Change Management and Strategic Leadership


APL is the one of the world’s leading shipping company and it covers the all features of global container transportation. The age of APL is over 170 years and it takes care the plan of ocean transportation. It provides the quality service all over the world to its customers based on their experience and knowledge. Establish as agent in 1996 with 20 employees in Myanmar and now there will be 52 employees after part of CMA CGM Group.

HRM on achieving strategic goals

Human resource management (HRM) is one of the procedures of training, appraising and acquiring employees to succeed the strategic goals.

The intention of strategic human resource management is fitting the development plan for organization’s value. The strategic goals are related with effective management of people in organization as innovation, business performance improvement and competitive advantages. The strategic human resource management (SHRM) is not only the purpose to fit the development plan for organization’s value but also the function for alignment between HRM and strategic goals of the organization.

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HRM must perform a strategic partner as a critical role once strategic goals are implemented and formulated. (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014)

Role of Human Capital

Human capital is the one of the essential roots of economic development for every organization. It is a foundation not only to improve for productivity but also to improve for the technology advancement. Generally, the rate of progress in human capital is the main difference between the developed and developing countries. Human capital is defined as the skills, training, and health obtained from job training and education.

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(Saif, 2018)

HR Process

The HR department from APL Myanmar focus in the effectiveness of human resources planning that includes hiring the right person in right place, development plan, review and monitor the talent management to become the skillful employee by aiming to achieve the organization’s goal and objectives. The below facts are the main HR procedures of APL Myanmar.

  • The procedure of recruiting employees – By choosing the right person in right position
  • The procedure of implementing employees – By integrating the organization’s structure, evaluation and position
  • The procedure of remunerating employees – By focusing mainly categorized to fix and variable remuneration
  • The procedure of developing plan for employees – By providing the management retreat program, training and securing the talent employee
  • The procedure of maintaining employees – By reviewing and supporting the employee’s requirement not to lose the talent people
  • The procedure of monitoring employee – By measuring and appraising of organization’s objective and goals by experts
  • The HR process must be constantly monitored, and changes can occur from time to time. (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014)

Difference in human resource management and personnel management process

There are so many differences among personnel management (PM) and human resource management (HRM). In APL Myanmar, HR team is managing the resources of human specifically with modernization in an organization as encouragement, development, attainment to maintain the human resources. Personnel management concentrates to communicate between the employee and organization and it focuses on dealing with the employees within the organization; however, the attention of HRM to apply the human resources of the organization with the possible greatest way. (, n.d.)

As an example, APL Myanmar is applying the HRM not only to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals but also to improve more trust and transparency between organization and employee. Besides, APL Myanmar HR team hold the yearly performance appraisal to review the employee’s development and employee can also has a chance to discuss their feedbacks, difficulties and requirement as face to face meeting with their head of department. Its supports not only HR department but also head of development to get more good relation, to set up the development plan and to record the improvement of employees.

Benefits of alignment between HR strategies and APL organizational objectives

APL Myanmar’s organization emphasize on employee

  • To reduce CO2 from vessels for environment safety
  • To support excellence service to customer by listening the requirement of customers closely
  • To carry and care the customer’s cargo from end to end
  • To distribute an outstanding experience of customers to our customers

The HR strategies of APL Myanmar is offering the most creative and proper solution to customer in transportation industry (sea, land and logistics sectors) for organization development and opportunities.

APL Myanmar purpose to improve and support employees to innovate and take action as professional when provide the service to customers. Therefore, APL Myanmar offers and creates the career opportunities for newcomers, appreciation, development plan, training and rewards are recognized as organization key strategies for employment retainment.

Strengths and Weaknesses (Self-Assessment)

After self-assessment by using Five Minute Personality Test, I am focusing to share the experience plus knowledge and make a development plan for team members. For me, I always plan first before I discuss with team members to set up the goals and objectives. On the track to the business’s achievement, I not only encourage by myself but also motivate people whenever facing the problems and difficulties. As additional, I still need to improve to control the people more effectively and should try to be extrovert when I communicate with people.

My leadership style is nearly the same with democratic leadership, I always prefer to create the healthy working environment by sharing and supporting each other and apply the open-door communication policy to listen the new ideas and review the feedbacks upon my decision to innovate the new goals and objectives. Respect is important for everywhere thus I value the hard working and give the authority to make the decision based on the position to get more self-confidence. As leaders should train people to become a future leader to avoid the generation gap for organization development, I am more preferring to train the people who has desire to learn the new things even the fresh graduate level.

Personal Goals and Objectives

My personal goal is to become Human Recourses Director in current company in next 3 years and have some below tips to improve for my personal development beside my own progress after at least six months.

I have a plan to set up the goals and plan for human resource development in organization after I reviewed and tested with some of the famous tools and analysis such as SWOT, personality test and so on. There are various kinds of analysis to collect the data and information in order to achieve the sustainable competitive advantages in organization. Besides, organizing and motivating people are also important to be a leader according to the planning and delivery skills.

Every leader has follower and people cannot be a leader if there are no followers. Thus, I am trying to develop my human resource management skill, persuasion and influencing skills and be a good listener and so on which are required not only to coordinate with people in working environment but also to lead the people in organization.

Current Legislation including equality and information issue (In UK and Myanmar)

For every employee, there is employment law declared by the ministry of labor to protect the employee’s right legally and equally. Thus, human resource management ensures that the organizations must follow the employment laws and organizations for the organization success.

In UK, the government is not allowed to discriminate on age, disabled person, gender, personal status, race, religion for employee. (GOV.UK, 2013). As additional, the data of employee’s and the privacy records are protected legally. (GOV.UK, n.d.).

