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In the beginning of the story Frank’s parents decide to get a divorce, resulting in Frank becoming emotionally distraught, he becomes a very lost and confused teenager looking to escape the feelings of sorrow Frank decides to run away for he can not choose which parent t olive with being so Young and innocent to the real World he figures the easiest way to make money is to scandal people and banks for his survival, this talent comes easy to frank.

When frank runs away home which is brave itself because is so young, he starts to write checks from a checkbook that his father gave to him, he goes from making bad checks to making them and passing as an airplane pilot for Panamericana airlines, he even stole a beautiful black suitcase to work as a pilot, he always shows complete disregard for the law and believes that he will never get caught.

Frank not only attempts this but he successfully does it for a quiet a while, when frank decides he doesn’t want to be an airplane pilot anymore he decides to want to be a doctor.

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He creates a fake degree and went to a big and famous hospital to ask for a job and there he meets Brenda a girl with nerd appearance and start dating her. One day when they were in the bed frank ask her to marry him and she with a happy faces said yes. Frank and Brenda travels to New Orleans to meet Brenda’s parents.

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When they were having dinner on beautiful and big house Brenda’s parents can tell that frank is faking everything and admires frank for his bravery and gave him his blessing to marry his daughter.

And there is when Brenda’s parents’ offers frank a job at his law firm so frank went to an empty room where he starts to watch movies about laws and start studying to be able to work as a lawyer. Frank life was basically based in faking he beginning faking checks to make them and he also fake a panamericana pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. He had a fake life and they did not have anyone on his life that was why he always called the police on December. Frank had too much money but he was not happy and he could not enjoy it because he was always trying to scope the police. Finally the movie teaches us that it does not matter to have enough money if we are not going to be able to find the happiness.

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