Billy Elliot – Film Review

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Just recently I enjoyed a movie entitled Billy Elliot. I personally thought that the film was terrific in several ways, scripts, film techniques.etc. Every elements of the movie were considered with detail. The movie was set in 1984 when the miners’ strike happened. The special setting contributes to why I like this film a lot.

Billy Elliot was directed by Stephen Daldry, and first released in the year 2000. Today this movie still stays popular as a household film. The story was distinguished the main character perspective, that is Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell).

Billy was an eleven year old kid who has a dream to end up being a ballet dancer, after inheriting his mom’s love for dance and music. Regrettably, Billy’s dream was opposed by his father, Jackie (Gary Lewis) and his sibling (Jamie Draven). Every member of Billy’s household were coal miners and anticipated Billy to follow the same footsteps. However, this does not shatter Billy’s dream.

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Billy, supported by his pal, Michael (Stuart Wells), selects to attend ballet classes outside his household’s understanding.

The film’s setting remained in 1984 when a yearlong strike occurred in Britain. Billy’s moms and dads happen to be the coal miners involved in the strike. Throughout the movie, the household’s battle through the strike was recorded with much detail. Meanwhile Billy Elliot intends to be a dancer. Billy’s father has already had adequate struggles with the strike, and is infuriated when he discovers out the Billy has been going to classes without him knowing, and prohibits ballet.

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Billy still remains firm and continued to pursue his dreams. Would Billy accomplish his dream? Watch the film and find out.

The primary theme of Billy Elliot is primarily household problems and stereotyping. The movie was embeded in the 1980s when stereotyping was done often. This impacts Billy who desires to become a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, it was not only the public who stereotyped however Billy’s family too! After neither Billy nor his household are succumbing to either accept Billy’s dream or to quit, family issues happen. The severe struggle throughout the strike suggests much more family concerns.

If you pay attention various film techniques were used such as: music, the lightings or the camera’s angle. An example would be the image of the sky representing that the world is opening up as Billy is leaving for London. Sad moments include when everybody else is indoors celebrating Christmas as on the contrary, Billy’s father has to destroy the piano for wood to burn.

The movie Billy Elliot is directed towards any age group, however it is not recommended for children under thirteen due to inappropriate aspects such as swearing or violence. Overall I give the film was great and I give it four out of five stars.

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