The Differences Between Chinese and Western Advertisement


This short article generally speak about the different culture in between Chinese and western, through research study the quality of Chinese and western ad, discusses the distinctions and causes, and draw conclusions from it.

Keyword: Chinese ad, western ad, characteristic , Distinctions in between Chinese and western, Causes.


Marketing activities is not only a type of economic activity, however also a cultural exchange. Advertising culture belongs to subculture of commercial culture, which means it concludes business culture and marketing culture.

What’s more, product is a sort of cultural provider by its own, which means culture be spread out through product so that commodity can through it to reproduce. For marketing culture, it obvious features are appeal, business and epochal characters.

Marketing activities is not just a type of financial activity, but also a cultural exchange. Advertising culture belongs to subculture of industrial culture, which implies it concludes commercial culture and marketing culture. What’s more, commodity is a type of cultural provider by its own, which indicates culture be spread out through product so that commodity can through it to recreate.

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For advertising culture, it apparent features are appeal, industrial and epochal characters.

The characteristic of Chinese Advertising

1. Chinese culture emphasizes the value of home is the center. Advertisers try to make their products link with the “home” to resonate with customers. It reflect in this 4 ways:
1) stress the Honest and Credit
2) stress the mood
3) stress the Family warmth
4) stress the Folklore

2. Chinese culture is a harmonious culture ,it Lay particular stress the Lyric and beneficial, sometimes it will appear some Contradictions and conflicts, but it still have a good ending.

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The Advertisement will show the happiness of share the products with family members and friends .and stress the Individual’s value should into the group’s value. This is the difference between Chinese advertisement and west advertisement

3. Chinese have a strong Pride with its long ongoing history .This pride shows a lot in the Advertisement for example “The craft that hand down for centers”, “The traditional brewing”, “The Precious secret of Antiquity ” and it put the Ancient poetry ,Opera and some other thing with long history into the modern advertisement.

The characteristic of Western Advertising

1. Western culture emphasizes personal values, the pursuit of sensual pleasure and self-worth in the advertising creative on demand. Many American products ads are showing individualistic orientation of this dimension, such as: Just do it. (Nike) ,Fit you well. (Reebok),The heartbeat of America. (Chevrolet) ,Always Coca – Cola. (Coca – Cola).

2. Western culture, good performance contradictions, conflicts, stressed the creative stimulation, extreme form, to highlight the focal point for the creative personality, highlighting the values of individualism, self-expression.Western culture is a confluence made by a variety of national culture. The formation of an open culture. The history of Western culture phenomenon often different ethnic and cultural conflicts. Western culture since the Renaissance, emphasizing the human, cultural personality characteristics that affect Western advertising, shaping personality, unassuming self, the pursuit of individual freedom, personal values and other targets become highlights of Western advertising culture.

3. Western ads often use humor, absurdity,exaggeration, fear and other forms of dissemination of advertising messages. To stimulate,extreme manifestation of contradictions, conflicts,humor,fear,shock the audience’s mind, andthe West usual black humor.Westerners because of their own historical and cultural reasons,the emphasis is on humor,wit and individuality.They advocate the thinking mind and jump.So in their advertising fully reflects this.for example,Australian beer ad is a full use of Western religious culture,depicts two different sects of people menacing advance to the other camp,and eventually even drawn a picture of a giant beer places, magnificent, innovative ideas.American Budweiser, then select a group of ants as an advertising protagonist, giving to the people of this animal ant, in an exaggerated, humorous style of beer to show the real protagonist.

4. Western advertising in the show is a fierce competition of life tone, and advertising on the competitive situation is not such a negative attitude, but stressed the need to deal with them. Fifth.Western advertising often uses fear tactics to persuade people to pay attention to safety, smoking, alcohol, drug. In short, Western advertising presents an open, pluralistic characteristics. They are more willing to focus on their own culture of innovation, especially Americans, they emphasize the concept of rapid change and development。

Differences between Chinese and western advertisement

1、The difference of cultural creativity:
In the respect of cultural creativity, they have obvious differences. For Chinese advertising, it usually express directly and promote products over and over again, which means it likes introducing all the things directly and repeatedly. Therefore, advertising of this type cannot make a great impression to audiences and let the constantly thinking about it.

