Celebrity Plastic Surgery Addicts

Cosmetic surgery can broadly be specified basing upon two major neighborhoods. The first one is the reconstructive type whose sole purpose is to bring back the originality to various body parts that have been harmed either through injury or illness. The second type is the plastic surgery which is performed with an aim of enhancing or enhancing body part appearances which before the surgical treatment were functioning typically.

Cosmetic surgery dependency is a mental condition where a person thinks he/she can attain best physical appearance by carrying out plastic surgeries.

Most of the Celebrities in the world suffer form this addiction they consist of actors, and musicians. They think by carrying out surgical procedures they will accomplish their adored appearances.

Plastic surgery go back to 700BC where Indians were using skin grafts to perform reconstructive works. The Romans would fix broken body parts from around first century BC by utilizing simple repair skin strategies. In 1792 a lip operative procedure was performed by a doctor called Chopart utilizing a flap from the neck.

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Even more, in 1814, a British military officer was run on to bring back a nose that he had lost after a mercury contamination. In the USA, Dr John Mattauer carried out the very first cleft operation. However credits goes to Sir Harold Gillies who developed the techniques used in modern-day cosmetic surgery when he was dealing with facial injuries incurred throughout First World War. (Kristie, 2008).

Research study inspiration.

The majority of stars are increasingly looking for plastic surgical treatment today than ever previously.

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This remains in spite of the many botched surgical treatments that have been carried out to others before them and have actually had damaging results.

It is from the above that the research study is needed to identify the driving aspects and convictions to perform these plastic surgeries. It is also intended to notify whether they understand the consequences of them and the threats involved.

Executive summary.

This research paper highlights concerns on star cosmetic surgery practices. It assesses what encourages them to perform them, the possible results both favorable and unfavorable and highlights the threats they ought to think about prior to enjoying the exact same.

Research objectives

The objectives of this research are:

• To determine the major motivational factors that make the celebrities to seek plastic surgeries.

• To determine the major forms of plastic surgeries performed on them.

• To investigate the risks involved, analyze and evaluate them.

• To investigate the after effects of plastic surgeries on celebrities

Description of Research

 In the recent past, plastic surgery popularity has been on the rise leading to a people’s change of attitude towards it. The field of cosmetic surgery has seen a significant growth in technological advancements that have made it easier to perform even to the most delicate parts of the bodies such as eyelids

Motivating factors

The decision to undergo a plastic surgery is purely personal. However, its driven by a combination of physical, social or emotional factors. Several factors can be cited as the main motivators to celebrities who want to seek plastic surgeries.

The first motivation factor is an urge to rectify disharmony between ones body parts. For example, a celebrity may feel the nose is not proportional to the facial appearance. He/she may apply to have it modified to conform to the facial appearance. To most of the celebrity ladies, they seek to have their breast modified either through enlarging or reducing the size of the breast to fit the proportion of other body parts.

In addition, some celebrities may feel that they do not possess the physical qualities of their gender. This forces them to undergo surgery to shed off these unfavorable qualities such as baldness in women by having artificial hair attached to them. (Kristie, 2008)

To slow the ageing process, celebrities perform plastic surgeries on their skins to prevent it from peeling off and wrinkling. This has contributed and motivated most celebrities to perform the surgery to shed off the unwanted appearance on most of their body parts like, face, nose, neck and other parts that are prevalent to wrinkles.

A psychological motivation factor can also be cited. Most of the celebrities perform plastic surgeries to enhance and boost their self confidence. Some may feel naturally unproportional or ugly. They can also be hurt by negative comments directed towards them either by their fans or their immediate family, friends and spouses discrediting their looks. To pass over from this feeling, they undergo plastic surgery with an aim of achieving the perceived ideal celebrity.

Celebrities also undergo plastic surgeries also to dissociate from certain social and cultural identities in order for them to succeed. For example a black celebrity may perform a skin color tone operation to become white in order to succeed in race sensitive countries.

Another motivating factor is an urge to correct deformities inflicted on a celebrity either through injuries arising from accidents or  complications brought about by diseases such as skin cancers, lip cancer and breast cancer. Such diseases are known to have very detrimental alterations on the part of the body they affect. For example, the may leave large scuds or uneven skin textures. To correct this, a plastic surgery is necessitated.

Advancement in career objectives also leads to celebrity plastic surgery. For example, ladies who want to venture into modeling business, do under go surgery to shed off much weight and shape their bodies to conform to the modeling competition requirements.

