Cda Autobiography Essay

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Cda Autobiography

My name is _______. I was born in Miami, Florida on September __, 1994. I was born into a large family with 5 older sisters and 2 younger as well. A few years ago I was graced with a niece, named __________; she has become the joy of my life. Most of my time, aside from working and school, is spent with her. Both of my parents were born _______, whereas my sisters and I were all born here in Miami. There’s a great dissimilarity in the way that things are done in______ and the way things are done here. The differences have brought a love and interest in all the diverse cultures of the world. As a child I always loved my teachers. They always found a way to make learning fun and exciting. I knew I wanted to work with kids when I got older and help them find learning just as fun and exciting as I did.

Everyday I’d come home from school and teach what I’ve learned to my younger siblings using the same methods my teachers used. They began finding learning just as enjoyable as I’d hoped. From then on I was inspired to be part of the life changing team of childcare workers and instill the thoughts that learning is fun in young children today. I have lots of goals for a future in ECE. A projection of my short-term goals in ECE includes becoming a Child Development Associate. I feel that it would be an honor to be an educator to young children and introduce some of the behaviors that they will carry with them their entire life long. Some of my long-term goals include owning my own childcare center or becoming a pediatrician.

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