Benefits of Recycling Essay

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Benefits of Recycling

Benefits of Recycling Recycling benefits both the environment and the economy. The next time you recycle your plastic bottle, aluminum can, or newspaper, remember how you are part of the solution.

Environmental Benefits Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process conserves energy, saves natural resources, and reduces pollution.

Conserves Energy Using recycled materials as raw materials to make new products saves a significant amount of energy.

Saves Natural Resources Using recycled materials means we can log fewer forests, mine fewer metals, and drill for less oil.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions The national recycling rate of 30% reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as removing nearly 25 million cars from the road.

Economic Benefits Many residents understand the environmental benefits of recycling, but did you know recycling also has economic benefits? The recycling industry has a total economic impact of 169,000 jobs and $6 billion in annual wages, just in the state of Ohio. Recycling supplies valuable materials to industry.

Economic Recycling Benefits and Facts Well-run recycling programs cost less to operate than waste collection, landfilling, and incineration.

The more people recycle, the cheaper it gets. Recycling helps families save money, especially in communities with pay-as-you-throw programs. Well-designed programs save money. Communities have many options available to make their programs more cost-effective, including maximizing their recycling rates, implementing pay-as-you-throw programs, and including incentives in waste management contracts that encourage disposal companies to recycle more and dispose of less. Thousands of U.S. companies have saved millions of dollars through their voluntary recycling programs. They wouldn’t recycle if it didn’t make economic sense.

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