Causes of Unemployment Issue in Malaysia

Unemployment is an important issue for each country, particularly developing country with an incredible population. High unemployment implies that labour resources don't seem to be being used efficiently. In consequence, financial condition ought to be a serious macroeconomic goal of government. This essential issue usually being enclosed within the government policy or agenda for parliament debate and discussion year after year. Once an extended amount of discussion and debate, it appears no final resolution has been found to completely eliminate unemployment.

Theoretically, industrial economies are cyclically sensitive as such once it expands, factors including employment, sales, prices and profits will rise. However, when it contracts, downturns are inevitable and vital (Nazaria, 2003). Once our national economy is in recession, several companies and firms are shut down, it'll cause unemployment rate to extend.

Recently, declining of Malaysian economies literally hits by factors like oil costs, pest macroeconomics conditions and others. Its effects most is seen in oil and gas industry, mining and a few SMEs sector.

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unemployment is universally recognised as not something folks can find for and economists and academics make clear statement and well research on how unemployment convincingly can cause dead of loss variety and variability in volatility of economy natural level that worse solid situation enhance offsetting gains that everybody ought to bear.

One thing to think over once unemployment arise, individual cannot sustain their low living standards and loss huge benefit of employment like non-Financial benefits as well as structured time, social status and monetary work benefits. People would still thinking on how much unemployment can have an effect on the country till its related to the economic problem.

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The costs of unemployment to the individual are not exhausting to imagine however the one that suffers such scenario can usually have a direct result and having serious financial trouble without incoming sources of living. The matter of unemployment regardless it’s high or low is one in every of the problems in economic moreover politic, social, technological and environmental (PESTLE). unemployment cause deficiency and reason folks to bound level of property and status in any country that prompt politician and bank to possess totally different opinion concerning worth stabilisation that may prevent economist to analyse what's the real solution, downside and problems that create one in every of the economic downside to happen.

Back to the basics, there's four proposition of well-balanced government indicators in economic portion. Firstly, the inflation rates which will disrupt reason for living. Secondly, unemployment rates in Malaysia that being affected cause by economic downturn. Thirdly, the balance between export and import trades that must surplus to take care of future property, show Malaysian capability to compete and serving to folks as their main functions of economics as government that applying mixed economics. Lastly, GDP income per capita of our national earn should be positive. In any case above things being summarise together, the economics of Malaysia shall begin and ended with positive tenure.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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