Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’


            Globalization has paved the way to nations being interconnected to each other. Through the utilization f economic goals, the world today is already a picturesque of a worldwide brotherhood of men who are intertwined for the sake of economic involvement and advancement. Hence, the existence of companies, which are stretched on far distances from their base companies, could be considered as a result of the said economic leap towards improvement of the society’s social lives.

            In this manner, countries which are locate on the most distinct areas of the world where most intersections of different countries occur are treated by the “big daddies”, or the big countries which are currently leading the International trade, as major points of trading activities. America is among the so-called “big daddies” of the world economy. The said country, being among the economic leaders utilizes much of the resources of other countries and regulates those resources into economic zones, which they say could help the other countries prosper.

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            Consequently, many intersection point countries are already present in the American list of allies around the world. One of which is the Philippines where the American businessmen opt to establish their company branches. Aside form the cheap cost of labor in the said country, the service provided by the natives of the Philippines could also be considered as an acceptable factor of the performance of company employees in the United States.

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The partnership created by American Businessmen with

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page

the Filipino company owners indeed benefit the American Business Industries so much.

            Another country, which is also an ally of the American government, is the Turkish administration. The relationship of the two countries date back towards the end of the civil war. Ever since, the relationship of the American Regions with the Turkish territories proves to be harmonious and created on peace and trust among each other’s authorities as well as people.

            Being an intersection of both the European, the American and some part of the Middle Eastern regions, Turkey is one of the most feasible sites for trading. This is the reason why the American relationship with the said country has indeed been proven strong and continuously growing.

            Its culture is considered as an amalgamation of two different and unique cultures from the main countries that constantly gets connection with the said country. The said countries are namely the American and the Middle Eastern cultures. The traditional ways of the people in Turkey along with the mixture of its modernized ways in the business industries, the said country became a fascinating market for trading activities.

            In this paper, the strength and the dependable image of Turkey shall be examined and proven. To do so, a company from Turkey shall be considered as a basis of the study as it would be compared to another company in America that is in the same industry. The separate description of both companies along with the determination of the two business cultures of the said country shall be brought into conclusion by

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 3

contrasting the characteristics of both and discussing how these differences fare well in the global business industries.

1 The Companies
The Turkish company that has been chosen by the author of this paper to be the basis of this study is Milsoft. The said company is a Turkish Global entity that produces software applications for computers. The said applications are made available through the Internet.

            The said company has been establishment during the year 1998. It specializes in a customer-focused system along with a competitive approach of the company towards business. Milsoft is also known for its production of cost-effective, and customer specific products. Through the high quality software and system engineers in the production of their offer to the public, the company is able to utilize fine approach to software development to becoming a more advanced company in the field of computer industries.

            Having these characteristics and business priorities, the said company has been constantly improving during the past years especially when it comes to the production of technologically advanced gadgets, which they opted to offer to the public just recently.

            Meanwhile, the company compared to Milsoft, is the world renowned Microsoft Company. It is also a software producing company that is believed to have started all the developments in the computer environment. Microsoft has been established by the

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 4

famous campus geek, Bill Gates. His aims of being successful in his own field have lead him to creating one of the most important companies in the developing societies today. Microsoft today is indeed a global company that provides services to people in and out of the Internet is also considered to be among the largest selling business entity in the globe.

            How did the Microsoft Company reach the peak of its success in its chosen industry? How does Milsoft meet the challenge of the industry it is joined with at present? These questions shall lead this study towards the analysis of the business culture as well as business laws focused on both countries where the said companies are based. Upon comparing and contrasting the Business culture of these two man companies and countries ass well, the diversity that globalization survives shall also be shown clearly.

2 The Turkish Economy

            It was 1923 when the Turkish Republic has been established, and the Turkish economy began to flourish. Through the application of the democratic power of the people, different business establishments were brought up and gained much strength gradually in the global trade industries.

