The Reasons for the Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Recent Years

Outline: a. Children Should /Should Not Be Left Fortunes Nowadays, whether children should be left fortunes has been a controversial issue. As far as I am concerned, children should not be left fortunes for the following reasons. First of all, children may be extravagant with the money that is left to them. Secondly, children were too small to have a right value of money. Finally, children can really experience life from pressure. All in all, it’s more wise that children should not be left fortunes, which may make children really experience all aspects of life.

b. Books or Films should be censored As our society become increasingly complicated, books and films also have been affected in their contents. Because of the existence of some harmful information, books or films should be censored. In the first place, people in reality will be affected in their conducts by the violence in books and films. Besides, censorship is a necessary step to protect children from those harmful things.

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In addition, censorship also do good to our society.

To sum up, many people will benefit from censorship. Therefore, books or films should be censored.

c. People’s Worth Is Shown in the Reward they Earn Different people vary in the points of view on people’s worth. For me, people’s worth isn’t only shown in the reward they earn. First, there is no doubt that the reward they earn is a part of their worth. Besides, what they have made to contribute to society is the important part to show their worth.

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All in all, people’s worth is shown not only in the reward they earn but also in the contribution they make to our society.

d. Opportunity and Resolution Is the Key to Success As we all know, success depends on various factors. Among them, I think opportunity and resolution is the key to success. First at start, opportunity can lead you to success because opportunity always waits for people who have prepared well. Then resolution will promote you to put into practice, which can make you become closer to success. In a word, although there are many other factors would affect success, opportunity and resolution still is the key to success.

e. Yuanming Yuan (the Round Bright Garden)Should or Should Not Be Restored Yuanming Yuan, as our great historical relics, has been destroyed many years ago. I strongly hold that it should be restored. First, it should be restored in order to remember the humiliation we have suffered. Second, we should educate our descents though this.

What’s the most important, it’s the great masterpieces of our ancestors and bears our cultural relieves. All in all, we should definitely rebuild our Yuanming Yuan.

f. Clothes Make a Man or Cosmetics Make a Woman People are not always perfect. But to some extent, clothes make a man or cosmetics make a woman. First, people can cover their weaks through proper clothing and make-up. Then what they wear and look like can embody their inside. In a word, appropriate clothing and make- up make people.

Composition: g. In recent years, plastic surgery has been very fashionable, especially among young people. They think it is important for their sense of self-confidence regarding their appearance, or in getting a job. What is your opinion about plastic surgery? Please write an essay on the following topic.

The Reasons for the Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Recent Years In recent years, plastic surgery has become very popular especially among young people. The motive of people who accept plastic surgery varied. But in my opinion, there are two main reasons for the popularity of plastic surgery in recent years. In the first place, it can enhance their sense of self-confidence regarding their appearance. Because we all know that people who will do plastic surgery are often not satisfied with their own appearances.

The effect of plastic surgery cannot be underestimated, which would really improve one’s thought to their appearance. A good appearance will make people feel confident to everything. Besides, plastic surgery can help in getting a job. In such a crucial society, a good appearance can help in some kind of work. Although we thought it is unfair, this phenomenon still exist in our society. We can’t deny it but to enhance ourselves. From what have been listed above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that plastic surgery really dose help in many aspects. But I hold that beauty is only skin-deep, and we should try our best to become a competent and well-trained person.

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The Reasons for the Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Recent Years
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