Community Service Essay

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Community Service

Community Service

Thaakat in Urdu means the quality or state of being strong, someone or something that gives strength, a source of moral and mental power or encouragement. Strength, courage, and validity are all synonyms of Thaakat. Thaakat Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and promote charitable giving. Volunteer work opportunities are offered among students and young professionals while striving for curiosity and care of global society. One of Thaakat Foundations goals is to assist people in needs that are often unnoticed as they live in small communities. Spreading awareness in different communities across the nation. I worked as a volunteer for this group in helping to achieve their goals. The main events I volunteered at were held for charity. Thaakat Foundation held a basketball tournament where a diverse population gathered to play basketball to compete for a prize. The money gathered from individuals who attended the tournament, all went to charity.

My job as a volunteer for this event was to help make it a memorable and successful event for everyone attending. Providing food, safety, assistance, information, and other helpful tasks to make sure everything goes as planned. The community consists of many different types of people. Thaakat Foundation is an open community, non-religious and non-political, where people of different religions, cultures, and nationalities come together for a better cause. Thaakat Foundation has a huge community that is hosted at many different Universities and Colleges throughout the nation. This community is global, where they organize self-sustainable relief projects for underprivileged communities worldwide. The people are very open to new ideas and new members are always welcome. I, myself recently started getting involved and the community were very welcoming. From my experience with Thaakat Foundation I really enjoyed it and look forward to working with them a lot more in the future.

Helping others that are less fortunate is always a good feeling and making a different one step at a time actually makes me feel like I am doing something good in the world. Giving back to the community feels good specially since I have witnessed from my own eyes the poor in other countries and how miserable their lives have been. Our actions and efforts could help better the lives of many families in different less fortunate areas of the world. Working as a group in the community to help others is a wonderful task and good use of your time. The community as a whole benefits from the events and experiences from learning to work with one another and getting to know people from different places in the world. Also, this helps people have a better understanding of all the poverty on earth.

I believe that people take time out of their busy lives and help with community service in order to make the world a better place for future generations. All our lives we take and take but there come times where one should gather him and strive to give back. People feel the need to help other who are less fortunate. People generally take time out of their lives for 3 reasons. One is because they really care and want to help the needy and help make a difference. Another reason why people tend to volunteer for community service is because they are at a point in their life where they have a stable job, financially secure, and capable of giving. Also, people do it for the experience. Helping the world and making a memorable experience doing it. As I helped Thaakat Foundation achieve their goals I wrote a small reflection on my experiences. From the start of my volunteer experience till the end my thoughts have changed. At first I just thought it was a small group of religious students who wanted to help make a difference, but then later I realized that it was more then just a couple students. Thaakat Foundations community is a very widespred community that spreads throughout many Universities and Colleges across America. This memorable experience showed me that everyone could make a difference.

Before working with Thaakat I didn’t think that I could make a difference in any type of community. Later I came to realize that even my slightest efforts could really change the lives of not someone in my community but in one of the less fortunate and commonly ignored communities. The people at Thaakat have done many different types of events to raise money and have been working really hard to make these events possible. There are many different type of communities that have groups like Thaakat Foundation that try to make the world a better place. MIST Chicago is one of these groups but they have a slightly different goal. MIST, the Muslim Inner-Scholastic Tournament, is a workshop type of event where students from a variety of high schools come together to learn.

These students get together from across the nation to learn skills like leadership, communication, and other creative skills all while practicing brotherhood, and gaining a better understanding of Islam. In our community there are many different groups trying to make a different in the world as best as they can, from teaching religion, skills, helping the poor, rasnig money for different causes, and other very helpful things. These groups are all every welcoming and I encourage everyone to go and attend for it is a memorable experience like no other.

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