Chapter Three: Three Months Later

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It's been three months since I have come to Ogygia. I have learnt the basic routine: wake up in the morning at seven, freshen up and go for breakfast till 8:30. At 9:00 we go to any of the three arenas to go for training for an hour. From 10:30 we learn how to scout and track. This course is also for an hour.

From 12:00, we go to the other arenas we haven't gone for training (each arena specializes on different methods of fighting: melee, magic, long-range.

) After the training is done. We can go have lunch. Lunch ends at 13:00 (or 3:00 PM.) After lunch, we can rest, or do anything we like, till 20:00 (I have become used to, to the Twenty-four hour clock system.) once it hits 20:00, we go for another scout and track course. After an hour, we can go to sleep.

All these courses are set by the dorm prefects.

Every week, on a Saturday, we have a skills test and a written test.

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These tests are just to see our weak points and strong points. On the last day of the month, we have the exams where they grade us on our performance. I got grade A- on sword fighting, plain B on spear and axe wielding. I got grade D on magic usage and I got a grade F on archery (don't blame me, I am not the best in everything.) Grade B in scouting and another F on tracking.

I also learnt the names of most monsters and pictured how they looked like.

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They were kinds of monsters, it was so hard to memorize them, but with time I got it all in.

Over the past three months, I had been spending most of my free time with Kyle, Bansi (who is a very good magician), Ivy and Felix. Of course I talked to other guys but we weren't that close. The worst moments was spending time with my room-mates. We had a lot to talk about, but yet nothing to talk about. It was always awkward.

Where ever I go, I will find pranksters. In Ogygia they were the Reed brothers; Brendan Reed, Thomas Reed, Edward Reed and Albert Reed. They were quadruplets. All of them were heroes of Hermes. They did have a younger sister, Alexis Reed, who warned the yet-to-be victims of their pranks. I was a victim too. The Reed brothers sneaked into my dorm and kept a mouse trap in my packet of crisps and they somehow managed to seal the packet again. I kept my hand in it and bam' the mousetrap found its prey. I knew what the underworld felt like when spending time with the Reed Brothers.

What's worse than the Underworld? Tartarus. What's worse than the Reed Brothers? Jessica Brown. She was a hero chosen by Ares. What makes her worse than four brothers? Her strength. She is so strong that she can lift a big boulder with her bare hands. She has red hair and a scar on her that was said to come from the claws of the Nemean Lion. She had a burn on her chest which came from the Hydra. She didn't kill any of the monsters but did some heavy damage.

She was so proud of herself. That pride turned her to a bully. Two weeks earlier she met me and she started bragging about her strength. To prove her worth, she lifted me like a pebble and threw me like a Frisbee. I had to spend three days on the hospital because I face-planted on the workshop wall. She literally threw me fifty feet away.

I was relaxing on the hill-top, which was officially my favourite place in Ogygia. The temperature was dropping, which sucked because I hate cold weathers. On the distance I saw someone approach. It was Kyle. He had grown so much in the past three months. His muscles were bigger, he was two inches taller and he shaded his hair green. He was more skilled with a sword and lance too.

From the base of the hill he shouted, Chiron is calling you.

Why? I asked.

I think it's something important. Now hurry and don't ask questions. Oh, also get Bansi. Chiron called her too.

Okay. Go tell Chiron, I am coming. I will get Bansi.

Okay, see you in the headquarters.

I set off to the Iris dormitory to get Bansi. I knocked the door thrice and Serena Night answered. She's the Iris dormitory prefect and was just indescribable. She stared at me for some time and I realized I hadn't spoken yet.

I'm here to get Bansi, Chiron is calling us. I said.

Well I'm sorry but you're late. Serena said. Bansi went with Ivy to the headquarters. I think you will met her there. Now let me be. I have a lot of work to do. I'm in charge of the week's events. Bye.

She shut the door and left me hanging for a minute. I considered that as a rude action but I do understand the stress these prefects have. They have to have to come up with new ideas to train the heroes.

Without wasting another minute, I headed towards the headquarters. I entered the headquarters and I saw Kyle, Ivy and Bansi waiting for me.

Now that we are all here, I would like to talk to each of you for a minute if you allow.

Of course sir. We can never refuse you. Ivy said with respect.

That's nice to hear. Now I will talk to each, alone, because your god parents have entrusted me to give you gifts that they sent. Kyle I would like to start with you. Would you come inside?

Yes sir. Kyle replied.

And they went to the room for five minutes or so. Kyle came back out, looking no different, and that is when I noticed something. The green shades of his hair Ivy had brown shades they had the same pattern of hair colours. I didn't want to say anything.

Ivy, Chiron want to see you next. Kyle stated with a small smile on his face.

Okay. Ivy replied with a smile too.

