This quote coming from the last stanza of the poem demonstrates Hardy’s lack of optimism for marriage.

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It also establishes when the Titanic struck the iceberg that it devestated two hemispheres and will stand as a depressing

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Convergence of the Twain Analysis

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