            As of the present situation, Turkey is now an associate member of the European Union. However, it still continuously undergoes several changes to be able to meet the democratic aims of the Turkish government. It aims to strongly integrate the Turkish economy into a more global setting. It is truly noticeable that the Turkish business

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 5

culture is a blend of both the traditional and the modern systems of industrial development.

            Aside from the mentioned developmental processes of the country, it could not be denied as well that the very location of the country is systematic and excellent for business ventures. Turkey is much suitable for the activities considering global trade. Certainly, this geographical edge of the country helps it to focus on the advantages and expanding processes.

3 The Turkish Business Culture

            The basics of the Turkish business culture are all rooted from the main cultural standing of the said society. It should be considered by business companies that family and religion comes primary to the priorities of the Turkish society. Most likely, these factors of the society determine the business traditions in the said country. .

            The family is considered as the most essential social unit in the Turkish culture. Usually, a Turks life depends revolves around his family so much that most of the decisions of the people are based upon their family standing. This is mainly the reason why most businesses, especially the big corporations are family-owned. The hierarchical arrangement is based upon the stairs of generation that the families follow in the passing on of the business entities.

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 6

Islam on the other hand, may not be the only religion in the said country although it is still considered as the major belief of the society. Hence, the philosophy and the ideology of Islam are directly incorporated in their government as well as

business legalities. The social relationships and the sense of discipline and respect towards others are still based upon the basic essence of the Islamic religion.

            With regards to time, the Turks are used to making use of every minute at the best possible way. In this regard, during meetings, it should not be surprising or annoying to the foreign investors that at times, someone who is not even invited in the meeting may just enter to send in some messages to some members of the board. Talking to other people on the phone is also acceptable in the business culture of the Turkish society. Although with politeness, some foreigners may still find this quite different; however understanding this difference shall help business partners build up fine relationships with each other. For this reason, a long-strand of patience should be exercised by foreign investors doing business in Turkey.

            3.1 The Trend f Working in Turkey

            Working in Turkey requires foreign nationals to understand. Here are the necessary points of consideration in doing business in the said country:

·         Having business appointments scheduled in advance is essential. This is to be able avoid Turkish holidays. July and august are the Turkish holidays. These are the months when Ramadan (fasting) is celebrated by

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 7

the Islam nationals of the country. People in this country would not appreciate being disturbed regarding business during holidays.

·         Punctuality is regarded as a high concept in the business environment of the country. This should be a notice to the foreign investors to contact

business partners in Turkey if in case the meetings would be delayed or else canceled to be able to free the Turks from loosing their time.

·         Because of the fact that the Turkish business systems are based upon Islamic beliefs, daily routines and business appointments should fit in with the five daily prayer times of the Muslim religion.

3.2 The Hierarchical Structure of Companies

The Turkish society values different aspects of business authorities. The

said authorities and practices of recognizing them are as follows:

·         They give high regard to rank, education and authority. The seniors of a company is usually met only once in every year. The respect that is established with the colleagues of the senior as well as with the lower subordinates of the business makes it easier for the entire organization to pay due authority to the seniors even without their presence.


Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 8

·         Like other countries, the decisions belong to the seniors of the company. However, in deciding, it is also important for the seniors to still consider the opinions and the contributions of the other lower members of the company. Hence, it could be viewed that decisions would really have to take longer than expected

since the opinions are all collected before any final thoughts on what has to be done could be created.

·         In a meeting, it is necessary to address the eldest or the most senior person in present in the room. To the Turks, age remains to be a sign of wisdom and thus, this type of authority highly demands respect from everyone else in the business industry.

3.3 Creating Personal Relationships in Business

            It is necessary for business partners to have close ties with each other. Based upon respect and trust, it is believed that a business would only prosper if the relationship between partners or a corporation at that is harmonious enough to overcome the individual differences of the ones involved in the business.

            This does portray the fact that in many ways, the relationship between the professional and personal relationship is not quite clear. At times, the two types of relationship usually overlap. Hence, it could be very distinct that business associates in Turkey are also considered friends through the passing of time as they continue dealing with each other.

            Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 9

Considering this fact, it is also needed to be recognized that the Turkish business associates consider their seniors as the mother or father of the organization. Thus, aside from being respected, they are also expected to provide the organization with sustenance concerning the wisdom and guidance that the company needs especially with decision-making activities.

3.4 The Business Practices

            Portraying respect is essential. This respectful way of dealing with other people is a professional practice for the Turkish company. Their recognition of the authority of the others by addressing them in their professional titles such as “doctor” or “lawyer”; “Mr.” Miss” or Mrs.”, is a sign of high regard of a person’s position in the society.

            Business cards are also present in the business processes of the Turkish culture. The presentation of ones business card to his colleagues with two hands expresses respect, trust and a dependable attitude towards others ion the organization. This is highly considered as an important factor of a good business relationship in the country. Translation of the details in the business card is also a sign of consideration for Turkish business partners.

            During meetings, a handshake is a customary greeting. However, when the colleague in business is a woman, the man usually waits for the woman to extend her hand before he is to give a handshake. It could be obviously observed that in Turkey, women are also considered as a fragile possession and should be respected well at all times. Small talks are also normal for beginning a business meeting. This establishes

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 10

rapport among the business personnels thus making the relationship between him or her more breathable and easier to deal with for everyone else involved in the business venture.

3.5 The Business Etiquettes

            The following are the do’s and don’ts of business processes in turkey:

·         Maintain eye contact with the business partners being dealt with. This denotes sincerity and truthfulness of the foreign investor with the Turkish national

·         It is very important to dress conservatively during meetings. A businessman is expected to wear suit and tie while women are expected to wear fine cut skirts and low cut blouses. Professionalism in this matter is considered important and is displayed upon the way business people dress on meetings.

·         Greeting the business colleagues in a proper Islamic greeting “Asalamu alaykum” which means peace be unto you.

·         It is not respectful to back away from a colleague who would speak in a very close distance. The closeness of distance of people talking in Turkey is but normal and does not display any malice at all. It should not be misunderstood by foreign business partners.

·         Being patient especially in waiting for the release of decisions should always be applied.

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 11

·         Gifts are not necessary; yet they are highly appreciated.

·         At the beginning of a business meeting, it should be expected that a Turkish colleague would ask questions about the business processes of

the country where the foreign investor came from. However, for the foreign partner, it is not respectful to ask personal questions such as regarding the family if the relationship, such as friendship has not been established yet.

·         It should be taken into consideration that the mannerism of putting one’s thumb in the middle of the two fingers is considered as a very rude display of act.

            These etiquette guidelines should be considered by anybody wanting to establish a business industry in Turkey. Taking them into practice shall be the cause of a fine relationship of the business colleagues in the organization being created.

            In the meanwhile, Looking into the American Business Culture shall also help in the comparison process of the companies and the countries being discussed herein. The following paragraphs shall highlight the American Business Culture.

4 The American Economy

            The United States is a democratic society having an aim of national as well as universal equality. Hence, even though the country at present lives in a society that is composed of many different races, the United States still thrives to make peace with everyone else in the community, trying to provide what they expect from the

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 12

government of the said country. Hence, the diverse culture of the American society certainly affects the way people deal with business ventures in the said country.

            Primarily, individualism is a virtue that the Americans value the most. The idea of independence is one of the most important achievements that a person could have.

Hence, in business activities, an employee or a business partner’s initiative to work on developments is a sign of sincerity of one to achieve success along with the company that he is tied up with. Once ability to stand for his own decisions in life is a sign of personal strength.

            Egalitarianism is a concept of equality that is most evident in the main national missions of the American regions. Hence, equality is also practiced within the business activities of the American Society. Totally, the status of age, position and status in life are equally respected by everyone. The fact that the people making up a company are ‘human’, then it is clear in the American culture that each one deserves to be respected. Since the only aim of every business company in the said country is to prosper, this is also the main concern of the employees regardless of their position. Thus, equally working together helps them achieve their goals.

