Case Description Of A Ticket Booking Service Computer Science Essay

The Use Case diagram above shows the construction of the new making system and each facet for different processs. When Customers are traveling to do a reserve for your journey, they will hold different picks to make our gross revenues section. Customers can utilize mail to post to our headquarter at Greentown station, reference must be noted “ ticket gross revenues ” section ; Using telephone is another option by dialing 8677-7890 to our section office, our helpers will assist clients to do or call off reserve on the phone.

Questioning for farther information is available for telephone and electronic mail. Customers can besides buy their ticket at the terminus, which is an easier manner to acquire their tickets. After a reserve has completed, staffs will come in client ‘s item and the ticket ‘s item into the Steam Railway System Database. For client ‘s item, informations should include client ‘s name, client ‘s reference, client ‘s telephone and if available, client ‘s Idaho excessively.

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On the other manus, ticket ‘s item must include ticket clip, ticket award, ticket type, ticket day of the month and ticket finish. After a reserve completed, ticket will be printed by Steam Railway System and staff will get down to fix to direct ticket to the clients. Staffs must duplicate look into the ticket content and if any mistake occurs on the tickets, make certain the staff petition for ticket reissue and ticket should non hold any mistake at all. Printing reference label will merely be needed when clients booking method is by mail or telephone.

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Online engagement is available but no ticket will be printed, E-ticket will direct straight to client ‘s e-mail history and clients have to publish it out by themselves. Make certain the barcode of the ticket is printed. Customers will hold different picks for picking up their tickets. Customers can bespeak for mailing by station, it will take 1 concern twenty-four hours to make its finish ; pick up at the headquarter will available on the twenty-four hours clip from 9:00am – 8:00pm. Remind every clients, if any ticket loses or ticket harm occur by accidently, merely for the clients who have make a reserve ( means except bargain at the terminus ) , can be request for a new ticket, a dealing fee of $ 1.50 will be apply for every ticket reissue. Website mail installations is available if clients have any inquiry.

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Railway Station Manager will put in each station. The occupation of Railway director is to enter the full timetable into the system database and to command the steam engine. Record timetable is utmost of import because clip will normally alterations by different state of affairs, for illustration an signal mistake for the train will be hold of the clip, so it is of import for Railway director to maintain updating the timetable into the system so that another director in different Stationss can detect any hold or job from other station instantly. Choosing which steam engine for line is an of import occupation excessively. Just like the old timetable, mistake may happen when it goes to work, steam engine may interrupt down and Railway director should do certain all the steam engine which working on the line is healthy. If any broke down happens, director should be able to exchange steam engine from the system and name for proficient fix staff instantly. When a healthy steam engine and a right clip is applied, train will run usually and clients will hold a great trip.

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Use Case Description A1

Ticket Booking Servicess

The usage instance description above descripts the event of ticket engagement service. Customers, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to corroborate how clients will order ticket by. Customers can reach the staff by utilizing mail, website mail, telephone and travel directly to the terminus. Clerical Assistants will take attention all the engagement from station and telephone. Station Master will take attention every ticket gross revenues at the terminus. None of the staff will work on the e-mail engagement procedure, due to the fact that no staff had been hired for the computer science procedure, so Clerical Assistants will impermanent look into for e-mail engagement and replying electronic mail from online. It is of import to corroborate which booking method clients use because when ticket is printed, merely the client who order via telephone and mail demand to publish address label but the 1 who bought from terminus or by e-mail bashs non necessitate any labeling. If any incorrect dial on the phone had picked, make certain every clerical helpers clearly explain the mistake to the dialer.

-Page 5-

Use Case Description A2

Ticket Booking

The usage instance description above descripts the event of ticket engagement. Customers, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to corroborate a to the full ticket engagement, in other words, is to do a reserve for the clients. For this portion, ticket booking procedure should include the ticket item and client ‘s item. Staff will travel into the system database to look into for available ticket gross revenues and do reserve if the clients needed. If the ticket which the client petition is unavailable for this minute, staff should airt the client to take another pick. After all the verification of the ticket item and client inside informations, a reserve can be made and ticket will be ready to publish. It is of import to staff for cheque which province of directing method the client petition and do certain all the item obtain from the clients are right.

