Body Image And Media

Survey responses showed that participants were more likely to spend their time on social media apps than watching television. This shows how there has been a shift in what types of media is more popular amongst this particular age group of women. Society has put so much pressure and emphasis on the female body with beauty standards that make women believe they must have thin bodies or curvy bodies in order to be accepted. Throughout this study, there was a strong interest in how social media influenced women’s body image and whether it caused them to experience negative body image and body dissatisfaction.

The results and data collected from the survey matched current findings on negative body image correlating with social media. The majority of the participants to the survey stated that they were in some way dissatisfied with numerous aspects of their bodies. When asked questions referring to their physical appearance, respondents were more likely to state negative feelings about the way they looked.

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Although the survey alone was not enough to prove the hypothesis to be true but it did support many of the research questions that were being questioned. For future research, there should definitely be more follow up questions included in this survey to better figure out where the sources of pressure and influence came from that participants were feeling. Since research in the literature review proved that social media does not directly cause negative feelings about body image but rather it depends on one’s own interpretations of the way things are being viewed online and so the hypothesis is proven to be false.

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Social media has become one of the most popular media outlets in today’s society. It also allows for continuous access and exposure to numerous different types of media such as television, magazines, advertisements, celebrities, etc. Therefore, social media has allowed it’s users to easy keep up with new trends no matter where they go. Media often depicts unattainable beauty standards through images in magazines, advertisements on TV, and articles/blogs. These standards are usually aimed at females and tells them how they must look in order to be accepted, which can end up affecting the way the see their own bodies as well as others around them. These beauty standards are often unattainable and promote unhealthy thinness or extremely curvy bodies which pursue women to get surgery to obtain these perfect physical features.

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