Biyaheng Edsa Documentary Film Review

In February 23, 1986, 2 million of Filipinos gathered 4 days along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, more popularly known as EDSA, but in 1959 it is called as Highway 54. 25 years later, the multitude still converges on EDSA every day, comprising a vibrant complex entity of society. In 2006, Howie Severino and his I-Witness team walked along the length of EDSA to see what they might learn about how Filipinos have fared in the 20 years since the People Power I. Bago pa nagging rebolusyon, Highway lamang ang EDSA“, thus Howie Severino’s voice over on his documentary about the former Highway 54, although I watched many episodes of I-Witness and it create a chord that strikes me.

I prefer Howie Severino’s “Biyaheng EDSA”, not only because of its storytelling and technical aspect, but also the significance of our own culture by presenting the People’s Power I and how Filipinos succeed. The documentary starts with Howie at Monumento Circle in Caloocan asking different people how to go to EDSA by walking, without mode of transportation.

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And at Balintawak, where the Katipunan’s Cry of Revolt in 1896, is historically remembered, he sarcastically pointed our concept of freedom by connecting it to our “Freedom”, he pointed to his documentary on how we erroneously view our freedom, by doing unscrupulous deeds like taking drugs and hurting (each) others and he seriously pointed or tell to the audience, on whether the 1986 People Power is a revolution or just a revolt.

Along the way, Howie meet different characters of people including the group of rugby boys, a poet and former political detainee, and a Muslim, whose unsure if EDSA was inclusive of all the Filipino, because the Muslim woman pointed out that in the word Filipino there’s a letter missing which is I so, she say that how we proved the we are Filipino if the word Filipino was not completed.

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And when Howie arrived at Munoz, he zooms in, the SM City North EDSA, which is the first mall of its kind in the Philippines and touches the prevailing mall culture in our country. And one thing should never forget as they feature on EDSA, because it would not be complete without a take on the MRT, the documentary shows each story that state of their live, as a reflection of the Philippines 20 years after EDSA I.

And relay to this documentary from one of the topic on social dimension which is the Chapter III, Intercultural communication, because the documentary “Biyaheng EDSA” shows the significance of our culture especially in communication because as Howie Severino discussed on how People Power I succeed, I’d notice that even in past, communication is the way or instrument of 2 million Filipinos to won the revolution without (being) blood flowed and weapons that might hurt other because they communicate clearly and they show their wants for the freedom of Philippines even though we have a different beliefs and cultural background still the aim is there we will be successfully won. And as long as we have communication there is no misunderstanding, rivalry and breakdowns. So as our generation pass, we will continuously passing the right communication, because the holistic part of being communicated is to avoid misunderstanding and breakdowns.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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