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Use Case Description A3

Recording Customer Detail and Ticket Detail

The usage instance description above descripts the event of entering Customer ‘s item and ticket ‘s item. System Database, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to update all the customer’s/ticket ‘s information into the Steam Railway System Database. When staffs try to log into the system database, login protection is needed for this subdivision. Database is a extremely secure system and it will non be allow aliens to even touch it. Login history and watchword should be provided when each staffs are being hired. After the login of the database, client ‘s item and ticket ‘s item will use to the system. Customer ‘s item should include client ‘s name, reference, telephone and client ‘s ID if needed. Ticket ‘s item should include Ticket type, Date, Time, Price, Destination and the order sum. Customer ‘s ID will be able to utilize as a primary key to associate the ticket information to clients. Staff will be easier to look into for client ‘s order. If any Invalid login and day of the month input occurs, system will automatically advise and forestall staff typing in mistake information.

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Use Case Description A4

Confirmation of Reservation

The usage instance description above descripts the event of corroborating and call offing reserve. Customer, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to corroborate engagement or natural engagement twhich client made. When doing reserve, clients need to be corroborating their reserve. Otherwise, if no verification has been made, the ticket will the natural automatically. Customer can besides call off their order by reaching our staff. If clients do non call off their ticket after they had ordered within 24 hours, no refund can be claim for cancellation. Ticket item can be alter if clients wanted, but item can merely be alteration before 48 hours of the trip.

-Page 8-

Use Case Description A5

Ticket Printing

The usage instance description above descripts the event of ticket printing. System Database, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure.

The Goal of this procedure is to publish out a correct ticket for clients. Ticket printing is really of import portion of the ticket sale procedure. If a incorrect ticket is printed, clients will unable to take the train and it will be a large problem. Staff must look into into the database for right client ‘s information and ticket ‘s information before they start publishing. After the System has confirmed the usage of inside informations, staff will pull off the system to get down publishing the ticket for clients. Make certain the staff dual checked the ticket for mistake and right information. If any invalid ticket is printed, staff must look into is the mistake occur in the database itself or is by the pressman hardware itself. Checking for the mistake process and repair the portion is one of the occupations for the railroad staff.

-Page 9-

Use Case Description A6

Ticket Sending

The usage instance description above descripts the event of ticket Sending. Customer, Clerical Assistants and Station Master would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to direct ticket to clients and utilizing client ‘s necessitating method to direct the ticket to its finish. Customers can take different directing method when they order ticket. For illustration, clients can pick up their tickets by go throughing the railroad headquarter at Greentown ; straight buy at the terminus will besides manus over to client in individual ; clients can besides bespeak for utilizing mail to direct the ticket to their place by station. Online Booking allow clients to book ticket online and alternatively of direct a ticket by station, tickets can be transmitted to a E-ticket which including its alone barcode. The lone job is client demand to be print out the ticket by themselves. If any ticket unable to make the clients, delight reach the headquarter section and railroad staff will assist clients to track the mail back. If the mail loses, staff will corroborate to resend the ticket to clients. Make certain clients receive the ticket.

-Page 10-

Use Case Description B1

Choose Stream Engine

The usage instance description above descripts the event of steam engine choose. Railway director and steam engine would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to take which steam engine work on the line. Steam Engine is a heavy machine for hiking power to the train. If no steam engine plants, no train will be able to run. Steam Railway Company owns three steam engine which is Morning Sun, Moonlight and Daybreak. Railway director will take a healthy steam engine to work on the train line. If any bad status for the steam engine, railroad director will exchange steam engine depends on state of affairs and applied scientist will be called for maintainments.

-Page 11-

Use Case Description B2

Record Timetable

The usage instance description above descripts the event of record timetable. Railway director and system would be required in this procedure. The Goal of this procedure is to enter a right timetable into the system. The timetable includes all the station going clip and the entire clip for the full trip. There are 5 Stationss – Greentown, Riverdale, Midtown, Countyville and Marketborough. Railway must enter all the clip in the timetable into steam railroad system database. Then system will corroborate the information and portion the timetable to other station system. It is of import to enter correct timetable for the train system and this should be update continuously in a twenty-four hours. Because the clip of going would be alter if any mistake occurs, such as a train signal mistake will detain the going clip for the whole line. Railway director have to corroborate any alterations of clip and update the system as ever.

