Ethics of Online Air Ticket Reservations Systems Essay

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Ethics of Online Air Ticket Reservations Systems

Ethical issue is the belief in right or wrong with a particular area or system. In any organization ethical issue should be followed for the achievement of business objectives. Precision air reservation system, ethical issues are being considered for the achievement of company goal. The following are ethical issues relating to airline reservation system Security; Information’s which are being provided by users should be secure.

The system will ensure the safety of customers. All transaction activities will be secured. Nobody will be able to gain access to see bank accounts and other relevant information’s. Privacy issue; Personal information should not be sold to third parties (other people apart from administrator and end-user) for their benefit. All booking information collected in the booking form, payment form should be kept confidential according to how privacy policy of the system claims. Equality of Access in the system; All people are allowed to use the system anytime they want for booking purpose only.

Security; by providing the best and stable system to make customer’s information secure from unauthorized people to gain it. Through creation of administrator account who will be the only person who has access to view this kind of information in the system. This will make system secure especially for transaction.

Privacy policy; through providing privacy policy page in the system, Customers will be aware of how their information are being used in an organization. And make sure that customer’s information is not released to other organization without customers consent. Equality of accessing system and performing regular functions such as book for flight, viewing schedule etc. anybody can be able to view the system and make book for flight. Equality will be for only unregistered members. Registered member will be given priority and offers.

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