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Characteristically, FIFO work involves a roster system in which employees spend a certain number of days away working on-site, after which they return to their families for a set number of days (Storey, 2010). Workers are therefore away from their local communities and families for set periods on a regular, rostered basis.

Current research literature has increasingly identified the damaging impacts of FIFO work arrangements on parenting, families, and individuals. This is often recounted in the research literature as “parenting stress”, “conflict”, and “relationship stresses.

Whether or not these negative consequences of FIFO work arrangements on families are indicative of the existence of higher rates of family and domestic violence in FIFO worker populations is unknown (Govt. of Western Australia Dpt. for child protection & family support-2013).

In the absence of a father, the mothers perform one of the most difficult mother-father tasks, starting early as 5 am and clocking off late in the night just to ensure the house is in-order.

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The mothers are emotionally, physically, and mentally overstress, and require support from their husbands/partners.

The FIFO Workers are not aware of the enormous tasks mothers perform on a daily base. The mothers do not speak up just to prevent them from being kicked out of the house or protect social and cultural values. The FIFO Workers’ wives are living in hell on earth.


Conflicting expectations of FIFO parents (eg. parenting/ household tasks, finances) lead to greater vulnerability to feelings of isolation or depression (2013).

The essence of this paper is to uncover the FIFO Workers “wives” workload, emotional, psychological, physical emptiness, and financial needs while men are at mine-site.

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The FIFO Workers’ wives are living in hell with overload in the effort to ensure their school kids, houses, animals, and visitors are service at the required standard. However, most of the men are not aware of the magnitude of mothers’ tasks due to lack of education.

The rationality of this paper is to educate the FIFO Workers on the tasks wives performed while they are away so that they provide emotional, psychological, and financial support, provide physical closeness and, relief household tasks while field break.

Target Audience

This study particularly focuses on Newcrest FIFO Mine Workers, particularly the male population. Most of these workers are highly skilled labor force, drawing from various parts of Papua New Guinea and overseas. Most of the workforces are highly skilled to perform their tasks and work on the roster with fixed field break days.

Objective (S)

  • Is educate Newcrest Mine Workers to understand the important work mother perform while they are absent from home.
  • Is to educate Newcrest Mine Workers to understand wives financially, emotionally, psychological, and physical support while onsite and on break.
  • Is to create supportive and happy families’ homes for ALL Newcrest Mining Limited Workers.

Implementation Plan

The Newcrest Mining Limited has championed addressing family violence through its brand called Trupela Meri – Trupela Man Program. The slogan of Trupela Meri -Trupela Man is flying the PNG airlines doing significant awareness where it flies. The design of this program supports the clinical aspect of the Trupela Meri – Trupela Man Program, especially educating the workforce.

Delivery Strategies

The program will be institutionalized within the Occupational Health and Safety Department. Following is five strategic roadmaps in which this project will be embarking.

Strategic One: Tool Box Meetings

It’s company policy that every morning, a toolbox is conducted where tasks are delegated to Workers. This is an ideal forum to deliver a very quick brief educational awareness about the 12+ wives’ workload.

Strategic Two: Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are longer than toolbox meetings. The safety meeting forum provides huge potentials to deliver detail educational awareness about the 12+ wives’ workload.

Strategic Three: Pre-Employment Induction Training

The pre-employment training also provides greater opportunities for new employees to learn the company’s effort to care for the family, happy home, and a safe workplace.

Strategic Four: Company Organize Meetings

This program can be easily integrated into the various company’s training and community awareness programs.

Strategic Five: Newcrest Mine FM Station

The FM radio station provides greater opportunity to disseminate the educational messages to project impacts areas so as where the radio frequency reaches.

Who Will Deliver This Training?

Mr. Simon Kange – will train the Healthy Business Performance Officers and Trupela Meri-Trupela Man Advisors and other Officers that the company cogitates necessary.

The program will be institutionalized within the Occupational Health & Safety Department, and the training will be conducted on the job training. Officers will conduct the prevention of domestic violence using the above delivery strategies.

FIFO Worker’s Wives Perform 12+ Overload Stressful Tasks

Many studies indicated that the return to home and departure to work points in the FIFO roster are times of high stress, as couples and families prepared themselves for the impending separation from the FIFO worker in the days leading up to their departure, and subsequently adapting to having the worker home again (CFCA PAPER NO. 19 2014). The subsequent recurrent absence and presence of the worker impacts on family relationships (2009). According to Jill, C, T & Janette G. S. (2009), the impact is felt more by partners with the burden of increased responsibilities and the bulk of adjustments falling on them.