-Page 12-

Activity Diagram

The Activity Diagram above shows the ticket sale system by dividing into four subdivisions – Customers, Clerical Assistants, Station Master and System. The advantage by utilizing activity diagram is the diagrams can clearly demo different process in different subdivisions and it is set up by orders. From the top to the underside, the diagram shows ticket engagement will divide to get off phone and station. Clerical Assistants handle mail and phone and station maestro will manage the terminal counter sells. After the ticket petition has made, both clerical helpers and the station director will look into for ticket available. After that, a pick will look. If there are no available tickets for the clients, so the clients will hold to travel all the manner back and take once more, for worst, clients will go forth. If there are tickets available, clients will travel directly down and do a reserve. At the same clip, client inside informations and ticket item will be record into the system database excessively. Customers besides have a pick to call off reserve excessively. After the verification of reserve, system will publish out the ticket and reference label for clients and direct it to the clients manus by the method clients requested.

-Page 13-

The Activity Diagram above shows the train trucking system by dividing into two subdivisions -Railway Manger and the Railway System. Railway director will enter the railroad timetable and input into the system database. After that, Railway director has to take a Steam Engine for each line on the station. The system will enter which steam engine is used and when will the clip the engine being used. At last the train will be able to run usually and make every station without any error.

-Page 14-

Undertaking 2 – 15 Marks

Analyze the needed system utilizing object-oriented methods and bring forth a Structural Model including

Class diagrams

The Class Diagram on the above shows the integer/string type of input in each subdivision and clearly show which treating work in each facet. Customer required the information of name: twine, reference: twine, phone: int, three of these informations combine will be a client in this category diagram. The ground why name and reference utilizations threading but phone utilizations int is because name and reference are normally input with words and figure, with assorted combination ; telephone figure can merely be int is because telephone figure merely has figure combination, there are no such words phone Numberss exist in the public society. Booked clients required the ticket sum, and reserve petition. Staffs such as Clerical Assistants and Station Masters are treating between booked clients and reserve. Each Staff has their ain staff Idaho and staff information. Reservation will divide two options for client,

-Page 15-

cancellation or verification. After that, the ticket Info and client info is need to enter into the system database including sum: int, ticket type: twine, award: int, day of the month: int, clip: int and finish: twine. System is required for login protection, which means staff will log into their history and update information into the system database. At Last, the System will printed out tickets which obtain ticket type, value, clip, day of the month, finish and a barcode ( for protection ) and direct it to clients.

The Class Diagram on the above shows the integer/string type of input in each steam engine haling subdivision and clearly show which treating work in each facet.

Railway Manager will hold its personal information typed into the system, and when the choose of steam engine and the timetable is done, railroad director will utilize the information to log into the system database. Log history must be in twine and watchword must be in whole number. On the diagram above there are some unknown Numberss and words appear. These represents the choose of facets can be made merely like one to one, one to many or many to many type. For illustration, when railroad director choose the steam engine, there are merely have 0 to 5 picks for railroad director to take, which means the option is one to many type. ( 1 Railway director can command many steam engines but 1 steam engine can merely be control by 1 railroad director. )

-Page 16-

Undertaking 3 – 18 Marks

Analyze the needed system utilizing object-oriented methods and bring forth a Behavioral Model including

Sequence diagrams

The sequence diagrams on the above shows how the ticket sale system works in a railroad company construction. First, client will bespeak for ticket, staff notice and travel to the system cheque for and ticket available. After the ticket available information appears, staffs will rapidly demo the clients about the ticket information. If everything goes right, clients will do a reserve and staffs will enter down all the client info and ticket engagement info. After the clients confirm their ticket with the railroad staff, so the staff will bespeak for publishing out tickets from the system. The System Database rapidly searched the reserve inside informations and print out as a ticket. If the engagement method is via telephone and mail, the printing of an reference label will be needed. After the tickets are printed, staff will do a dual cheque for mistake on the ticket. If everything is goes right, ticket will be send to client ‘s inbox.

-Page 17-

The sequence diagrams on the above shows how the railroad director manage

The steam engine and the record timetable procedure. Railway director will first look into for clip and so take which steam engine is available for that clip. Then the railroad director will enter the chosen steam engine and the timetable into the system database. The steam engine will be usage for the line and railroad director will trip it. Then Railway will bespeak for run the train, and system will eventually let the tally of the train.

