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Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”
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In Willy Russell's musical "Blood Brothers" he uses contrasting character to portray his ideas on socially disadvantaged people during the 1980s. He champions the poor; he sets his musical in Liverpool where the divide is obvious. By looking at the two mothers, Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnston the divide, socially clear. The audience first come across Mrs Johnston when she enters the stage with her back to the audience sweeping and singing. The audience's first impression of Mrs Johnson conforms…...
Blood BrothersWilly Russell
Blood Brothers & Annie
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Within this essay I intend to evaluate and compare the similarities and differences between two devised thematic scripts intended for performance to an audience. The two scripts I have chosen to compare are Blood Brothers, as originally written for and performed by Merseyside Young People's Theatre Company, and Annie, as performed by Hill House St Mary's School Doncaster, 2007. I shall begin with a basic outline of each story, and the way in which it was intended to be performed.…...
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers by Willy Russell
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The musical play Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell, is the story of twins separated at birth. Mrs Johnstone, a working-class Liverpudlian mother of seven children, agrees to give one of the twins she is expecting to her wealthy but barren employer, Mrs Lyons. The infant kept, Mickey Johnstone, grows up in poverty while his twin, Eddie Lyons, enters a privileged life. Bound by fear of discovery, and superstition that should either of the boys learn he has a twin,…...
Blood BrothersSurrogacyWilly Russell
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Essay on Blood Brothers
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I wanted to adopt but... Mr Lyons is... Well he says he wanted his own son, not someone else's. Myself, I believe that an adopted child can become one's own" So when Mr Lyons went away on his business trip, Mrs Lyons persuaded her cleaner which is Mrs Johnstone to give one of he children to Mrs Lyons, since Mrs Johnstone was having twins. Mr and Mrs Lyons are very rich and they live in a big house, so Edward…...
Blood Brothers
Reltionships in Blood Brothers
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I could have been him", resulting in Mickey thinking that he could have had Edwards life! Did Mrs. Johnstone say this to protect Edward, her son, or did she just have to let out the truth, after so many years, which she could hide no longer, resulting inadvertently in both deaths?! We can now discuss a background character, Sammy, older brother of Mickey, as a potential, capable character of blame. Sammy, vehemently forced Mickey into a 'job', and Mickey accepted…...
Blood Brothers
Mrs. Lyons
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The play follows two twins that were separated at birth. It follows them growing up as they become closer together as "blood brothers". Gradually they grow apart and envy leads to death. The scenes were slickly changed as props were brought on by characters e. g. desks or washing lines. Most of the backdrops were lowered onto the stage but other scenery was pushed on using grooves in the flats on the stage. It helped the show as you were…...
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Eddie in Blood Brothers
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Eddie and Mickey were born from the same mother Mrs. Johnston, but they have extremely different lives. They were identical twins; they look exactly the same. But Mrs. Lyons separated them and made them have a different life. From then on, one of them, Mickey stayed with Mrs. Johnston lives in a big, poor family and the other one who was taken by Mrs. Lyons became very rich and got everything. They have been in a different world because of…...
Blood BrothersNickel and Dimed
Differences Between Eddie and Mickey in Blood Brothers
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“Blood Brothers” is a play about two twins who are separated at birth, they do not only have different parents but have a whole different lifestyle. Eddie lives in a world of luxury and has opportunities to go to university and eventually owning his own business which is more than Mickey could have ever dreamed of. On the other hand Mickey is brought up in a working class family with no qualifications whatsoever, as soon as Mickey thinks he has…...
Blood BrothersWilly Russell
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Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”
..."Blood Brothers" looks at the differences and conflicts of two different upbringings; poor and rich. Although both mothers seem stereotypical, one representing the poor and the other representing the rich, Willy Russell is obviously championing the p...

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