Biography And Career Of Kimberly Perry – Famous American Pop Singer

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Country pop is a genre of music mostly popular among the Southern Americans. It is a fusion of country and pop music aimed at reaching the mainstream audience. No discourse on country pop can be complete without mentioning the name ‘Kimberly Perry’.

The singing sensation aged 35 was born into an American family on 12th July 1983 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States. Her parents Marie and Charles Stephen Perry were members of a band and thus inspired her musical career. She has two younger brothers Reid and Neil Perry.

From the get go, Kimberly Marie Perry was obsessed with music. She loved to play the guitar but singing brought out the sparks in her. In 2005, she formed a band “The Band Perry” with her brothers. Thus, the musical journey began. They were and are skill known for their dexterity in country and music. The band joined the ‘New Face of the Country Tour’ and subsequently earned themselves a manager Bob Doyle in 2008. Next year, they were signed to Republic Nashville.

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With Bob’s help they produced their first album which was released the following year. It was a major success. The track “If I Die Young” from that album made number 1 on the country music chart and number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Same year, they won the CMA Song of the Year Award. Still in 2011, they were nominated for the Best Country Song Grammy Award. It sure was a good start. Then in 2012, the second album “Pioneer” produced by Dann Huff touched down.

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The compilation of 12 songs made No.1 on the Top Country Albums chart. Then their first single “Better Dig Two” came along. Next was “Done” which reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart and No. 8 on the Hot Country chart in 2013.Band Perry has been on numerous tours to boost their fan base. We Are Pioneers World Tour was a bomb. They set out from Gothenburg and found their way through Sweden and Nevada. Subsequently the band hosted the All the Woman I AM Tour, Virtual Reality Tour, Live and Loud Tour and the Ten Times Crazier Tour. On 2nd February 2014, Kimberly performed alongside her band in the pre-game show of Super Blow XLVII. Fast-forward to 2017, they announced their forth-coming album “My Bad Imagination”. We look forward to being dazzled by their musical prowess once more.

Personal life

Kim’s love story began in February 2012 when she met this Cuban-American dude by name J.P Arencibia after he had sneaked backstage during one of the Band Perry performance. J.P was formerly a professional baseball player with the MLB. He played for Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays in the Major League Baseball. On 30th September 2013, J.P proposed with a 3.3 carat ring. They got married in July 2014 at a star-studded ceremony in Greeneville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, theirs wasn’t a fairytale ending. Kimberly filed for a divorce the 3rd of March 2018. Sadly, the marriage packed up due to the clichéd “irreconcilable differences” after a 4 year’s journey.

Weight loss journey

It has been previously speculated that Kimberly Perry had to struggle with weight loss at some point. How true is that? Did Kim really have a fight with carbs and fat? Yes or No? The singer did have a thing for fitness. Yes! She is a fitness junkie who love exercising. Kim has been caught severally on camera while at the gym. She even makes her own workout videos. She also gives health and fitness tips. However, the country/pop star has never had an issue with weight loss. Nay! She was never one to be on the heavy side having always weighed 137Ibs (62.1 kg). That’s a pretty healthy weight to me.

Ironically, there is a twist to this story. There seems to be another lady also by the name ‘Kimberly Perry’. I guess this is where the confusion lies. This Kimberly is a totally different person. She is a freelance writer and blogger. She looks nothing like the singer and has probably had a few runs with weight loss. Our Kim has no desperation to lose weight. Why would she? Fitness is nothing more than a hobby to her. She enjoys jogging with friends at her spare time. It’s her way of cooling off and spending quality time with her close pals.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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