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Program from UK

I was persuaded by my friend to join him for a degree program from UK. He picturized a rosy picture about the prospects of studying in UK and illustrated the charms of living in a traditional UK. He stressed more on sentimentality rather than concrete arguments. He asked to image the beautiful vales of and traditional outlook of UK. His main captivating argument was that UK degree is world-renowned and is of high quality. He further asked me to that we can move to whole Europe in vacation that could be a life-time opportunity.

So his persuasion was not effective and to the point. This persuasion was unable to grab my attention as I was looking after post-study prospects rather than the charms of student life. His persuasion could have been better if he could have known my interests and concerns i. e. he could have provided me more details about level employability for UK graduates. Further more he stress was on high quality but not on costs involved. It would be good if he could have provided me with a comparative analysis of U. S. and UK costs.

I watch Martin King Luther’s I have a dream speech. Although King did not move the body much but it was his facial expression and vicissitudes of his hands that produce a visual persuasive effect in his speech, for example his facial expression when he says, “All men are created equal—I have a dream”. A writer can move the readers and persuade them by writing logically those appeals the mental faculties as well as the feelings.

His message must be direct, clear and arguments must be supported by facts and evidences. King’s word choice is appropriate as he does not use lofty language and heavy adjectives. His speech in an emotional appeal that is based on logic. The style and personality of King lends it credibility. His speech is persuasive as he mingles emotional appeal with logic. He quickly builds rapport and captivates audience’s attention.

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