In Myanmar, the employment laws are obsolete and there are many pending to review the draft laws in several steps of the enactment (legislative) progress with the Government. (Jason Judd, Janet C. Checkley and Christopher LandKazlauskas, 2017). Even though the government intends to get the opportunities equally in employment for all residents, there are still facing some gaps in discrimination, gender, age and so on. (GOV.UK, n.d.).

Regarding the labor laws in Myanmar, there are including working hours, minimum wages, employment laws and the settlement of dispute law. Thus, organization HR requires applying the regulations of recruiting, firing, benefits of employee, salary and so on announced by ministry of labor. If there are unable to follow the existing laws and regulation of employment by every organization, the authority can act not only to pay the penalties and fines but also to take the organization under blacklist. As additional, organization HR should have the employee handbook by showing the agreement between employee and organization, organization’s policies to aware the employee’s rules and regulations to avoid the dissension in working environment.

Impact of differing structures and cultures

Tall organization structure as a long chain of authority and control as military structure and there is require high hierarchies in large and complex organization frequently. It supports to clarify the management control and allow for close supervision of employees. But there are challenges since the structure is too long for communication and decision-making process. (Griffin, 2019)

There is only require fewer management levels in flat organization structure since each layer controls group or large area and its effort on authorizing employee rather than maintain a command chain. Flat organizations provide opportunities for their achievement with organization vision and its simple and able to familiar the change process. In the flat organization, the decision making can be faster, but managers may face more stress and workload. (Griffin, 2019)

Suitable HRM Performance Indicator

APL Myanmar applied the surveys forms about employee’s satisfaction as indicator for retaining and develop the healthy working environment and employee’s work life balance. Employees need to provide their feedback to HR department every six months to aware the employees’ needs and requirement and create more happiness in working employee to achieve of HRM of APL.

APL Myanmar HR team indicates their achievement of retaining talents in organization by using the attrition rate and it supports to identify the advantages the retention of internal promotion and improvement of business performance. Moreover, APL can evaluate how many percentages of employees promoted by all of employees for the whole year. (Jessee, n.d.)

APL Myanmar makes 6 years HRM plan for the long-term business sustainability as hiring, development plan, training, rewards and recognition program, retention and performance appraisal.


  •  The hiring process will be started in mid of 2020
  • Plan to hire experts for the higher positions from abroad by co-operating with head office HR team when using the job application website for the supervisor positions
  • Make an internship program for fresh graduate’s people to hire the suitable position if they are outstanding

Training and development

Set up the internal system to learn the courses for improvement of knowledge, team building and leadership skill

  •  Provide the relevant training from external if required
  • Create sharing and learning section within organization to distribute and share each other as experience and knowledge
  • These facts support to achieve the objective of HRM and to fill up the leadership skill and managerial positions to improve in working environment (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014)

 Retention and Reward

  • Retention is the main concern of APL thus APL supports annual bonus, training program, incentive, rewards plan, promotion and mobility program.
  • Plan to send the potential employees to be training at abroad and employee exchange program with other countries
  • APL expects that these factors can support to control the employee turnover rate in organization.


  • APL is operating to implement a common communication business plan to listen the voice of employee for improvement of performance and conflicts
  • The ideas, goals, objectives and plans of organization are distributed to all employee (from top to bottom) by email and memos.

Performance Management

  • Yearly performance 360° appraisal holds between head of department and team as one by one discussion
  • The discussion data of performance appraisal is automatically saved in the internal system.
  • Consider for salary adjustment, promotion and rewards based on feedback of employees whether they meet KPI
  • Find the solution for employee who couldn’t meet KPI for their improvement


Evaluation of the plan

APL is highly specialized in hiring and recruiting the qualified people to choose the right person into the right place and provide the job training to know about organization for new recruiters. The management should apply the more communication plans to support and manage employee’s emotions and requirements. As a result, employee will be loyalty and trust to the organization and their productivity and efficiency will be more improved. Therefore, there will be achievement in organization’s strategic goals.

APL would support the appreciation and recognition programs of employee such as quarterly incentives, year-end bonus and performance bonus as the retention and engagement of employee plan in organization.

 Best Fit Between Employees and Jobs

HRM applies the method of direct and indirect in accessing of employee job fit at APL Myanmar. HRM collects the data and information who are potential and committed employees in organization and suitable with the organization culture to more get satisfaction in jobs. In the first stage of interviews, HRM applies the structured interviews and the assessment of job knowledge skill to decide the right candidates for organizational positions.

Mostly, APL applies the personality test and ability and competency test for management vacancies and other essential factors which are included the education level and the result of criminal history and the reference letter from current employers. (DOMS B. , 2012)

The capacity management of APL Myanmar

In shipping Industry, the capacity management is a point to provide the customers need and requirement as space, containers roll over at transshipment ports and supply change process. Thus, shipping line necessary to find the stability ocean freight and build up the big ships to move the cargo even in the peak seasons.

Customer fulfilment Strategies of APL

Not only for shipping industry but also for other organization, customer service is the main faction for all operation processes. In APL Myanmar, customer service section takes a first line of contact with customers and they always take a prompt action to fulfill the customer’s requirement. If there is any failure for customer’s requirement from customer service, there may be additional cost for operation process. Thus, APL is distributing the new system for their documentation, new shipment booking submission as 24/7 service and provide the confirm data within two hours via system so they could use this system wherever there is internet. Besides, the system automictically send if there is any changes of their shipment arrival, departure and mother vessel on time and provide the value-added service to customer as cargo/container’s serenity.

Assessment of CRM for APL Myanmar

In order to maintain and create the relationship with customer efficiently, customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the important methods for APL. It supports not only for organization but also for personal bounding among people and it helps to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Thus, CRM or customer service relation management is the important strategy to manage the relation and communication between customers and organization.


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