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If I would have planned the Jamestown colony to ensure a good and prosperous start I would have done a couple of things. I would have sent a couple different kinds of people. Also i would have sent them with certain supplies. First they would have to find the location to settle in. They would start a government. Then they would grow. First of all i would have picked people to send out to start the colony. The first kind of people i would have sent to help start the colony were the people that were smart in trade.

So that they could help train others and they could survive.Also I would have sent the young people so that they could repopulate the colony. Also so that they could learn and help because they would be young and strong and they have a higher immune system. The supplies they would have needed would be only the necessities.

They would have needed a good supply of food until they could grow their own with the seeds that they were sent with.

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Also they would need a plentiful supply of water.Another thing they would need is weapons so that they could protect themselves and the people with them. They might also need some pots and pans and blankets. The pots and pans for cooking and the blankets for warmth at night. The location they would be looking to find would be somewhere not too far from a water source, but it would have to have good soil so that their crops would grow.

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They would not be right next to the water due to the chill and dangers of the water. This way though they could also hunt for fish along with other animals that are around. The type of government that would be placed is like today where there is a leader that is elected by the people every few years.So they would have the freedom to do basically anything they wanted unless it was harmful to themselves or others.The plan of growth would first be to build shelter for the people. Then grow crops. Then finally repopulate and grow.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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