Case Study Spooked by Computers

This case study, Spooked by Computers, clearly points out the change in mindset of technology with cost saved with the use of computers in the workplace. With the addition of newer, fresher minds sometimes comes with it, newer, fresher ideas and means of operating In this particular case, organizational development would be a well implemented plan. As the different levels of management all working together for a common goal as it is, implementing the OD would bring all of them together to be more cost and time effective.

When working with a spectrum of learning levels we sometimes come across a resistance to change. We see this by Suzanne who was confident that all control would be lost if automation was brought into the workplace. She believed that she was too old to take on something new and bound to be much more confusing. Martin Walker was brought into the technology innovation to bridge the workplace gap as he was fresh out of college and was on top of his game with word processors.

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He was able to educate or at least inform those who needed to be apprised or the newest advances in technology. He was respected by his fellow co-workers as he seemed to create a camaraderie of sorts. Advancement in technology will always be a source of resistance in the workplace. The case study was an ideal example of any American small business trying to transform to the coming of age. As we hire the fresh out-of-college faces, slowly pushing the ‘grandfathered’ generation through, we will see this scared to change mentality.

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Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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