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Speaker: However, while we are seeing at, so the while in this particular case I’m talking about the behavior of just one individual consultant. When we started having a look around the rest of this national security organization. There are a thousand consultants all doing this. They were all independent consultants, and they were all doing their best to just slow the Machine down, make the project fail. So, in that case, we ended up.

Once we’ve identified that we had this really quite massive cultural problem, where we had essentially a lot of mini saboteurs but in the machine.

We then had to sort of we kick that back to the top, and then we dealt with it, and we literally once we dealt with it. You have everything the machine works well again, but this is sort of why you know on one hand, but you have people at the very bottom. You can just slow things down enough, where it starts calling an issue where it starts calling a project sly, but then similarly you know from the top there’re also been organizations.

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When there was one champ, especially within one of the world’s largest insurance organization. He was a vice president, and we working with this organization to deliver essentially a page, you go insurance solutions.

So, you can think of it. This is literally, they’re one of the world’s largest insurance companies, but what I wanted to do is they wanted to create a new page, you go car insurance service because that’s the way the markets headed.

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So, that was a huge deserval service over there. This particular vice-president, who is responsible for car insurance, but he actually felt that by moving from a traditional way to provide car insurance, to moving to pay as you go, where people turn it on and off if they want. We are going to hurt his businesses revenues. If he wasn’t going to be able to hit his individual, and this was about the individual. He wasn’t going to be able to hit his individual targets, and so he tried to slow the whole project down, and in the end he went up to the CEO of this insurance company and said look this won’t work very unhappy about this, and everything else in the CEO, because again we were  sitting with the CEO.

Trying because he forgot to have that top-down leadership and you’ve got to be on the same page. We trashed it out, but what he was essentially worried about was that he wasn’t going to get his bonuses, and Yes. Never. so there were a huge number little personal demons especially come out of all top levels. So, that’s why I say it is difficult to visit. You got to watch everybody, but the best way to do is if you have a plan. You need to try to identify areas of transformations is going slower than expected.

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