In addition, earlier celebrities have set standards in various careers which they upcoming celebrities often struggle to conform with. For example actor and the actress of the yester years set a precedent that to become successful one must at all cost struggle to remain young. This has led to many celebrities taking skin surgeries to avoid ageing. (Erving, 2006)

Effects of plastic surgery to celebrities

The main goal of performing a plastic surgery is to achieve the desired and targeted results, be either physical or psychological. Normally, people seeking plastic surgeries often reflect on the successes of it and the positive impact it will have on their lives. If the surgery turns out to be successful, it boosts the celebrities self confidence and hence increase their morale. Their capacities to perform various roles in their careers such as modeling and music are also increased. However there are several set backs that can be attributed to plastic surgeries. This includes the large amount of finances involved. Some of these procedures require huge investments to perform. For example, breast implant are too expensive and celebrities who are not well established financially and with the sole conviction of performing them end up taking up huge sums of money as loans which they may not have an idea of how to pay. The larger amounts involved often weakens the celebrities financially.

Physical scars can be inflicted on the celebrities in form of bruises and painful scars after operations.

Various health issues can also arise after these operations. For example, the skin can start peeling off or the body can reject the foreign part implanted. The celebrities get infection from this operations leading to an endless such for medication afterwards. For example, Leslie Ash had a lips implant which was rejected by her body and became allergic to her leading to swollen lips. These post operation ailments leads to a celebrity incurring more costs in an effort to treat them.

In other cases celebrities often perform corrective operations trying to rectify the mistakes of the first one. For example, Mike Jackson had a facial plastic surgery which did not succeed in the first operation for he had the nose misaligned on the face leading to its looseness and subsequently he has undergone several collective operations.

The desired income may not be achieved after the operation, this dishearten the celebrity. For example an operation on the skin can lead to tight skin, cleft lips or peeling skins. Normally the skin becomes uneven leading to unconformity to the other body part. It may either become too tight or loose thus impends the celebrities’ performance of natural activities like smiling.

Failed operations lead to psychological traumas on the side of the celebrities as they try to come to terms with it. This psychological problem may lead to a down turn to their careers and an immergence of mental disorders.

The immediate family members and friends are also affected by these operations especially the children. They may not recognize their parents after undergoing a complete facial make over thus presenting a parentage challenge. They may also be at pain when trying to understand the reasons for this.

Some celebrities suffer from a condition called “madamism” where they too much preoccupied with their physical looks and their urge to change them to suit their ideal. This condition is more common in celebrities who have had unsuccessful operations and are desperate to restore their original self or turn back their time clocks to have successful operations.

Some positive effects can be attributed to successful stories. When it succeeds, it boosts the celebrities’ statuses in their career and in the society. For example Lil Kims, who had unproportional nose to the face had it restored to the desired size. In addition her cheeks were improved as well as the skin color tone was restored appropriately.

Another case of a successful story is for Latoya Jackson who had a successful operation to boost her youthfulness in order to succeed in her acting career. (Effects of plastic surgery, 2008)

Risks involved in celebrities’ plastic surgery

Technological advancement in the modern world has to a larger extent reduced the complications involved in plastic surgeries. However, they do not offer a hundred percent risk free operation.

Celebrities should acquaint themselves with the information with the risks they are likely to face as they undergo these procedures. Some complications can lead to scaring fatalities like death or bring about traumatizing experiences occasioned by physical as well as psychological failures. However the risks involved differ mostly depending on the individual and the procedures used.

The most common form of risk is scaring. After every operation, there are scars that are left after the incisions. However, this problem can be resolved by the surgeon by putting the incisions lines in places where there are not clearly noticeable. For example, incase of breast augmentation plastic surgery, it can be put under the breast, in cases of facial plastic surgery, the incision lines can be put in the hair line. It’s however worth noting that permanent scars are left after majority of the surgeries.

Bleeding and other infections can also occur after the operations.

Another great risk associated with plastic surgery which celebrities must be aware of is that of nerve damage. They are operated on many lose feelings or experience a problem in the movement of its muscles. For example, an operation on the lips can make the operation too tight to move.

The procedure and places that need operations also determine the kind of risks involved. For example, in breast operations, sensory nerve damage, asymmetrical breast, infections and allergic reactions to sedatives may be experienced. On the other hand, facial surgeries can lead to undesirable features and aging.

Its advisable for celebrities to undergo several tests such blood and physical to ensure that there are suitable to undergo the operation. For example, smokers, diabetic people and hypertensive people are more likely to be faced with more risks. (Risks of plastic surgery, 2008)


From the above research, its evident that celebrity plastic surgery is real and more and more people are indulging into the same. There are several factors that are leading to this which range from emotional to social. There is a need to enlighten them on all the possible outcome and risks involved to help them make sound and informed decisions before they undergo the surgery.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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