Business Strategy Recommendations

Franchising is buying ideas or methods from another organization. It will not be wise for Sophie to consider it because she strongly needs to be independent.

First of all, Sophie did not have a clearly defined market. She only thought of the customers she would get around the crossroads. There are other businesses around hers that she could consider making the employees regular customers.

It was wise of her to advertise but it only captured the middle-income people. Setting a website for her restaurant is a good adverting strategy as it will reach all types of people.

She should also consider putting small posters outside the parking space to capture all those who are coming. More so, she could talk to owners of the nearby businesses to let her put posters to advertise her restaurant to the incoming customers.

To fight the competition, she needs to start selling fast-food and full-course meals of all styles not Italian only. She could consider selling her meals together with some alcoholic drinks for those customers to capture different preferences (Baker, 2000).

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So as to beat the upcoming pizzeria, she ought to start making pizza in her restaurant.

Instead of a bigger air-conditioning system, she can put up a smaller one to save up money to hire more employees.

To get more ideas, she can hold monthly meetings with her employees to find out what they think can be done to make the restaurant grow. She could also talk to the customers after they have had their meals to get new suggestions of how to improve the provision of services (Baker, 2000).

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Mainly, Sophie should look at her employees and customers as a pathway to success and she can do it by proper management and offering good services.


Baker, M. (2000): Marketing Management and Strategy; 3rd edition- Macmillan

Updated: May 19, 2021

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