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Content Development

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (399 words)
Categories: Development
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To ExxonMobil, national content development basically refers to the company’s economical sustainability and incentive processes aimed at competitive and efficient capacity building. ExxonMobil’s commitment and adherence to its policies for local job creation and support for local businesses through strategic community investments, ensures that the company develops effective solutions that concentrate on every local community’s current economic as well as social needs while contributing to its sustainable long-term development.

Under the Best Practices in External Affairs (BPEA) and Production Operations Best Practices, ExxonMobil differentiates it approaches to national content development from country to country as a function of current infrastructure, industrial stability, local supplier competence, and the needs of local communities and consumers.

Maintaining high flexibility in frequently changing and differentiated infrastructures and capabilities and concurrently upholding a universal operational standards that enhance sustainable capacity building, can he highly challenging.

To address these challenges, ExxonMobil developed the National Content Development: Guidelines, Strategies, and Best Practices that form the basis of the company’s global operations.

These guidelines help the company exceptional, custom plans that are location-specific, and are universally applicable throughout the business processes at the local, regional, and global levels. Another strategy employed in the content development is in the process ExxonMobil develops its supplier base and network.

Generating concrete and profitable trade and industry opportunities, for local commercial institutions, and devoting resources towards the development of the national contractors, suppliers, and vendors’ capabilities, helps enhance their ability to satisfy international industry standards. This in turn enhances their qualification for tender and contracts with ExxonMobil thus ensuring that the company maintains its universal operational and industry standards.

Through processes such as entrepreneur training, the company is able to assist its potential local affiliates’ qualify for contracts. To enhance economic progress the company also maximizes in the number of national employment opportunities through its continuous investment in the host countries’ workforce especially in the developing countries and emerging markets/economies. Whenever the company engages the services of any local workforce, it ensures that the hired local employees’ lifespan in any given project is maximized.

The success of this policy is endowed through the company’s continuous employee training programs that instill competitive and market compliant technical and professional skills essential for effective functionality in existing as well as foreseeable projects and operations. In the long-term, the company develops a pool of talent that meets its future and continuously evolving global business requirements.

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