Embracing Challenges: Pursuing University Degree for Success

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I do understand that the challenges I would have to face in university will be significantly greater than those I have already faced, and conquered, in high school. Nevertheless, with my goal-oriented nature and my ability to flex myself to meet any difficulties, I look forward to work towards a university degree, which could advance my future success and help me reinvigorate my drive to excel, which I value highly.

In addition to scholastic studies, I have had various work experiences.

These were a valuable insight into my choice of degree and instilled in me the desire to be a part of this field. Initially it was my father's jewellery business that enthralled me and provided a platform from which to enhance my knowledge about the business world and its complex working. This is where I was responsible for the packaging department and also handled part of the finances both these jobs although may be quite dissimilar to each but they both equally require a high level of concentration and attentiveness.

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Later on, during my summer break, I got a chance to work with few of Dubai's most famous event managers, whom I assisted in organizing summer camps and various live events. Assisting them was an invaluable learning curve as it made me realizes that in any organization one is required to start from a lower level of hierarchy, thus I am wholly prepared to, with my sheer determination and willingness to work hard make my way up the chain of command.

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I also am a firm believer that in order to succeed it is vastly vital for an individual to possess a moderately high degree of communication skills. I plan to progress on my own by ensuring that I enthusiastically take part in any presentations or group works.

My learning experience took a new path when I was chosen as a 'deputy head boy' in school. The authority, chance to be creative, innovative, my suggestions being acted upon, the sense of belonging was defiantly an immense motivator. Our school also gave us, the students, an opportunity to organize a Charity Event where I actively contributed by taking charge of the promotional campaign and the collection of funds. This position broadened my abilities to organize both my co-workers and myself, and also improved my interpersonal skills. I relished the sense of productivity and usefulness I gained from this vocation, and feel it provided numerous insights.

Apart from my work and study, I hold strong interests in sports and creative activities. I have been an active participant in various sports such as Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Swimming. However, I believe to be more satisfied by bringing out my creative ideas in the form of Paintings, Clay modeling, acting in Plays and designing Web Sites. Music and reading also form an integral part of my interests.

It could be quite realistic to believe that friends and family are an integral part of the development of an entity, without their support life is unimaginable. My dad is a particular personality who I proudly look up to, his, sincerity, honesty, passion and obsession towards work, still makes me wonder that there still are those who demand perfection. He's taught me the importance of carefully dividing time between work and leisure and how essential it is never to give p either of them.

His guidelines have made me a far more stronger person who readily acknowledge that "WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GETS GOING" I thrive to persist with one of my principles that there is always endless room for improvement; I hope that I would be able to gain the maximum from this course and be able to broaden my horizons.

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Embracing Challenges: Pursuing University Degree for Success
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