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Ben'Z Hamburger and Pizza Swot Analysis

Categories: PizzaSwot Analysis

Mr. Benjamin Domingo started a small business in 2004, selling street foods such as banana cue, camote cue and “samalamig” located at Tungkong Mangga, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Initially, like other starting business they experience rivalries. That’s the reason they change their menu and start to sell hamburgers. Primarily, as their business grew and expanded, in 2010, they established their Main Office adjacent to their first food stall at Tungkong Mangga , City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. By that year, it changed its name to Ben’z Hamburger that has become through the years tantamount with affordable and quality food.

Last October 25, the Benz Hamburger expanded again its first branch located at Francisco Homes, City of San Jose del Monte with its own selling product-the Ben’z Pizza. It changed its name to Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza. Today, Ben’z Hamburger has continuing to thrive with strategic innovations; Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza went through an image makeover to match its business success to its logo and food stall design.

Definitely, at 9 years and keeps onwards, Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza will serve characteristically delicious, high quality hamburger and pizza.

2. PRODUCT LINES: Primarily, the company sells wide variety of hamburgers: * Ham Sandwich * Ham with Egg * Hamburger with Egg * Ham with Egg and cheese * Hamburger with Egg and Cheese Also different flavors of Pizza: * * Supreme Ben’z * Finest Benz * Meaty * Vegetable Fiesta * Bacon and Beef * Pepperoni Fiesta * Beef Overload * Hawaiian * Ham and Cheese * Mushroom and Garlic Extra toppings: Meat, pepperoni, ham, bacon, beef, vegetable, pineapple, mushroom, black olive, bell pepper, onion and garlic.

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3. Marketing Situation: 3. 1. Product.

All of these products are available at many places, but Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza offers a different taste and ensures that the customer will not only satisfy in its taste but also in nutrition content of it. Competitor 1: Angel’s Hamburger only offers hamburger and sandwich products with limited “palaman” specifically coleslaw and patty with ketchup. But in Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza, customers have more choices particularly cucumber, patty, coleslaw with ketchup or hot sauce (optional). Competitor 2: FCJ Pizza only offers large variety of pizza products.

The available extra-toppings in their pizzas are cheese, ham, onion, bell pepper, pineapple. Unlike in Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza, they have meat, pepperoni, ham, bacon, beef, vegetable, pineapple, mushroom, black olive, bell pepper, onion and garlic that the customers can choose from. 3. 2. Place Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza has its new branch located at Francisco Homes near public and private schools namely Francisco Homes Elementary School, La Concepcion College and First City Providential College. This location is perfect to encourage its primary target market.

Competitors: Angel’s Hamburger is just one-block away to Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza while FCJ Pizza is 200 meters away. 3. 3 Price Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza pricing policy includes: • Affordable priced for customers • Competitively priced against competition for the quality 3. 4 Promotion Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza is a new business so there are no existing marketing activities in place. There is no brand awareness. The owner and his family have developed a logo, tarpaulins and posters ready to promote the business but it seemed to be ineffective.

A Facebook fan page is underway. Angel’s hamburger is a wide franchise business which has the capacity to advertise in local or provincial magazines and city publications with some success but this is an expensive option. Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza can’t afford this avenue yet and isn’t sure of the returns anyway. FCJ Pizza is also a franchise business, not well-established in City of San Jose del Monte but relatively in Visayas region which particularly has lot of promotions. 3. 5 People Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza had collected a team of dedicated and qualified staff.

The proprietors have experience in the industry but need training or experience in managing staff. They are providing training for all staff into the preferred service technique and style for the business. The priority areas for staff training will be: * proper food handling and safety * using new machinery: outputs, operation, efficiency * marketing skills * selling * communication skills * customer service * estimating and pricing * personal hygiene and sanitation The staff also had undergone one day training as long as they already know the basics. 3. 6. Processes.

Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza currently doesn’t have many written procedures. However, they have written a set of guidelines for all staff outlining expected behaviors such as cleaning the kitchen, the utensils and dining area at the end of each day, being helpful and courteous to customers and being punctual. 3. 7 Physical Evidence Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza staff has no work shirts so far. Initially, Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza has no plans for vehicles or vans for deliveries. 3. 8 Market Overview Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza have been using some promotions like tarpaulins and posters.

It promotes affordable “Buy One, Take One” which is in fact, less than the price of Angel’s Hamburger promo and actually, mostly chooses by the students. The FCJ Pizza promotion “Buy 5-solo pizza, free RC Mega (800 ml)” was not successful at all. Competitors: Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza has no delivery services dissimilar FCJ Pizza and Angel’s Hamburger which deliver in large quantities. The FCJ Pizza has an email address for their delivery and other services. The primary consumers of hamburgers and pizzas in the area are children, teens and young adults, 5-25 years old.

4. SWOT Analysis Strengths * 24 hours service * Teamwork * Stocks are sufficient * Affordable regular hamburger with 2 choices of stuffing specifically coleslaw, cucumber and sauces. * Organize and “good communicating skills” of employees towards the customers. * Effective promotions Weaknesses * No outstanding or recognizable business logo * Unremarkable hamburger and pizza packaging * Lack of delivery services Opportunities * Rapidly growing sales due to a preference by its target market towards the good quality of the product than it competitors.

* poor reputation of many existing food stall businesses * Plans for a remarkable packaging * Availability of delivery services for large quantities * Potential for future expansion of the business into other areas and/or franchising Threats * The biggest entrant of Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza is Angel’s hamburger that has countless franchise stores nationwide and we can say already set an image in the market. * The FCJ Pizza is not a big threat for the business because it’s too far and it has narrow product lines.

* Increased interest of customers in existence of new fast-food businesses at Starmall San Jose del Monte which is 10 minutes away in the area. * Increasing cost of materials and equipments. Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza (Francisco Homes branch) Creative Brief Why are we advertising? Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza has been dominating the market because of its good food service, quality and taste of its products. The proprietors wanted to make the customers loyal and to choose their hamburgers and pizza as a nutritious baon. Whom are we talking to?

Think of the typical Filipino mother trying to prepare a nutritious baon for her children on a tight budget. Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza is a godsend to them with its amazing deals. However, existence of many food stalls and sari-sari stores makes them to have many choices. They either go straight or buy when a product is affordable, something new to make life just a bit easier. The food stall is located near the elementary schools. Its primary target would be the mothers who usually have purchasing decisions and regularly buy baon. The secondary target would be the children ages 5-12 years old.

What do they currently think of the product? People think its hamburger is just the same as Angel’s Hamburger offers. The pizza which is now the new product is actually seemed to be less appreciated and customers usually consider the cost. What would we like them to think? Revolutionize the perception of customers in Ben’z Hamburger and Pizza’s products and consider it remarkable. What is the single most persuasive idea we’d like to convey? It’s not what they expected. Why they should believe it? Its hamburger and pizza is not mundane. There’s a surprise in its taste.

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