Compare and Contrast Lennie and Crooks

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. In the book “Of Mice and Men”, the people in the bunkhouse had their differences and similarities. Crooks and Lennie had their own differences and similarities, Crooks suffered from racism while Lennie didn’t, Crooks was a lonely man while Lennie had George, and both of them were outside of society.

Crooks suffer from racism. He lives alone in his own bunkhouse. Curley’s wife treats him as if he was her slave, one time she entered his room and started denigrating him because of his color.

He also doesn’t go to the “saloon” to play cards or hang out with the other guys.

Lennie has George; they have someone to count on. Tough George sometimes makes fun of Lennie they still know someone is there. On the other hand, Crooks has nobody to rely on. Also, they don’t go further their relationship.

They both remain outside of society. Crooks started being hostile; he wanted to be alone and didn’t let anyone get into his room.

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Lennie is mentally retarded; this is what makes other people make fun of him or he’s unable to do things. At last, they both rest in Crooks's room because they don’t fit in the group of men.

As they weren’t the same they still had their own differences and similarities, which made them get together. Lennie had George but Lennie didn’t fit in the group which made him lonely and that’s one part that brings them together.

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People are not meant to be alone, everyone is meant to have someone in their lives.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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