            The low context culture of the American Society on the other hand displays the task-centered idealism of Americans. Thus, when conflicts arise in the workplace, the American business management tends to use speech and communication to be able to meet the needed solution for the conflict going on. Hence, considering all sides of the story is necessary to be heard upon solving such conflicts in the business world.

            Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 13

4.1 The Working Practices in America

            The following details summarize the practices in business that is arguably acceptable in the American society:

·         Punctuality is a virtue that should always be observed in doing business in the American regions. It is a basic factor of in the American business culture is to show respect and seriousness in the job through the existence of punctual attendance on business meetings.

·         Deadlines are always a big part of the American business encounters. Americans usually prefer receiving deadlines ahead of time, they believe that in many ways, the ability of an employee or a business person who is able to meet deadlines are highly competent in the business venture he or she is working for.

·         The working days in America starts from Monday to Friday starting at around nine o’clock in the morning up until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Usually, business appointments are fitted within this bracket of working schedule.

4.2 The Hierarchical Structure of American Companies

·         The structural makeup of a company differs from the industry that the business is classified with. Regardless of the age and status in life of the members of the organization, the only known and respected basis of structural arrangement in a company is the

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 14

position of the person in the company. Knowing the officials or the authorities of the company is necessary for foreign investors.

·         The chief authority is the one making the main decisions in the organization. Usually, decisions are released on time and are well designed for better application for the company systems.

·         In this regard, the hierarchical position in the business organization usually over throws any personal relationship. Hence, it is very important that the position in business partnership should be carried well even outside of the business establishment premises.

4.3 The Working Relationships

The following details portray the essential factors of business relationship

which is highly regarded in the American business world:

·         Professionalism at all aspects of the business activities should be well observed by business partners. Their ability to remain in the professional limits would help the business colleagues to know where they stand and what they should do for their organization.

·         Personal relationship among colleagues especially with the ‘bosses’ is not a significant practice in the American society. Remaining professional means being able to recognize positions at all times and respecting that position at any place at all.

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 15

·         During business meetings, social relationship is not that much welcomed. The meetings are in a formal session and small talks are not part of the said formality.

·         Business meetings usually begin and end with a firm handshake. Keeping a direct eye contact with the person being met is also an important factor contributing to the essence of being serious of the meeting and the persons involved in it.

·         Business cards are treated as the basic factors that clarify the functions of the organization. There is no certain sacred ritual for the passing on of business cards to other colleagues in the organization.

·         Moat business appointments aim to end with contract signing. American businessmen usually treat business meetings as a problem-solving session. Hence, it is important to deal with the meetings with high seriousness since in this matter, the best deals for the organization lies strongly.

·         The rules and guidelines of business arguments and activities should always be considered by everyone involved in the organization.

4.4 The American Business Etiquettes

·         Addressing colleagues with respect is a must in the American business culture. Using “Miss”, “Mrs.” And then the last name.

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 16

This address of person denotes high respect and professionalism.

·         Use the words “thank you” and “Please” whenever asking a favor and being granted the said favor.

·         Be prepared at all times whenever attending any business meetings. Being prepared may include the presentations needed for the occasion and other things that have to be shown to the business partners being met during the appointment. Doing so will leave an impression on the business partners that the contract is sincere enough to gain the trust of the whole committee of the organization where the proposal is offered.

·         Not all companies in America follow the same pattern of rules and bylaws, hence, before the meeting, a foreign business partner should already know the basic rules and regulations of the company he aims to have contract with.

·         Physical contact aside from hand shaking is not welcomed in any type of meeting in the American region. Doing s may show malice and produce wrong notions from the business colleagues.

·         Giving a gift is also not welcomed. Hence, a foreign business partner should not be surprised or insulted if the gift he has offered has been neglected. It only denotes the fact that for the

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 17

sake of equality, nobody is allowed to find favor in the eye of the “bosses” simply because of an offered gift.