-Page 18-

State Machine Diagram

The State Machine Diagram on the above shows holding a system of ticket sale will be work in this format. The diagram shows two finishs with black topographic point which represent each procedure ends. When clients request for tickets, ticket will be checked in the database and if it ‘s available, it will past to reserve and if it ‘s declined, client will hold to take other available tickets or make the first finish – leave. After ticket is available for the clients, reserve will be made and customer/ticket item will be create and record into the system database. If any clients cancel the reserve engagement, they will make the “ leave ” finish once more. If the reserve has been confirmed, system will publish out the ticket and direct it to client and make their concluding finish.

-Page 19-

The State Machine Diagram on the above shows the behaviour of a train running system. Timetable must be cheque and steam engine will be chosen for the line. When the system receives the information from timetable and steam engine, system will look into for available if the steam engine can run at this clip. If the selected engine is non available, system will worsen and take another engine to replace its occupation. After the steam engine has success placed in the line, so system will trip the train and the system will run.

-Page 20-

Communication diagrams

The communicating diagram on the above shows the order for each process between client, staff and system. First, client petition for ticket and staff will look into for available from the system database. Customer make reserve and staff will enter the inside informations. The System will publish the ticket out and staff will direct it to the clients

-Page 21-

The communicating diagram on the above shows the order for each process between railroad director, steam engine and system. Railway director will enter the timetable and choose steam engine. After entering the item of steam engine so system will run it. Railway director will so trip the engine and run the train.

-Page 22-

Undertaking 4 – 12 Marks

Research the information protection issues that apply to the system ( based upon informations protection Torahs in your state ) :

Outline the information protection Torahs, ordinances and best pattern in your state. [ 4 Markss ]

Data protection is one of the most serious issues with compute utilizing, particularly for pull offing system. In Hong Kong, information protection is covered by “ Personal Data ( Privacy ) Regulation ” , legislated by “ Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data ” every bit known as ( PCPD ) .The section ‘s mission is to lift up the consciousness of public informations usage from private or public organisations. Some private/public organisation may obtain user ‘s data/info when client did enrollment. Unfortunate, there are many dishonest organisation are utilizing illegal method to gain money from user ‘s informations. For illustration, “ On July 15, 2010, the issuer of Octopus cards in Hong Kong admitted it made $ 44 million dollars in the past half decennary by selling informations from its card holders to a 3rd party spouses. “ ( Canape , 2010 ) This is illegal to sell user ‘s informations to a 3rd party and the award for this is holding a great clip in the gaol. Although it is of import to aware of ethical issues ( The usage of personal informations ) , to avoid hacker ‘s bargains public informations is besides an of import occupation. Personal Data Privacy Ordinance besides protects the public by puting up hash punishments.

State how these would use to the computing machine system being developed. [ 4 Markss ]

Since the information protection jurisprudence in Hong Kong had been set up to warn these dishonest behaviours by organisations, still it is non easy to maintain secure in presents. Heavy penalty must be set to endanger the stealers from stealing. There are a assortment of offenses for disputing the Torahs: “ Non-compliance with an enforcement notice served by Privacy Commissioner carries a punishment of a all right at Level 5 ( At present $ HKG 50,000 ) and imprisonment for 2 old ages. An Individual who suffers harm, including injured feeling, by ground of a dispute of the Ordinance in relation to his or her personal information may seek compensation from the informations user concerned. “ ( PCPD, 2001 )

Under these sorts of strong Torahs and penalty, organisation that obtains public user ‘s informations or a new system which freshly developed will experience safe and comfort.

-Page 23-

degree Celsiuss ) Recommend methods that should be utilized to guarantee that informations protection best pattern is implemented in the new system. [ 4 Markss ]

Although Torahs can protect the system from the exterior, the system itself should besides be well-protect by an highly strong plan. One of the best ways to guarantee the protection of a new system is to put in a information protection director. Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager ( every bit known as DPM ) is a good pick. Microsoft DPM non merely manages in Window environment, but besides can pull off in SQL, SharePoint, Dynamic AX, Essential Business Server, Window Server and Small Business Server. ( If the new system or database is created by one of the above, felicitation! ) Data Protection Manager back up informations by continuously protecting changed files at the byte-level to a secondary disc, which can be back up to tape. This besides enables rapid and dependable recovery from accessing disc alternatively of waiting to turn up and mount tapes. ( A engineering called ‘Shadow Copy ‘ is used for uninterrupted backups ) . There are so many types of information protection plan to protect your system or database excessively, but this is non over yet. Strong Firewall is needed to support hacker ‘s onslaught to the new system.

