Case Study: Blue Mountain Resort

The service concept of BMR is trying to cover all aspects of every facility they offer. This means not only improving the service provided in skiing facilities but in the whole ‘four season/village’ concept. Due to the wide range of services BMR provides, they fall short on different areas.

Service quality for BMR BMR had problems with reliability in the past. The service performance was not consistent. It depended very much on the type of facility, the staff members, the period, … Especially the reliability of their basic levels of service needed improvement.

With responsiveness BMR also had a few difficulties. Staff members were not motivated, lack of communication, waiting lines, … They introduced training sessions, organised process teams in the call center, check-in, … following a standard process, improved communication between staff members and management.

And in the future they’ll try to improve the speed of service. Competence was being improved by training and new hiring procedures to build better teams.

Courtesy was measured by a rating. Customers had to rank staff friendliness on a ten-point scale. They also try to improve the access of their service and therefore provide better communication with their customers.

Tangibles help to obtain a better access to that service: Mountain guides are put on the hills to better provide service, call centers want to answer 80% of the phonecalls within 20 seconds, Electronic message centers to inform skiers, drive-through information booths, Guides to greet groups, answer questions, … Communication should also be improved between staff members. The SWOP program wants an integrated system of all independent databases and operating systems.

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Understanding/knowing the customer is as described above very important to BMR. They started to use the customer data they had been collecting for years. And also with a new information system in the future, BMR will know more about its customers than before.

Journey in service Quality of BMR In previous years they worked with a service quality program to improve their service. They developed a method that would set them apart, first by focusing on the basic service and support operations. They needed to ‘redefine the term customer as internal and external’. Later they also started to focus on service improvement of enhanced service.

Because of the wide range of services BMR provides, they fell short on different fundamental aspects, f.e. delivering basic good operations, problems with their staff, waiting lines, … Later on they focused more on those basic aspects of process management, including call center, check-in, … And also improved communications between their staff and the management department, introduced training sessions, … The program has reached its peak and now they are trying to involve everyone in the program to identify opportunities to improve their service quality, because only then all aspects are covered. They found 3 aspects that needed consideration: ‘customer flow’, ‘speed of service’ and ‘information technology’. Those proposals will be the focus points of BMR in the near future.

My evaluation of the 3 SWOP proposals, what action I would take and why I think the 3 SWOP proposals all need consideration because they are focused to improve basic service elements. I would investigate what effects those 3 proposals would have on other elements/departments of the organisation and also investigate what the financial costs/benefits would be when implementing these proposals. I would also investigate the impact of the 3 proposals on the organisation after the investment of Intrawest.

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Case Study: Blue Mountain Resort
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