For western advertising, it has more stories, more plots and more originality. Western television advertising more reflect in story’s type and plot’s type. What’s more, western advertising usually use the form of humor, absurd, exaggeration and fear, in order to spread it. What’s more, they use the form of stimulus and extremity to show the contradiction, they use the form of humor and fear to shock people’s heart, and they also use the form of black humor to attract costumers’ eyes. Advertising shows a life style of the fierce competition, as well as it emphasizes that people should response it positively.

2. the difference of style:

Chinese culture is a conservative culture, which is focus on state, family, and love. Therefore, Chinese advertising culture focus on the milk of human kindness and reflects traditional eastern values. Chinese are good at expressing their feelings directly, and they usually express their mind indirectly. For example, Han is influenced by Confucian scholars, so they are very modest, implicative and conservative.

Western culture is an opening culture, which has powerful expansionary and permeability. western emphasizes individualism which means individual’s personality, the pursuit of self and adventurous spirit. Therefore, people like to show their own personalities.

3. the sense of humors

Chinese Confucian culture emphasizes serious and solemn,so the straight humor has rarely appearances in the advertisement. Moreover, even it appears, it also cannot get word of mouth.

Western more focus on the humorous satire due to their stressful life. Humor is easy to be found in their advertising. Those vivid and humorous stories are very interesting. The function of their products can be advertised thoroughly when people laugh.

4. imagination

Imagination is the source of all creations. The ideas of daring and exaggeration have a high frequency in Western advertising. On the contrary, our domestic advertising creation more use the way of conventional thinking. Traditional culture requires people that their all thought and behavior need to be straight and narrow for thousands of years. Therefore Chinese advertising is lack of imaginations and shows mediocre ideas.


1. Different cultural environments
China is one of the four famous ancient world, has a rich cultural heritage, the foundation of Chinese culture is emotional. Even ordinary beverage bottle also on behalf of the “family reunion” symbol, or when the family reunion will drink beverages. Chinese people are not accustomed to directly express their ideas, rather to express mellowed with euphemistic language.

China such a long history is indeed better than western culture, so in some respects the values ​​even in the view of the world is different. West is more interested in the freedom and excitement. For example, Marlboro cigarette advertising is very classic, represent the kind of spirit of the pursuit of self Westerners.

2 .Different ways of thinking

Way of thinking is an important part of human culture, but also the cohesion of human culture, plays the role of designers and bearers of the culture spread. China focusing on feelings and subtle communication, intuitive thinking, way of thinking is in line with the traditional Chinese culture, but also culturally Chinese audience in the “emotions”, but also received a good advertising effect. Logical thinking is the dominant Western culture’s way of thinking, party advertising directly in the first place when the focus will pass through some logical thinking process, to express their information content in the ad, but this is different from China direct publicity.

3 Different stages of development

After the reform and opening up, China’s advertising really began to develop by leaps and bounds, and Western advertising has gone through a hundred years of history, has accumulated a large number of mature experience. Compared with the past, our advertising really made ​​tremendous progress, but compared with Western countries, there is still a large gap between the objective. At the same time, China has more than 70,000 advertising companies, advertising company which is world-renowned, but dozens of the number is a stark contrast. Many companies short-sighted, profit-oriented, profitable advertising industry have swarmed to see that quantity, small-scale, decentralized power, the lack of professionals in the market torrent want a fight, but can not settle down to get down Research on creativity. Quantity and poor quality, lack of originality, creativity is an important reason for China’s advertising levels do not increase. Admittedly, our current creative level, do not have the ability to compete internationally.

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