With three beds of protections ( Laws, Program back up, Firewall ) , the system should be safe and well-protected.

-Page 24-

Undertaking 5 – 15 Marks

Describe in item how the system will publish tickets and reference labels based upon client demands.

Explain how the system will cover with the undermentioned issues:

A· Producing tickets that is non easy to hammer or copy. ( 5 Markss )

By the progress of engineering, it is much easier to hammer papers, ticket and even passport. For a big cooperation such as Steam Railway Company, to forestall forge ticket is one of the subject precedences on the on the job list. By the yesteryear, tickets are used to be unprotected ; the lone manner to place is to utilize the oculus and by touch the texture. Nowadays, many companies are utilizing barcode or french friess to forestall ticket forge. The ticket from Steam Railway Company will utilize an beforehand barcode plan called “ Ticket Creator 5.1 ” .This plan provide a alone 10-digit figure on each ticket. ( Depends on the client ‘s volume, figure can be expand to a larger degree ) Barcode ticket can non be forged and copied because each barcode can be merely be used one time to come in. Our Staff can easy place the ticket by utilizing Barcode scanner on the train. Besides, each station will put in entryway machine which available to scan barcode before client come ining the platform. On the other manus, french friess are besides really good to forestall forge but the cost is manner excessively high, so this will non be include in the ticket sale system

Allow clients to choose multiple tickets of different types. ( 5 Markss )

The best manner for clients to choose multiple tickets of different types is to enlarge the ticket sale procedure from the system. When clients request for tickets, the Staff will enter the ticket item and publish it out.

The thing which is needed to make is to let multiple tickets detail input to the system database and multiple ticket printing in one clip. Different type of ticket had already been applied by the system because staff can type in the type of ticket which client wants into the system. If clients are still unhappy to the manner of Steam Railway Company selling method, a hi-tech ticket machines can besides be topographic point at each station. Ticket machines are available for clients to take multiple tickets of different types. Customers merely need to press some button and ticket will be

-Page 25-

purchase easy. Steam Railway Company will see if ticket machines are truly necessitate for clients or remain the same merchandising ways. ( By station, by web site, by mail, by terminus, by phone ) Different thought will set on clasp until the twenty-four hours when expand of company is needed.

Research hardware and print media available for publishing labels and tickets for the railroad. State which hardware and media you recommend and quote monetary values for these based upon hardware purchase and annually usage of consumables in the printing procedure. ( 5 Markss )

To forestall forge ticket from the stealers, particularly a Railway Company which uses immense sum of tickets, a high category pressman is need to protect company ‘s prosperity. Datamax is a well-known cooperation which sells high category pressman. Their merchandise is specially designed for printing labels, ticket stuffs and tickets. Their web is more than 65 states worldwide. Datamax S-Class Ticket Printer is the best pick for option. It have a metal looking screen which can protect pressman being destroy by stealers ; Auto lading tickets speed up ticket sale procedure and prevent diagram of paper way to lose and it is really easy to utilize, which can cut down preparation clip, more intuitive. Ticket Creator5.1, which had reference at the old inquiry, will utilize for create ticket barcode. With these two combinations of protection, ticket protection will non be a job any longer. Let ‘s look into out the award for the merchandise. The freshly Datamax S-Class Ticket Printer cost around $ HKG 9,000 per each and the plan of Ticket Creator 5.1 cost $ HKG 3,700 with their endeavor barcode version. If each terminus topographic points at least 10 Ticket Printer at the counter for the ticket gross revenues staff, it will be around $ HKG100,000 per station. Headquarter provide telephone engagement and mail engagement, so headquarter office must put in at least 5 of these pressmans, this can let staff to mail printed tickets to clients or allow them to pick up at the headquarter. The pressman can besides publish labels easy. Online booking do non necessitate the usage of ticket pressman but E-ticket must be create by utilizing Ticket Creator ‘s barcode and send to client ‘s e-mail reference.

