Chris Kyle the American Sniper

Growing up close to god and loving animals Chris Kyle became a very well known as a respective man. Being bestfriends with his father, he was taught how precious life was and to never take it for granite. He was blessed to have the hobbies of hunting and ranching. He loved his country and his family. He also loved helping anybody that needed help. Chris spent most of his years serving as a SEAL. and serving as a husband/father to his wife and two kids.

To honor Chris Kyle there is a movie and many books called American Sniper. “ A master sniper, he has done things that will be talked about for generations.”

“I want you to hold this 600 pound log while the waves hit you!” yelled one of the BUD instructors to the Navy Seals trainee. For what has felt like a never ending day. The seals line up, 6 to a row and sit down next to the log and hold it.

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For fifteen minutes, waves pound against their bodies. The log slipping from the Seals arms. The instructor yells at a man in the back. “Are you ready to give up yet chump?” “No sir!” replied the man who had a serious look on his face. Finally a whistle blew. “Times up! Great work today men, get some rest and be back at it in the morning.” said one of the instructors. For the man in the back didn’t like how he was approached. He had a chip on his shoulder.

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That later turned into one of most memorable Seals to ever live.

On April 8, 1974 in Odessa, Texas. A baby was born with a name given to him as Christopher Scott Kyle. Chris was raised by his parents Wayne and Deby. He also has a little brother named Jeff Kyle. Mr Kyle worked at Southeastern Bell/AT&T. Mrs Kyle worked at a juvenile detention center. The Kyles spent most of their time going to church, hunting, spending time with family and riding horses.

During Chris’s young childhood when he was in elementary school his father’s job had moved them out to a town called Midlothian on a ranch. At the new house, Chris’s eyes opened up on how much he loved animals, guns and hunting. His father would always give him and Jeff lessons on how to use a gun, how it works and the safety it brings to use a gun. Growing up Chris was always a little rascal but he knew that being around guns was never a time to misbehave.

On the ranch, Chris raised steers and heifers. When he became old enough he joined a program called Future Farmers of America. There he learned how to breed and raise healthy livestock. He became very skilled being around his cows and eventually started to compete with them. He won best-groomed cow.

Chris loved being around animals but he grew a passion. And that was rodeo. At sixteen years old Chris started to ride bulls. He was never scared of how dangerous it was. He loved the adrenaline it gave him as the bull would be bouncing around, kicking the stall as it was about time for the gate to open and ride. But when it was time to ride all of his adrenaline would leave his body and anger would fill up as Chris couldn’t stay on a bull for very long. He later switched to saddle bronc riding. Which later he became the best at. He actually fell in love with bronc riding. After highschool he attended Tarleton State University and joined the rodeo team. It didn’t take Chris very long to settle in as he was winning competitions all throughout the state. At the end of Chris’s freshman year a very tragic event happened to him. During his normal routine he hops on the horse and rides till he hears the 8 seconds. But before the buzzer went off the horse had flipped and landed on Chris. It landed so hard on Chris that he was knocked out. After Chris wakes up in the hospital he finds out that he has broken ribs, a broken wrist that had pins sticking out of his skin to hold his wrist together, a dislocated shoulder and he had bruised his lungs and kidney. The doctor said it would take years to recover and after this news Chris’s rodeo career came to an end.

Before and during his accident Chris worked on the ranch. On a 10,000 acre ranch he planted wheat and fed all the cattle. He even trained some horses to help him keep the cows in line. Chris would always say “ Working on the ranch is heaven.” He thought since he dealt with nobody but himself and the animals that it felt like heaven. Chris loved the ranch, but he felt he was missing something in his life. He never could rodeo anymore, he was becoming bored in class, he just wasn’t excited about anything anymore. Before he was forced to have an education Chris had always thought about joining the military.

Chris had decided to leave the ranch and sign to join the military. It wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Having many options like to join the Air Force or be an Army Ranger or did he want to be a Marine. It was hard for him to choose because he didn’t want to join something and not like it. He wanted to be the best at what he was good at and serve his country. Finally the decision was made and he was quickly headed to the Basic Underwater Demolition/Scuba training course to be a Navy Seal. He wanted the challenge after hearing only 10% move on.

Before Chris could even think about being a Seal he had to be examined. They noticed the pins in his wrist and he was denied. Frustrated he tried talking to anyone that could help him get on. Even with his doctor trying to get an excused note. Chris had to look past being a Seal and transferred back into being a rancher. He worked on many ranches in the west and after three years he thought it would be time to head back to Texas and work at his old ranch.

Just before heading back to Texas he received a phone call by a navy recruiter. They wanted Chris back to start training in becoming a Seal! He was quickly headed back over to BUD/S training camp. The camp consisted of 8 weeks of conditioning, 8 weeks of diving and 9 weeks of land warfare. Any wrong turn could get Chris kicked out of the camp even if he doesn’t finish an exercise which is hard with sometimes only getting 4 hours of sleep. After the three stages were over and going through “hell” and back Chris had made it through the training!

During Chris’s tours, he decided to calm down and find a woman to be with. One night at a bar Chris met Taya Studebaker. They fell in love and got married on March 16, 2002 and later had two kids. After their marriage Chris was called on duty. During all of the tours, Chris started to get high blood pressure and post-traumatic stress disorder. When they had their first kid. Chris was never home and was always spending time with his Seal buddies. This put the life of his new marriage on the line. After pushing his family away and always spending his time at the bars, Taya decided to go to marriage counseling with him. It helped a little but it still wasn’t enough for Chris. Even towards the end of his career he wasn’t close with his family. He wanted to spend time with his Seal family. In 2009 Chris met Kyle Bass, a rich fund manager. They agreed on starting their own business called Craft International. Where Chris will serve as a bodyguard. The logo is the famous punisher skull with the red cross in the right eye. Chris was able to move back to Midlothian with his family.

Back when Chris was 35 and he had started one of his final tours in Iraq. At the time it was one of the most dangerous places to be at the time. They were after a very dangerous lethal shooter. Sitting on top of an old building, Chris see’s him through his binoculars. His Seal team thinks he’s joking due to the location he was looking at was 2,100 yards away. But he confirmed it was him and the rest turned to history.

February 2, 2013 Chris and his neighbor Chad Littlefield decided to have some “guy” time. They met up at Chris’s house and they packed up guns and snacks. They were headed over to the gun range just to bond since they were both ex-seals and both had PTSD. Chris was hoping to bond with Chad and get to work out his problems. An hour later something became suspicious. Their session was over and they have not returned back yet. A wilderness guide decided to go check things out and happen to find something very gruesome. There laying face first in the ground covered in blood layed Chris Kyle. A search was set out for Chad. Later the next day Chad was found and arrested after being caught driving Chris’s truck. Nobody knows exactly how everything went down. But Chad is spending his time in jail while the rest grieve over his loss.

Chris Kyle is known as a hero. Setting records for most confirmed kills and the longest shot with a sniper. Some things sound suspicious with Chris being shot by an ex-seal and being in an area with no cameras. Some think this was a set up just to get Chris out of the system for being so high up in his class. Now Chris will go down with fame. Being close with his country and later with his family, he will never be forgotten. As his wife Taya and his two kids will carry on his legacy.

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