            Knowing all the basic factors to be considered in making business in the American regions, it could be quite clear how the two countries, namely Turkey and America, have different approaches on professionalism and business ethics. Hence, in creating a business relationship with either of the races, a business enthusiast should see to it that the above cultural differences are closely observed.

            It is believed that only through the existence of fine relationship among business partners around the world could any global industry success in the global business industries. Hence, being able to meet with the necessary points of consideration in the creation of any business venture in any country is an essential factor of success.

            However, going back to the companies being compared in this paper, through the discussion of the business cultures mentioned herein, it could be identified that there are certain cultural contributions to the success that both companies already enjoy today.

How Both Companies Succeeded

            The Milsoft Company of Turkey and the Microsoft Computer Company of the American business group are both significant examples of businesses, which are able to struggle through and survive the tough competition of the global business trade. Their capability of creating a fine environment regardless of all the diverse effects of cultural

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 18

differences among their colleges helped them thrive longer and aim higher with regards to their companies’ mission and vision concerning the global trade. Certainly, the ability of both companies to get along with the fast changing laws and regulations of the global industries also helped in the success that they are enjoying at present.

            In making comparisons, it could be well identified that Microsoft is indeed a large business entity compared to that of Milsoft. However, it could not be denied that even though Milsoft could be considered as a new comer in the industry of creating sophisticated software for computer applications, it strives strongly to carry on with the competition and thus able to succeed as well, along with other big companies. Yes, taking into consideration the business culture of the countries where both companies are based, it could be considered that those traditions in business transaction affected so much of the business activities of both companies.

            As for example, in view of America’s professionalism at work, wherein no personal relationships are allowed to interrupt their job, it could be derived that the reason for Microsoft’s success in the industry it is competing with is the fact that it is able to come up with decisions that are firm. They are also able to apply the decisions abruptly since there are no personal relationships that would likely get in the way. Certainly, this business-focused attitude of the administration governing Microsoft Company has lead the whole global organization into a more successful entity.

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 19

Whereas, some of the cultural set up of the Turkish society has also affected the Milsoft organizational make up. How is this possible? It has been mentioned earlier that the Islamic views of society has been directly inculcated in the laws and the rules that the business organizations in the said country. Hence, there are some large limitations when it cones to being highly productive because of the many holiday seasons that the Islamic religion celebrates. It is not that religion should not be respected when business is being discussed, however, a balanced view of the effects of the religious belief towards business should always be considered.

Aside form this, the separation of personal and business relationship in the American society is a fine example of creating a professional atmosphere at work. On the other hand, in the Turkish set-up of business hierarchical structure, being too much personal with the colleagues may at times bring personal problems that affect the performance of the business members. It is not that personal relationship is discouraged, as it also helps in creating a fine bond with the business partners, although in some terms, personal relationship could also cause the break down of certain business agreements since the gap between business and friendship could hardly be identified already.


The distribution of global wealth has never been fair, but economic globalization has widened the chasm between rich and poor. True, it appears that some developing countries have benefited from their integration into the global economy. Experts claim

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 20

that during the past ten years, the number of people below the poverty line in India has gone down from 39 percent to 26 percent and that Asia as a whole has seen a similar improvement. One study shows that by 1998, only 15 percent of the East Asian population lived on $1 a day, compared with 27 percent ten years earlier. The global picture, however, is not so rosy.

The vast income divide between rich and poor segregates people and even countries from one another. Not long ago the fortune of the richest man in the United States surpassed the combined net worth of more than 100 million of his fellow Americans. Globalization has also favored the growth of rich multinational companies that have practically taken over the world market for certain products. In 1998, for example, just ten companies controlled 86 percent of the $262-billion telecommunications business. The economic power of these multinationals often exceeds that of governments and, as Amnesty International points out, “human rights and labor rights are not a priority on their agenda.”

Hence, in creating a globally competitive business that would be branched outside the original locality of the business entity, it should always be considered that learning each country’s culture is necessary for establishing fine business relationships with the people being dealt with in business.


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Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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