Fathers stepping out creates psychological, emotional, and physical emptiness at home and increase wives 12+ mammoth tasks. Fathers stepping in home, do not realize that mothers are already drained, and fragile due to lack of education about the following 12+ overload FIFO Workers wives tasks.

Food & Kitchen: Mothers’ primarily daily focuses are kids, food, and home. They prepare 2-3 meals. When the cupboard is empty, she runs to the bush gardens, market or store to gather more food. Those mothers living alone the coastline go out fishing. They invest huge energy in the gartering of food just to receive “mom, thank you”, which inspires mothers’ spirits to do best for next meal.

Home-keepers: Mothers call the night off when the house is neat and tidy. They clean up the mess like eating utensils left on the table or living rooms, spilled over foods, ensuring the chicken is clean up, clothes, toys, books, and pencils all over the house and list goes on.

Educators: The mothers are number educators and the greatest influencers of mankind. The mothers teach their children everything that they consider important to the development of their children. Some of the things they teach them are; cooking, housekeeping, personal and social skills, about relationships, problem resolution, feed the animals, water the flower gardens, do dishes, etc.

The mothers class the kids with their home-works like mathematics, reading books with them, reviewing the corrected assignments.

They engage children in modeling programs to develop new social skills like listening, negotiation, compromise, and problem-solving skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Mentors: The mothers are the best counselors of their children. The children experience pain and suffering in different sizes or shapes, they seek their mother’s comfort. If they fail academic papers, bullied, or upset for some reason, they run to their mother’s arm for comfort and support. The mothers raise them up from their feet, mend, and heal their broken spirits. They infuse extra energy into their children’s lives and provide wise guidance.

They discharge them into the world only when they feel assumed otherwise, they provide continuous support until they’re fully recovered from the bad experience. The mothers’ minds and hearts are made of diagnostic magic tools to understand children’s needs.

Health Care Providers: The mothers are first to diagnoses children’s medical illnesses. When kids are down with fever, flu, diarrhea, vomit, or any medical conditions, they provide immediate systematic nursing care to stabilize the condition. The mothers provide significant health care than any medical professional for less monetary reward.

Mediators: The mothers engage in community issues, friends, relatives, kids, or parents. For example: Recently a mine Worker’s child was blamed breaking another man’s car glass. The mother was extremely under pressure to deal with the issues. She attended mediation meetings, pay the damage, and then reprimand the child. Finally, the issue was solved before the father arrives home for a break.

Events Managers: Mothers plan events such birthdays for ALL children, Easter & Christian, New Year celebrations, attending friends’ birthday parties, buying gifts, school events, church activities, mother meetings, and any big events that happen within the community and vacations, etc.

Transporters: The mothers take children to school, health clinics when they are sick, local children’s sports activities, church, local markets, and social or cultural events that are happening within the community.

Laundry: The kids do not care how they sit or what they do on a daily bases. They change two-four times a day. They do not put their used clothes in the right place but throw them anywhere within the house, sometimes outside the lawn. The mothers collect them and keep in the laundry bucket.

The mother plans the right time to do the laundry. Mothers’ eyes are sharps as an eagle on any stain, so they are very detailed in their laundry. After the laundry is down, they fixed them up and put them in right place for use. Even the clean ones, the children without care pull them out from the storage place and it’s all in mess, but mother ensure, the house is always in order.

Accountants: The mothers’ enricher of human lives. They have inbuilt blueprint abilities to enlarge the little things they have. Most FIFO fathers give little money to their wives but mothers manage what is given to ensure the children’s needs are satisfied. They manage the finance, even to the point of teaching their kids how to be good an accountants, ensure they balance the cost store groceries, school activities, clothes, utilities, and other household expenses.

Social Activity Directors: The mothers’ are creative and innovative social animals. They become the kid’s social learning institutions. They are powerful people who have inbuilt blueprint abilities that can produce enjoyable activities. They create fun and enjoyable social world so that they feel good about themselves. The mothers organize fun games, reading bible stories, storytelling, cooking, dart game, take them to the pool, etc.

Influencers: The mothers directly influence the world we live in, ensure children are a drill with socially acceptable behavior before discharging into the open world, to achieve this, it takes 18-20 years because it takes such a period to become a man. They guide their children to develop a character, integrity, and compassion or children of deceit, selfishness, and indifference without any single complaint

12+Mothers: In-fact mothers are the greatest teachers, counselors, physicians, and all works of professionals. The mothers are the heroes of all time. They are world changers, powerful influencers, and their spirit lives forever in all their children. They’re heroes of heroes. So, let’s say, “thank you, mothers”.


The FIFO Workers’ wives tasks are underrated yet highly stressful. Implementation of this project will educate FIFO Workers to support their families thus achieve happy and fun family life.

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