She went in and she also took about five minutes to get out. Ivy got out with a brand new bow. It was mate of iron with hints of gold and diamond. It had a curve at the edges and was pointy in the middle. Ivy had a bigger smile as she came out. At this point I was pretty sure that they were having the same hair pattern.

Bansi, you're next. Ivy said without the smile fading.

That's nice. She said while looking at me. I knew what she meant. I literally have waited for fifteen minutes the gift from Hemera better be worth the wait.

She too went in for another five minutes. Waiting for fifteen minutes isn't my thing. I was so bored I was busy wondering what's for dinner. Bansi came back out with a golden bracelet in her right hand, a silver bracelet in her left hand and a glowing rainbow circlet around her head.

Who's the princess? Ivy asked excitedly

I am. Bansi replied even more excitedly. She was so excited, she started jumping on her spot. Finally she stopped and after a moment she said, You are the last one, Dhairya, go in.

Finally, it's my turn. I said tiredly. I have literally never been so bored. Just for your information, there are six hundred and forty-two tiles in this room.

I know. Kyle said. There are one thousand true hundred and sixty eight tiles in the inner room.

What the Hades, when did you- Ivy couldn't complete her statement.

Please don't ask, I was so, so bored. Embarrassed, Kyle sat down like a toddler.

Okay guys, see you in a bit. I said before entering in here.

I will finally discover if the waiting was worth the gift.

Going in the room reminded me of my first day here. That was the only time I'd been in this room before today. Chiron didn't allow anyone to enter this room without his permission. Chiron was in the end of the room with a chair in front of him. I would never get used to, looking at Chiron like that. He was always looking strong and proud.

Sit in front of me son. Chiron said without emotion. I bare some news that wouldn't enjoy.

I am prepared for the news. I lied.

You, son have no physical gift from Hemera, instead I have a message to deliver.

Seriously, I spent fifteen minutes outside waiting for a message. I burst out. Are you serious?

Yes son. Hemera has no gift, instead she wants you to go on your first quest. She told me it's time for you to start completing your destiny. This quest is just going to be the start of you fulfilling your destiny. Many quests still await you. Now son, will you accept to choose the path of your destiny.

It's not worth it. I thought out too loud.

I am sorry, I didn't catch your words. Chiron said politely.

Now that I spoke it out, I had no shame of hiding what I felt. Waiting for the gift was not worth it because there is no gift. I am not trying to sound greedy, but if I am, I am sorry. And for just for your information, I am going to take this quest and make Hemera feel guilty for not giving me a gift.

Chiron's looked surprised. Seeing your teacher getting surprised in front of you is an achievement on its own.

You will go? Chiron asked for the first time looking unsure what the answer is going to be. I didn't expect you to be so different from the others. First you surprised me when you said it was Hemera who chose you; now you surprise me, when you will actually go to a quest without a gift. I guess my days to get surprised are catching up with me.

I usually like letting people down, I crush their expectations, be the hero and boom, they like me. That's how I win in most situations.

Son, you are filled with mystery, I am really curious what Hemera sees in you. Whatever she sees, I bet she knows how worthy you are.

Thank you sir, hearing a compliment from you really feels awesome.

You're welcome child. Now head to the cave at the edge of the island, which is where you will find the oracle. She will give you a prophecy. You will have to encrypt its secret meaning. Now off you be.

I bowed and left the room. As soon as I crossed the door, the three of them started storming me with the same question; what gift I got from Hemera.

Well, I got a gift which I'm pretty sure none of you have. I left them in suspense just to crush their hopes. I want you guys to guess.

The ability to use a bow. Bansi teased.

Or the ability to shape-shift Kyle added.

Or using Drift. Ivy included.

None of the above. I said, preparing to crush all their guesses. And Ivy you'll tell me later what the hell Drift is.

Say it already. Bansi said as she was losing her patience.

I got a message and it sucks. I admitted. I have no gift from Hemera other than a message.

Oh, that's sad. Ivy said.

Yeah. Both Kyle and Bansi agreed.

Ivy came closer to hug me. Usually I would reject a hug because I am not a hugger but this time, I didn't resist. I don't know how Ivy does it, but her hugs are so comfortable. I forgot all my sad and angry memories, like I never had any, which left me with only happy memories. I felt refreshed.

I pulled out from the hug before it looked weird. I realized that there were two witnesses of the hug between me and Ivy. I blushed. I was trying to start a conversation so that I reduce the level of awkwardness.

Umm, I was told to go to the cave and meet the oracle to get my prophecy. I said as I really needed help on that case. Any tips from you guys?

I have no idea what to do. Bansi said. Never been in there before.

Same here, I have only been in quests, not in the cave itself. Kyle said.

I think I know. Ivy said. I've been in there thrice. You want to sound brave and stand your ground. Refuse to give any offering and get out of the cave as soon as you get your prophecy.

Thanks. I'll keep all that in mind. I said.

We all walked out of the Headquarters and I headed for the cave.

Updated: Dec 23, 2020
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