-Page 26-

Undertaking 6 – 12 Marks

Make a relational database design for the system including:

A set of to the full normalized tabular arraies demoing the standardization procedure for each. [ 6 Markss ]

Steam Engine



Working Stat


Morning Sun












Customers Detail













By Post




United states







United kingdom



Pick Up


Tickets Detail

Ticket Barcode



Monetary value





















Staff Detail


Staff ID



The nazarene



Railway Manager

Der fuhrer



Clerical Assistants




Station Maestro

-Page 27-

Data Dictionary entries for all points included in the database design. [ 6 Markss ]

-Page 28-

-Page 29-

-Page 30-

Undertaking 7 – 5 Marks

Describe how the object-oriented attack to the design of the system in undertakings 1 – 3 differs from utilizing a structured methodological analysis. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of both the object-oriented and structured attacks utilizing the system you have designed to exemplify this.

When object-oriented attack to the designing of system, object-oriented method obtain more information and is more detail so structured methodological analysis. In other word, ‘friendliness ‘ . Object-oriented obtain a functional, structural and behavioural method. It have attribute that describe more information about the object and have behaviours that specify for available usage. Object-oriented have better build-in characteristics in each linguistic communication. Comparing to structured methodological analysis, larger information item will be stored but harder the occupation and structural format. Let ‘s take a expression at structured methodological analysis. It is a quality, structured, well-organize and user-friendly faculty. It has a quality systems, good communicating, organized undertaking direction and good certification etc. The disadvantage of construction methodological analysis would be losing little dealing item. It is excessively general and do non cover every little portion of the system. By utilizing Task 1-3 as a comparing for object-oriented and structured methodological analysis, the large difference will be shown. Object-oriented can divide as functional, structural and behavioural. Each Style have different diagram to utilize, such as activity diagram, category diagram, sequence diagram etc. These diagrams can breakdown general processing into even smaller portion. For illustration, in category diagram, each facet shows the informations have to be type in and which type of input system allow to input. Unfortunate, structured methodological analysis do non like to breakdown so deep, which cut down the informational sum of this method and something will be losing when user notice. In the other word, if the system required a big environment and database, object-oriented will suit for larger system ; if the system is for little utilizations or a little company, structured methodological analysis will be their best pick to take.

-Page 31-

Undertaking 8 – 5 Marks

Make a comprehensive, professional criterion study depicting your system design for the new system.

This should include the inside informations of Tasks 1 – 7 and inside informations of the needed hardware.

The New Steam Railway System is combined by two chief frames- ticket gross revenues construction and steam engine draw. In ticket gross revenues, clients will hold 4 ways to make the contacting section – at the terminus, dialing telephone, mailing and online engagement. Clerical Assistant at the central office will have engagement from telephone, mail and station maestro will have engagement at the terminal face to face. The Online engagement service will be impermanent manage by the clerical helper until a calculating applied scientist is hired in the hereafter. Ticket available for clients will be cheque and reserve will besides be made if the ticket clients request is available. Customers can call off any ticket they reserve but no refund can be claim. During the reserve, ticket record will be input into the Steam Railway System database and clients detail will besides be stored. When a reserve has been confirmed, ticket will be printed and send to clients. Merely clients who book ticket via mail and telephone receive an reference label. Online booking will non be having any ticket but an E-ticket papers will be send to the client ‘s e-mail box. Customers must publish out the E-ticket including a 10 figure barcode for staff checking. Normal ticket will be printed by utilizing Datamax S-Class ticket pressman and the barcode which the tickets obtain will utilize TicketCreator5.1 to make alone barcode combination. Each ticket must be double-checked for mistake before send it to clients. Customer can bespeak different method to have their ticket by- choice up at the headquarter at Greentown, receive ticket at any station client wanted, get offing to clients finish within 1 to 3 concern yearss or direct an E-ticket to clients e-mail box. If tickets are unable to make clients, delight phone the ticket sale section at Greentown.

Train draw system will be managed by Railway director. Railways director will enter all the going clip in the timetable and record it into the system database. After taking which steam engine will utilize for each line, the railroad director will trip it and run the train. Mistake of the steam engine must be checked carefully. If any hold with the train arrival clip, railroad director must do certain maintain updating clip into the database, prevent the incorrect timetable which could be wrong clip show and will impact ticket gross revenues.

-Page 32-

Undertaking 1 375+179+182+151+181+114+162+185+114+151+198+84 = 2630

Undertaking 2 225+159 = 384

Undertaking 3 156+88+131+92+56+52 = 575

Undertaking 4 183+136+199 = 518

Undertaking 5 192+186+269 = 647

Undertaking 7 271+384 = 655

5409 words

-Page 33-

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