Can international law change the world

Sir Christopher John Greenwood was born in 1955. Currently he is a judge of the ICC whereby he was elected to the position on 6th November 2008. Before being elected as an ICC judge, Sir Christopher John Greenwood was a professor at London School of Economics where by taught international law. In addition, he was a barrister who most often made appearance before the international court of justice, the English Courts and the European Court Of Human Rights among other tribunals.

During an interview as evidenced in the video, Judge Sir Christopher John Greenwood puts it clear that the international law has the power to change the way world operates.

He further argues that, while each system of the national law strives to regulate affairs within only a single society, the international law has the concern of the whole world. In contrary, judge Sir Christopher John Greenwood argues that, though the international laws has the power to change the world and the way different systems of the world operate, there is yet no methods of enforcement available to the national legal systems.

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According to Sir Christopher, the international law can change the security and political stability of the different nations of the globe if only there could be efficient and effective measures put in place that would ensure the different national systems comply. Moreover, Sir Christopher says that if the different national systems could comply with international laws like those concerning weapons and international peace, international health like those stipulated in the world health organization (WHO) among other laws made to ensure that the social welfare of the different socio-economic classes of people would change the world to a greater extend.

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In addition to this, Sir Christopher further argues that following compliance to the different international economic laws would change the way business is carried globally by different nations. Compliance to the international laws would make the transactions between different nations secure since are governed. Moreover, international economic laws would standardize how business is carried in the world.

In a broad spectrum, the international laws can only change the world if the different nation systems comply. It will be of great importance if the different world systems comply to the international laws for better so as to steer development through trade standardization among other things.


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Can international law change the world

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