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Changes in Temperature of Earth Surface: Global Warming

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Essay, Pages 2 (440 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (440 words)

Basically the global warming is extreme change in earth temperature. In winter season, it is too cold and in summer season weather is too hot. Earth includes both aquatic environment and land surface. This increase and decrease in temperature causes many problems for all living organisms which live in plannet earthinclude animals, plants, micro organisms and human beings.

Threats of Global Warming

Global warming is extreme change of temperature. One of main cause of global warming is increase in Greenhouse effect.

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Carbon dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane etc are green house gases. The concentration of these gases has increased in atmosphere in last few decades. These gases soak all the heat of air and thus increases the atmosphere temperature. This phenomena of increase in atmosphere temperature is called green house effect. This greenhouse effect is present in nature and it keeps the environmrnt warm and makes it suitable for living things.Gases like chloroflouro carbon and carbon dioxide present in air traps sun energy.

These gases saturate flouro carbons present in airand increases atmosphere temperature. Thes flouro carbons are emmited by feon gas used in refrigerator and air conditioned, other gas is ammonia chloride used in cold storage. These green house gases increases earth temperature and level of ocean become high due to melting of ice and glaciers as a result aquatic life also disturbs. Another effect of greenhouse gases is that it makes a hole in ozone layer.Ozone is a protective layer of oxygen which prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth surface.

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Through these holes ultraviolet rays enter the earth and increases earth temperature, ice pole will started melting and sea levels increases. The increase level of water may submerge some important islands and coastal regions. Beside all this ultraviolet rays harms human beings and animals living in this plannet earth.Green house effect is a great threat to humanity. Different countries has passed laws against use of hydrofluoric carbons.


Global warming can be controlled by following ways.

  1. PLANTATION OF TRES. By planting of trees and cultivation of forest decrease the greenhouse effect.
  2. DECREASE THE USE OF CHEMICALS. Use of hazardous chemicals cause gerrnhouse effect. Laws has been made to stop the use of dangerous chemicals.
  3. USE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Vehicles of all types light and heavy produce smoke which leads to air pollution and increase temperature.By using public transport problem of pollution and temperature increase can be controlled.
  4. STOP EXCESSIVE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS.. Lot of energy is produced by burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity and power resources.Replacing these old fuel by solar energy can change the situation and global warming decreases

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