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Compare Chinese and Western education system

Often hear such a story: Chinese parents with children to play in the park, when the child fell, most parents will choose immediately forward up children, coax him, don’t cry.

Likewise, a question threw foreign parents; most of them will encourage children to stand up for you, and said he really brave. This story is small From this problem can peep out of Chinese and western education differences on children. Now let’s look at how foreign parents education of child.

They advocate and guide the children independence. This independence contains many aspects. In money independence, even multimillionaire parents also won’t give children a penny, but certainly not appear to let their lavish situation, and they hope children can make your own money.

This idea is to cultivate children good financial consciousness; While in emotional independence, they and child relationship is not their relatives, with more friends. Friend talks between won’t have estrangement, there is a generation gap.

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Parents mostly act as a listener and advisors, In the personality independence they most cases are not as “individualism” the executor of parents, they are more willing to listen to your child’s voice, rather than “the dictatorship”. Of course, this is only one aspect of the western children education.

A true and affect their different life after a more critical aspects, like an advertisement of “person” interpretation: original human is in the same horizontal plane, then gap is more and more big. Why would be more and more big? But the gap is also? I think this one is thinking-mode difference.

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Remember someone said such a word, foreigners to study hard in order to graduation, while Chinese to study hard in order to enter university. This has the learning system is different, the teacher education students thinking-mode difference.

Some people have novel and unique creative thinking, so efficiency quicker than anyone else, the effect is better than everybody else. Thinking mode, especially the unique creative way of thinking, have to grab from baby. In children’s education, Chinese using ShuiJiaoShi, namely, what is it that do what you should do, not what you should do and what should be done. As time passes, fostered not brains habit, because everything has oneself strong ‘back-bone’ life. Although err finishs STH, also have reason to vindication: daddy’s mama didn’t tell me, I won’t!

When the child grow to a certain stage, thinking in some extent, has the stereotype, want again to innovation and less than others had a “lively” ah. As the “foundation didn’t play the jail, house also shell” same. Marx once said, “Chinese ancestors was precocious child, and Greek ancestor is normal children”. On children’s education about the lack of thinking, and our ancestors related. In early times of Confucius, when Greek ancestor is fantasy beautiful myth, our ancestors had “mature” rise, have write can let incorrectly can still fabled classic. Of course this is not to say that should abandon our ancestors ahead of his wisdom,

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