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Gillian Clarke – Neighbours
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Gillian Clarke is a Welsh poet whose writing often uses natural and rural settings to explore larger themes and ideas, particularly political ideas. She draws on the Welsh landscape and her experience of sheep-farming on the small-holding where she lives in West Wales. She has been the National Poet in Wales since 2008. The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Russia was the site of a massive explosion in 1986. Radiation from the accident killed people and animals from the local area,…...
The Chernobyl Disaster
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Introduction Industrial accidents can occur at anytime, anywhere in the world which may result in loss of lives or injuries to workers and can cause significant damage to the surroundings. Thousands of employees lose their limbs, vision and their lives each day due to the accidents that happen in industries. (Aswathappa, 2005) Industrial accidents cannot be predicted. Most of these happen as a result of human negligence. Accidents occur if the workers are not properly trained to use the industrial…...
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