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Children and Screen Time

Every parent wants nothing more then their child to succeed. They want their child to develop and learn with out struggle. In this day in age we have access to so many devices that can help contribute to a child’s success. Many will argue that a device such as a I-pad or mobile device will hinder ones learning. I feel the exact opposite will occur, and the child will gain knowledge. Children develop and learn so much at a very young age.

They absorb everything they see and hear. They best learn through touch, sight, and sound. Using a device such as a touch I-pad, or I-phone a child can interact on their level. There are so many Apps available for children of all ages. They will help a child develop at their capability and speed, while learning. I feel they will absorb more knowledge with a educational hands on device rather then TV. Children have to interact and use their brains in order for the App to work.

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Placing a child in front of a TV to just sit and learn, they do not get the same hands on experience. There will be those arguing that placing a phone or tablet in a child’s arms will cause harm. I do not see that being true, in this day in age we use App’s for everything. Rather at the grocery store, banking, or even schools, most teach with touch devices. I feel that helping your child learn with a hands free device, will only help them in the future.

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