Best Time to Visit Scottsdale Kimondakimonda

Do you know the best time to visit Scottsdale? For anyone visiting Scottsdale, the secret is out. Whether you’re a weekend captain on your own ship or an angler looking for a new angle, the AZ sun & sand do give way to sparkling oasis of aquatic bliss. The Scottsdale summer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cool, refreshing, water-based activities.

For those whno visit Scottsdale on a regular basis, chances are you’ve driven past the Saguaro Lake Marina.

There is fishing year-round on this multi-faceted jewel set in the Tonto National Forrest. If you’re not inclined to hook a bass, the boating, swimming, hiking and jet or water skiing is top-notch under the Scottsdale summer sun. End off your day with a snack at the Lake Shore Restaurant, where breathtaking, panoramic mountain and lake views are served up daily.

For the urbanites looking to stay cool without leaving the conveniences of the city, Tempe Town Lake offers an array of summer Scottsdale summer fun activities without the travel.

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Just outside Scottsdale, Tempe is home to the ASU Sun Devils. The world-famous 75,000 capacity stadium that hosts the Devils’ passionate fans is located along the beaches of the Rio Salado.

Whether you fancy a boat with a sail an oar or a motor, Tempe Town Lake has your nautical pleasure covered. Sure, the national champion Tempe rowing team trains at the lake, but you can rent a kayak and have a blast no matter what your skill level.

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While the kids are busy enjoying Splash Playground, Dads can cast a line off shore. This clean lake park offers something for everyone, especially when you look at the massive calendar of year-round events, including music festivals, parades, marathons & parities a-plenty!

The perfect place for hiking is found here. La Mirada Park features a desert botanical nature trail. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park offers free rids to children under three with paying adult. With much more to offer here, if you are traveling with children this is the place to be.

If you like craftsmanship and music, then the Scottsdale institution for Arts and Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art are the spots for you to visit. You can likewise go to any of the few performing artistry scenes to keep you engaged.

For those interested in horseback riding, Mescal Park has an equestrian arena and also a trail for hikers and horseback riders alike. Nature trails and parks galore make this a site seeing adventure for all. The shopping, close town feel and fantastic accommodations available make this a fun and relaxing trip for all.

Finally, if you desire a reprieve from the Scottsdale Summer heat, but prefer the water do the work for you, what could be more fun and refreshing than floating down a cool mountain stream? The fine folks at Salt River Tubing want you to soak in the sun and scenery as the majestic mountains meander by, while you sip your favorite summer beverage. Now this is the way to travel Scottsdale!

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